My Dog Ate Adderall What Should I Do?

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Has your dog swallowed an Adderall pill? Then we’re glad you’re here! We’ve put together information on the medication, as well as symptoms to watch for, and more.

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What is Adderall?

Adderall is a combination medication that’s prescribed for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). It’s a drug that’s become popular for treating this condition. The medication works to balance the brain chemicals responsible for ADHD.

It acts as a stimulate, which increasing dopamine in the central nervous system. This can lead to increased energy, better focus, and lower restlessness and fidgeting.

The ingredients in Adderall include:

It is strongly recommended to contact a Pet Poison Helpline or your veterinarian.

While this medication is great for managing ADHD, what happens if your dog eats more than one pill?

Adderall & Dogs

You’ve probably guessed this is not a good combination, and you’re right. This medication will act as a stimulant, so your dog will be more active. Dogs are very sensitive to this medication; it can be very dangerous for them. This drug is toxic to dogs.

Symptoms of Adderall in Dogs

Your dog may show these symptoms if he’s ingested Adderall:

If your dog is showing any of these symptoms, then call the vet immediately. This is a life-threatening medical emergency.

What to Do if Your Dog Has Ingested Adderall

First, look at the medication bottle and try to determine how many pills your dog may have eaten. Then call the vet and let them know what’s happened. They’ll want to see your fur baby right away.

Treatment for Adderall Ingestion in Dogs

At the vet’s, they’ll do a physical exam of your dog, which may include blood work. This is for many reasons, which may involve checking for organ damage. The vet will also check your dog’s heart rate, blood pressure, and more.

It’s highly probable your dog will need to stay in the hospital for a few days. It depends on how many pills he’s eaten, his size, as well as other factors.

Treatment will involve removing the toxin from your dog’s system, decontamination treating the symptoms he’s showing, etc.

If your dog has recently eaten Adderall, the vet may induce vomiting. They may also give intravenous fluids to flush your fur baby’s system and get him rehydrated. In some cases, your dog may need to be sedated, to avoid injuries from being so agitated.

In addition, some dogs may require thermoregulation techniques to control their body temperature.

While your fur baby is hospitalized, the vet will monitor his blood pressure and perform electrocardiogram tests. They will also give your dog supportive care to help him recover.

If this is treated right way, your dog has a good chance of making a full recovery.

As you can see, Adderall is highly toxic to dogs. Left untreated, a dog could die. So, seeking out treatment right away could save your dog’s life.

What Causes a Dog to Eat Adderall?

Most Adderall poisonings are accidental. For instance, a dog may be curious about the “snacks” you take. He may feel he’s missing out and want some of that yummy stuff, too! So, he helps himself to your bottle of medication left on the bedside table or on the kitchen counter.

Some dogs are merely curious about what’s in the bottle. They help themselves to the medication for this reason.

It’s not only Adderall that can cause poisoning in dogs. Other medications that dogs may consume include:

This is why it’s important to keep all medications (prescription & OTC) out of your dog’s reach.

Prevent Adderall Poisoning in Dogs

Here are some tips you can use to keep your fur baby from eating Adderall and other medications:

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