Best Cat Scratching Posts You Can Buy

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best cat scratching post

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Cats like to scratch. It’s not really as if they are purposely trying to destroy your antique furniture, but they do seem to get a bit of satisfaction out of digging their claws into most anything that shreds, tears or otherwise scratches. Apparently it has something to do with cleaning claws and that the massaging action is soothing in some way to the average cat. From my experience, I tend to think that the idea behind scratching things actually has to do with sharpening their claws so they can be more effective when used on the most expensive furniture, draperies and carpeting. However, I may also be a bit off track with that. Regardless, you will need to give your cat something to claw at if you want to save your antiques from a workout.

Why Should You Buy A New Scratching Post For Your Cat?

Cat scratching poles are not much more than an upright piece of wood or other sturdy material that has a scratching surface attached to it. The scratching surface can be made of a carpet-like material, corrugated cardboard or some other durable material that can put up with ongoing scratching and tugging by your cat. That’s because your cat will give it a lot of abuse over time. 

I’ve already used the line about antiques, right? Well, that’s pretty much it. Without a scratching pole, your cat may just use anything it can find indoors to dig its claws into. This can result in a lot of damage if your cat is somewhat obsessive with the scratching. Sure, you could get your cat declawed, but that’s an expensive way to get past something that a much cheaper scratching pole would resolve. In other words, if you don’t want furniture damaged, this is your answer.

What To Consider When Buying A Scratching Post

It’s all in the materials with this product. Your cat scratching post has to have the right stuff to keep kitty interested as well as stimulated enough to want to scratch his or her post instead of your doorway, for example. Here’s a look at the different types of materials commonly used in cat scratching poles:

1. Carpet: There are a lot of good quality cat scratching poles that are wrapped in carpet. They aren’t bad but your cat may also get mixed signals where it appears that carpeting is a surface that is acceptable to claw at inside your home. So, you may want to pass on these types of scratching poles.

2. Cardboard: Not only is cardboard durable, it’s a lot less expensive than many other materials used in cat scratching poles. Because cardboard shreds easily, cats seem to find it to be one of their preferred choices. Who knew? They can really sink their claws into it which makes kitty happy.

3. Sisal Rope: This plant product is very likely the most durable of the scratching surfaces you will find a pole made with. You’ve seen it. It’s that tightly wrapped rope-like stuff that a typical cat scratching pole is wrapped with it going all the way from top to bottom. It works well if done right.

4. Sisal Fabric: A woven fabric that is plant-based, this is another durable choice that gives cats a great claw feeling as they tear away at it. It shreds easily which gives your cat all kinds of satisfying signals on several different levels. This is probably your best choice for indoor posts.

5. Construction: Well, just like anything you buy, you want the construction of a product to be nothing less than perfect. With cat scratching poles, you need construction and design to be not only attractive to your cat, but you want something durable to put up with all kinds of cat abuse. Essentially you are looking for something that is structurally sound and assembled with screws not glue or nails.

6. Shape: This is probably one of the least important factors unless you live in a tiny space and have little room. Cat scratching poles can be a small or large as you need them to be. Some have multiple levels and others are just a single pole sitting upright off of a stand. Your particular needs will help to determine what shape is best for your cat and the environment it lives in.


The Best Cat Scratching Posts Reviewed


1. Pioneer Pet SmartCat Scratching Post

This is a tall enough durable cat scratching post that will allow your cat to get a full stretch while clawing away at the fibrous, durable sisal outer cover. Standing 32-inches tall from a sturdy stand, your cat will love being able to reach up as high as possible against this post. The assembly couldn’t be much easier. Just two screws (included) attaches the post to the stand that will hold it upright securely. As sisal is a cat scratching favorite, your kitty will be naturally attracted to this post as soon as it is assembled.

2. 4CLAWS Jute Tripod Cat Scratching Pole

This unique cat scratching post incorporates a tripod design which gives your cat not only a stable post to climb on, but several different surfaces to scratch. The overall height of this product provides for a maximum stretch and will also accommodate vertical scratching. This scratching post is also environmentally friendly as it is created with jute which is also durable enough to weather ongoing activity from your cat. The unit comes disassembled but goes together quickly without tools and features an aluminum joint with an anodized finish. Stainless steel mounting screws hold it all together. Plus, the look is modern, funky and attractive which means it will fit into most any décor.

3. PAWZ Road Ultimate Scratching Pole

It’s black and it stands out. Not only from all your other furniture, but it stands out to your cat and that’s what you want. Made with a scratching material that your cat will enjoy, this scratching post has a classic look with a slight cap on the top and a solid, study base to keep it from tipping or leaning. Your cat will be able to get a full stretch as well as stimulate the claws with repeated scratching. This stunning post will tell you kitty that scratching the furniture is not okay, but using this post is. After all, isn’t that the message you want your cat to receive anyway?

4. Max And Marlow Sisal Scratching Post

If you have been looking for a cat scratching post that is stripped down and as basic as they can be, then this could be your pick. It is just a post, with a stand and a bird on top to keep your cat amused. The base and top are covered in durable designer fabric with the post wrapped with natural sisal rope making this entire unit durable from top to bottom. Plus, you can actually clean this scratching post with ease. Use your vacuum or manually hand wash for best results. As an added bonus, the manufacturer has included a warranty that covers this post. However, that really depends on whether or not your cat will let you return it, so maybe hold off on that idea. Otherwise, as an ordinary scratching post without a ton of extras, your cat should love this one.

5. Cat Scratching Post With Hanging Butterfly

Nothing spells fun like a cat scratching post that your kitty can play with for hours or just when the mood strikes her (or him). This stunning post has sisal fiber wrapped around it and acts as a natural attractant to cats. They just can’t keep their claws out of it as it feels so good to them. Plus, this post has an added feature – an interactive, playful toy butterfly on top. The platform stand, which keeps this post sturdy, it also covered in sisal. The product can be assembled and disassembled easily and takes up little room but saves your furniture, which is the real bonus.

6. OTRON Premium Cat Scratching Post

This is pretty close to the Cadillac of cat scratching posts. It features a carpet surface which your cat will find satisfying to rip at with their claws. The vertical scratching surface is tall enough to present a full stretch for kitty and less stress for you knowing your cat won’t be destroying your couch, doorway or antiques. There’s also a spring-loaded ball attached to the top of the post to give your cat some additional stimulation and fun play time. Made from recycled, natural materials, this is one of the most amazing cat scratching posts available in the market today. 


Did I tell you that your furniture could get a beating if you didn’t have a scratching pole around for your cat? I’m sure I made the implication at least once. The thing is, your cat likes to scratch things. It really can’t tell the different between a cardboard box and an antique dresser. All your cat notices is how the scratching sensation feels to their paws and claws. If your furniture is taking the hit, it is never too late to introduce a scratching post as a safe and inexpensive alternative. These cat scratching posts are an example of how the pet industry has responded to the needs of pet owners. You could make your own scratching post with wood and carpeting but why would you? Leave that job to the experts and give your cat something with quality and durability that he or she can rip away at for the next few years saving your furniture and keeping your blood pressure low enough to be considered safe. You can thank me later.

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