10 Of The Best Dog Muzzles for Your Pooch

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Putting a muzzle on a dog is a difficult issue. On one hand, some people can see it as inhumane, but on the other hand they can be very helpful in preventing unwanted behavior. This is particularly important when you’re out walking your dog because aggressive behavior towards other dogs can lead to unwanted altercations in the dog park.

It’s important to get your dog accustomed to wearing the muzzle before you first take them out for a walk. This is so that you can avoid unnecessary anxiety and any further negative effects on their behavior. The easiest way to get your dog used to the muzzle is to let them see and sniff it, and then for them to wear it around the house for a few hours. The more time they spend with it, the quicker they’ll get used to it. If necessary, give your dog a treat while handling the muzzle so they associate it with a positive outcome.

Putting a muzzle on your dog is one of the easiest ways to prevent barking. There are many different kinds of dog muzzle on the market, and many of them do different jobs. Ones specifically for barking will mean that your dog won’t be able to open their mouth while wearing it, but this shouldn’t be too much of a problem if it’s just while you’re out walking. To help you choose the right one for your dog, here is a list of the best available.

1. FOMATE Safety Dog Muzzle

This muzzle is designed with several adjustable straps, meaning you can get the perfect fit for your dog. It gives you complete control over the fitting around the dog’s neck and mouth, so you can always ensure it won’t be too tight. The muzzle is made from thick nylon straps that make it very durable and resistant to chewing. This is ideal if you’ve got a particularly cheeky dog.

The muzzle has reflective strips around the face and neck for added visibility, even in low light situations. The muzzle is padded around the mouth straps for extra comfort, and the straps are designed to not impact your dog’s vision or other senses. It has a metal D-ring to easily attach your dog’s leash, and the muzzle has a quick-release buckle made from sturdy plastic. It comes in several different sizes and colors, so make sure you check the size chart before purchasing.

2. Barkless Leather Dog Muzzle

A leather muzzle might be a better choice for some dogs because it will be better for their skin. This muzzle is made from very supple leather, and attaches easily to your dog’s existing collar. This makes it incredibly easy to fit, and can be slipped on and off whenever needed. It is still adjustable, and holds in place securely using several metal rivets. You can buy the muzzle in several different sizes, and there is a handy size chart included so you can get the correct measurements.

The leather muzzle is completely breathable, and has cutouts to improve this. The material is flexible enough to allow your dog to open its mouth enough to still eat and drink, but not wide enough to bark. This makes it a better choice than some other models on the list, particularly if you need to leave it on for extended periods of time. However, this design is only suitable for dogs with long noses, so make sure it’ll fit before buying it.

3. CooZero 7-piece Dog Muzzle Set

This great set has 7 different muzzles included, mainly because they aren’t adjustable like some other designs. While this might not be necessary if you only have one dog, it can be a good purchase if you have several that need to wear muzzles. Bear in mind though that they will all be different sizes. Even though there are 7 in the pack, it’s still inexpensive.

The muzzles are made from a lightweight cloth that is very breathable and completely water resistant. This makes them a good choice if your dog likes playing, and you frequently take them on off-road walks. The muzzles secure in place using a nylon strap that goes around the back of your dog’s head, and attach using a sturdy plastic buckle. This pack is a good choice if you want a lightweight and durable muzzle, particularly if you have several dogs.

4. Lepark Nylon Dog Muzzle

Lepark have designed a muzzle that is easy to fit and still allows your dog to open its mouth. This means they will still be able to pant and drink water, but won’t be able to bark. The muzzle is made from a thick-weave nylon and so is very durable. It also has padding around the snout for added comfort.

Both straps on the muzzle are completely adjustable, and it easily slips over your dog’s head. There is a plastic buckle on the neck strap to hold it in place. There is a metal D-ring on the bottom for attaching the dog’s leash, and its placement means you have even more control when leading them. This muzzle comes in many different sizes, so ensure you get the right measurements before making a purchase. Also, this design is only suitable for long-nose breeds such as Huskies, Labradors, and Collies.

5. Sceneral Dog Muzzle

This package contains two muzzles, which is ideal if you have more than one dog. If not, at least it means you have a spare one. Bear in mind that both muzzles in the pack are the same size. The muzzle fits snugly over your dog’s face, but still allows room for panting and drinking.

The muzzle has an adjustable neck strap made from nylon, and another strap that holds it closed over their snout. This means you have much more control over the snout diameter than with some other designs. The nose strap secures in place with both Velcro and a buckle. The muzzle is made from nylon and mesh, so is very breathable. It also has padding around the nose for extra comfort.

