My Dog Ate a Candy Wrapper What Should I Do?

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It’s a fact that dogs always want what we have, even if that includes candy! You’d think candy would be more or less safe for dogs. Certain candies, as a rare treat now and then, may be OK. However, some candy contains ingredients that can be toxic to dogs. In addition, candy wrappers can also cause a health issue in dogs.

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Problems with Candy Wrappers

One problem is that candy wrappers could be a choking hazard. If you notice that your fur baby has eaten a candy wrapper, and then begins to gag, retch, or have difficulty breathing, this is a medical emergency. Call the vet immediately, as the wrapper has become lodged in your dog’s throat and could be blocking his airway.

Next, the size of the candy wrapper is the main indicator of whether or not your fur baby may have a problem after eating it. The other issue is how many candy wrappers a dog has eaten. The more wrappers he’s eaten, the more serious the health issues could be. If your canine companion has eaten one wrapper, and isn’t choking, then he will probably be OK. Just watch him for the next few days (see symptoms below). It will be important to also check his poo to make sure the wrapper has passed. If you see no signs of the wrapper after a couple of days, you may want to check with the vet on next steps that may be needed.

If your dog has eaten one small candy wrapper, then chances are he will be OK. However, if your dog is very small, then even one small wrapper could pose a serious health issue.

It is strongly recommended to contact a Pet Poison Helpline or your veterinarian.

Another problem with candy wrappers is that they may become stuck to the dog’s stomach. This can be difficult to diagnose, as it may not show up on imaging scans such as x-rays.

One more problem is that the wrapper (or a number of wrappers) could become lodged in the intestines, then causing an intestinal blockage.

Can a Dog Pass a Candy Wrapper?

Yes, it’s possible for a dog to pass a candy wrapper; however, it can depend on the size of the dog and the size of the candy wrapper. For instance, a large dog can easily pass most candy wrappers without complications. On the other hand, a very small dog may not be able to pass the wrapper and could develop intestinal blockage.

If the candy wrapper does pass, you’ll find it in your dog’s poo within about 3-5 days.

What to Do If Your Dog Has Eaten a Candy Wrapper

The first step is to remain calm. Panicking will only make things harder for you and your fur baby. Remember, he depends on you to provide him with the help he needs. If you’re panicked, there’s no way to ensure your dog receives the best care possible. When you’re calm, remove your dog from the area so he can’t eat more candy wrappers.

Next, try to determine if your fur baby has eaten one or more candy wrappers. You may find the evidence on the floor near him or in another room. Chances are that if your dog has eaten one candy wrapper, he will be OK. You’ll need to monitor his poo for the next 3-5 days (or as recommended by your vet) to see if the wrapper comes out. If not, it’s time to call the vet.

You’ll also need to determine if the candy contains any ingredients that are toxic to your dog. For instance, some candies are sweetened with xylitol, which is extremely toxic to dogs. It only takes a small amount of this sweetener to kill a dog. If your fur baby has eaten the wrappers and chocolate candy, it’s best to call the vet right away.

Determine if your dog is showing any symptoms or not. If so, write down his symptoms and call the vet immediately.

Symptoms of an Intestinal Blockage

An intestinal blockage, also called a bowel obstruction, is a serious medical emergency. This is a condition that can lead to death if not treated quickly.

Watch for these symptoms that your dog may have a bowel obstruction:

If the vet determines your fur baby has a bowel obstruction, then your dog may require surgery. In most cases dogs recover and go on to live a long, healthy life. The issue is getting your dog to the vet as soon as possible for treatment, and not waiting.

In most cases, one candy wrapper shouldn’t cause a problem. Just watch your dog for any signs he’s having a problem. And in all cases, if you have any worries or questions, do call your vet. They’ll have the best advice on what you should do next to help your fur baby.

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