Could Your Pet be a Model? Here’s How to Get Into Advertising Shoots

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Could Your Pet be a Model

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We all think our pets are the greatest! Could your little beauty be the face to launch a new line of pet food? Or perhaps it will be one of those amusing ads where the animals do the talking. There’s only one way to find out! Here’s how to give your pet the best possible chance to blaze a trail to stardom!

Can Fido or Mitzi go Viral?

Influencers are very popular with marketing people too, and your fur-buddy can become an internet sensation if you play your cards right. Social media is the place to get exposure, but your pet will need a website too. Have fun with banner design that reflects your pet’s personality, and use it on all his or her social media profiles plus that website.

Now, it’s time to have fun creating engaging social media posts that will be so irresistible that “like” and “share” are an absolute given. Use the opportunity to get your pet used to the camera, but never put them at risk just for the sake of internet fame. Patience wins the day, so give your pet’s accounts time to gain a following – you can also try boosting the numbers with a little judicious paid advertising.

Trained for Success

Training helps you to build your relationship with your pet. Of course, dogs are the easiest to train! With cats, you’ll have your work cut out as Mitzi decides whether she feels like doing what you asked. Don’t expect any miracles: just think of how hard it was to stop her from scratching furniture,  but do try for a few basics. Positive reinforcement is the key in all instances, so stock up on pet treats to keep your pet’s associations with training positive.

Don’t Even Try if You Have an Anxious Pet

Working at strange locations filled with unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells can easily be too much for an anxious pet. Although you’d love your furry or feathered friend to be a star, don’t push them too far out of their comfort zone. Having a happy pet is far more important than owning a famous pet, so never lose sight of your priorities. If your pet doesn’t like performing and is easily rattled, the limelight is not for them.

Get an Agent

If you’re satisfied that your pet will love starring in adverts, it’s time to get an agent. Just as human actors find work through agents, so do animals. Look for an acting or modeling agency that handles animals and be sure to send professional photos and video clips as part of the portfolio. Whether you have dogs, cats, birds, or exotic pets like snakes, advertising agencies will approach talent agencies to find the animals they need for their photo or film shoots.

Stay Grounded

If your efforts are met with success, it’s easy to be overcome by the reflected glory. Stay grounded. Always act in your pet’s best interests, and don’t become impatient or angry when your pet fails to understand you or simply refuses to cooperate. While you’re proud of your pet’s achievements, always put his or her welfare first!

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Connect with a verified veterinarian in minutes. Licensed vets are available 24/7 to answer your questions. No need to worry about your furry family member.


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