Like a Superstar: 7 Tricks for Irresistible Pet Photos

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Like a Superstar: 7 Tricks for Irresistible Pet Photos

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Being a parent of a lovely pet, I can say one thing with 100% assurance, pet photography is not just about clicking at the right moment. It involves a lot of other things that can make your pet look photogenic. Well, mine is a dog, his name is Bruno and he is so adorable.

Whether you want your pet to be the next Instagram pet sensation, or you want to learn professional animal photography, clicking pet photos is not as simple as we think. It is not about editing tools like (Background Remover) or applying filters, I’m going to share today. But the real problem is we’re not able to communicate with them clearly, and they are very unpredictable. So, clicking irresistible pet photos is challenging.

This is the reason that I recently met and interacted with some animal photography experts and learned amazing pro tricks and tips to take the best shot of a loving pet. Here I’m sharing a few important ones that have improved Bruno’s photos a lot and I’m sure it will help you a lot too.

The Right Amount of Lighting is a Key

“Lighting is a very crucial factor, that can make or break your shot”, as well said a worldwide recognized professional pet photographer, Carli Davidson.

According to her, the indoor location is not at all ideal for pet photography. Your pet will look dark and dull when photographed indoors. The better idea is to invest in some great LED and ring lights. Clicking photos when the Sunshine peeps in from the windows is also spot-on timing. However, overexposure may also ruin photos.

Based on my personal experience, I find this tip very useful and it has impacted my animal photography skills quite positively. Sometimes setting the right angle also makes a lot of difference.

Use Toys, Treats, And Make Noises

I always wondered how professional photographers capture the exact facial expressions. Now I know the secret after I had a quality interaction with Kaylee Greer regarding the peculiar expressive photography of pets. Kaylee is one of the popular hosts on the television show aired on National Geographic and is an award-winning dog photographer.

He explained to me that your pet needs a little bit of entertainment and distraction to get a perfect shot. When your pets decide to be notorious, try to tackle them through distractions. Wave their favorite toys just above the camera lens or bribe them showing some treats. This will help you to make them stick around the backdrop and you can capture that pretty cute excited expression forever. Keep trying experimenting with different sounds and noises also.

Capture Awkward Faces

People like you and me hardly want to show our photos while sneezing, coughing, or blinking. But dogs don’t mind because they don’t even bother about how they look. It is not necessary that every time your furry friend should pose the way you want. Awkward poses and faces look charming and relatable.

I love clicking photos of Bruno when he is lip-licking, tongue-out, or shooting him right after the meal. This gives a very natural and friendly vibe. I feel dogs carry better attitudes than us when it comes to photography because they don’t feel sad about what people think about them. They are free from all hang-ups.

Take Breaks

Seeing the comfort of your pet is very important, otherwise, you won’t be able to click the picturesque picture. If the animal is tired, uncomfortable, anxious, or showing any such sign of distress, take a break.

To come up with this, you may do a lot of things. Cuddle them, talk to them, give them water, or simply do nothing. If you are shooting indoors at the home or studio, change the place. May go out to park. Vice versa may also be possible. A 20-minute break is essential at least. It’s important to understand that your Dog or Cat or any animal in this world is not a professional model.

Pour Some Creativity

Photography itself is a creative passion and profession but when it comes to animal photography, creativity must stand out. Your photograph should look alive as if the very next moment your lovely pet will come out of the picture and start cuddling you.

Explore the best part of your pet’s personality and highlight them. Make an impressive combination of colors, lights and angles. Play and experiment with different angles. Click photos from all directions to get the best side of your pet. You may delete it once you get the masterpiece photo.

If not a problem, using props is also a good idea. Dress up your loved one in different breath-taking costumes and make them feel happiest. However, make sure the pet is comfortable with the costume.

Focus On Eyes

It is rightly said, “Eyes are the window to the soul”. When you focus on the eyes of your pet, it shines beautifully. Plus, viewers are able to establish a kind of emotional connection with the pet. Such pictures look so beautiful that they are staring at you. You may also order pet image editing services to add catchlights to the eyes of your pet.

Prepare Them Beforehand

Do not surprise your pets. Give them an idea of a photo shoot and make sure that they will cooperate and enjoy the same as well. Clean your furry partner properly so that they look the best in their portrait. Complimentary to their cooperation, don’t miss to treat them. This will encourage them for future shoots.

Things You Should Not Do

Besides learning the pro tips to photograph your pets perfectly, there are some things that you should not do. Knowing these things will also add value to your pet photography skills.


Affable or not-so-affable your pet is, your animal photography skills will definitely rank up once you adopt these tips and tricks.

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