6. CollarDirect Leather Basket Muzzle

Unlike some other muzzles on this list, this one covers your dog’s entire mouth. This does mean they won’t be able to drink, but will still be able to pant. It also means this design is suitable to stop biting as well as barking. The muzzle is made of leather, so will be very durable, but won’t be washable like a nylon muzzle.

The neck straps are completely adjustable, but the actual muzzle isn’t. This means it’s even more important to get the right measurements because you want your dog to still be able to open their mouth. The muzzle uses metal buckles to hold it in place, which are quite secure, but it does mean you won’t be able to remove it as quickly as you could with a plastic buckle. It can be attached to your dog’s existing collar, so bear this in mind when choosing the right design for your dog.

7. Niteangel Quick Fit Nylon Dog Muzzle

This more minimalist design from Niteangel fits snugly over your dog’s mouth and won’t affect their vision. It’s made from nylon, so is very durable and hardwearing. While it does fit snugly, it still has enough room for your dog to pant and drink. The muzzle is padded around the nose section for added comfort.

It fits in place using a strap around the back of your dog’s head, and this is adjustable. The nose strap is also adjustable, allowing you to get the best fit. It has a quick-release plastic buckle for ease of use, and a metal D-ring to attach the leash. The pack contains two muzzle loops, which gives you much more fitting options. The fact that it’s made from nylon means it’s completely weatherproof too.

8. Barkless Silicone Basket Dog Muzzle

The benefit of this muzzle is that it’s made from silicone, so has an extra level of flexibility than ones made of nylon. However, this does mean that it might not be as durable as some other designs, particularly if your dog likes to chew things. That said, the silicone does mean that it’s very lightweight and so should cause significantly less discomfort for your dog.

The muzzle is held in place by two straps that go over and around your dog’s head. These are then secured onto the dog’s collar, meaning there’s no chance of the muzzle falling off. This makes it a good choice if you have a particularly boisterous pet. The silicone material means it’s completely breathable, and there are plenty of cutouts so it doesn’t get in the way of your dog’s vision. It comes in many different sizes, so check the measurements chart before buying.

9. Petburg Mesh Dog Muzzle

Petburg have designed this muzzle to completely cover your dog’s mouth, which means it might not be ideal if you want them to eat and drink while wearing it. However, it does mean this design is suitable if you want to prevent biting along with barking. It has an overhead strap, meaning your dog shouldn’t be able to remove it easily.

The straps are completely adjustable and clip together with a buckle, which also means it’s quick and easy to remove. The muzzle is made of nylon mesh, so even though it does cover their entire mouth, it’s still breathable. The material is very durable, and the muzzle is also machine washable. It comes in several different sizes, but the actual muzzle isn’t adjustable. Bear this in mind if your dog has a skinny face, as they might be able to still pull it off.

10. JYHY Short Snout Dog Muzzle

If you have a short-nosed dog (French Bulldog for example), then you need to buy a completely different type of muzzle. This one is designed specifically for dogs with a short snout, and so fits over their entire face, rather than just their nose. It has eyeholes, so the muzzle won’t get in the way of your dog’s vision. There’s also a hole for their nose. The muzzle is made from mesh and nylon, so it’s breathable, and has enough flexibility for your dog to still be comfortable.

The muzzles secures in place with an overhead strap and a strap around the sides of the head, both of which are adjustable. It has a quick-release plastic buckle, although because you have to slip it over the dog’s head you won’t be able to take it off quickly. The mesh is edged around the eye and nose holes, meaning it won’t rub your dog’s face. It comes in several different sizes, fitting dogs with a head circumference of up to 25”.

11. GoodBoy Neoprene Dog Muzzle

The nose piece of this muzzle is made from neoprene, so it’s very comfortable and has a level of stretchiness. This is better for your dog because it means they can still open their mouth, but it does restrict movement a bit. The nose is also padded for extra comfort, and this also means there’s no chance of it rubbing your dog’s face.

The straps are made from a heavy-weave nylon and are very durable. All straps are adjustable, giving you full control over the fit. There’s a quick-release plastic buckle on the head strap, making it very easy to take on and off. It’s designed to not affect your dog’s vision, and can easily be worn with either a collar or a harness. There’s also an extra collar connection strap that attaches it securely to your dog’s collar. This will be helpful if your dog has a habit of trying to pull their muzzle off. Overall, this is a great model for dogs of many different sizes.

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