Top 10 Dating Sites for Dogs and Their Owners

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If you’re a pet parent and haven’t found a good match on other dating sites, then maybe you’re not looking in the right place. Have you thought about looking for a partner on a site for dog lovers? What could be more compatible than two pet parents? By using a dating site for doggie pet parents, you’ll be assured that your date loves dogs, just as you do. Already you both have something in common!

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We’ve put together a list of sites that can help you find just the partner for you!

A Dating Site for Dog Owners?

Yes, it’s true, there’s a dating site made especially for pet parents who love dogs! Actually, there’s more than one dating site for dog lovers. Let’s take a look!

1). Dig

This isn’t exactly a site, but an app that’s made especially for doggie pet parents looking to find a date. The app was founded by Casey and Leigh Isaacson, sisters from New Orleans. They came up with the idea for the app when one of them went on a date with someone who evidently didn’t like dogs. They wouldn’t let the sister’s dog into their apartment, which of course ended the date and the relationship.

You’ll find the app is very similar to other dating apps. You create a profile and then the app works to find matches based on the information you provided when creating your profile. You even have the choice of dating someone who currently has a dog, or if they want to get one eventually. Each day, the app will share 5 potential matches with you. You can “dig” them, “really dig” them, or choose to “pass” on those that don’t pass muster. Not only that, but the app even provides you with great first date ideas and locations that are dog-friendly for your date. Wherever you are, the app will show you bars, parks restaurants, museums and more near you, where your pup can come along. The app also provides you with daily deals on doggie related products and services, and more.

2). Wowzer

This is another app that was inspired by a magnet that said “Love me, love my dog,” which belonged to Stephanie Worley. She and her partner, Michi Suzuki, launched the app in October 2019. This app happens to be geared to those living in the Seattle area, which is considered to be the most dog-friendly city in the USA. This is an area where people pride themselves on being outdoorsy, which makes this an excellent way to meet on a first date, if you meet at a dog park, for example.

Just like other dating apps, you just create a profile and tagline.

Matches will show up and if you receive a message from a potential date, the app will say “Mutual tails wagging here.” How cute is that! You’ll also find some great doggie date ideas and more


This is an actual website where you can look for other dog lovers to date. This site is 100% “totally free pet owners dating” site. Through the site, you can meet single dog lovers in your local area. With thousands of people listed in its database, you’re sure to find someone to create a match with.

You’ll find the site offers several categories for users:

The site is easy to use and is mobile-friendly.


Founded in West Palm Beach, Florida, this website is geared to bringing dog pet parents together. You can chat, share pictures, videos, and stories about yourself after creating a profile. To help you find just the right person, the site asks specific matching questions to make sure you’re a good fit. The site even allows you to send gifts to the member you’ve connected with. And to top it off, the site’s free! But there’s also a paid membership option that comes with additional perks.

5). Hotdiggiddy

Here’s another online dating site where you can find someone to love and their dog, or vice versa! This site is made especially for dog lovers, so you’ll both share this special bond with dogs. And even if you’re not looking for a date for yourself, you can also use the site to find a play day for your pup! The site’s app (free to download), shows you the nearest dog parks and helps you meet dog lovers who are also interested in play pals for their fur babies. The app even helps you find groups who enjoy meeting regularly to spend time with other dog lovers. You can join for free and find a partner and/or a playdate for your canine companion!

Online Dating Site for Dogs

If you’re not looking for a date or a partner, maybe you’re looking for a date or playdate for your fur baby. If so, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve done the research and found some online dating apps for dogs!

Just like Tinder for humans, dogs can now look to see what dogs near them would like to have a date.

Here’s an app that can help find date for your fur baby! You sign up, create a profile and then wait for the magic to happen! When two pet parents have swiped “like,” then they can get their pups together for a date. And it’s important to note that the app can also help pet parents find their own dates! The app is available in the App Store for iOS. After you download and install the app, take pictures of your pup. Or, if your pup doesn’t mind, you can include the both of you in photos to share. Then create your dog’s profile, including a photo, of course.

After this, just look through the profiles of dogs near you. If you see a dog that might make a good match with your fur baby, just swipe right to “like” their profile. If the other pet parent also swipes “like,” then you can both start exchanging messages and photos. After you get to know one another a little bit and decided your dogs may get along, then you can arrange to meet for a dog date afternoon and have a fun time!

Beware Dog Phishing When Using a Dating App

As always, there are a few things to watch out for and be aware of when using any type of dating app, including dating apps or websites for dogs. One issue that’s been a problem is called “dogfishing.” What is it? On many dating sites and dating apps, people will pose with their pets, including dogs. You know, if you see someone who likes dogs and dogs like them, you know they’re OK, right? Not so fast.

When it comes to dogfishing, potential dates pose with one or more dogs…dogs which don’t even belong to them. These people do this in order to get a date. This is a form of deception, of course. The dog is used as bait. Some people may choose to include a dog, or another pet, in their profile because it makes them appear to be nurturing. People may look to see how a potential date treats their dog to determine if the person is nice and has certain qualities such as being loving and nurturing. And consider the attention a cute person in the dog park receives! Having a dog is a date magnet! To avoid this problem, don’t immediately fall for that person hugging a dog in the photo. Be sure to bring the dog up in conversations early, especially if this is a deal-breaker for you.

Use your gut instincts when messaging with a person who has a cuddly pup in the picture. Don’t hesitate to just pass them by if they don’t seem real and honest

Other Online Dating Tips for You and Your Dog

Here are a few more tips to help you and your fur baby with online dating. Remember to always stay safe—that’s the number one tip!

1). Are you ready to start dating: if you’re looking online for a date or a future partner, then chances are you’re ready to start dating. However, if you’ve recently separated, it may be too much for you and your dog to start seeing someone new.

If you really don’t feel ready, then don’t do it. Chances are if you go ahead when you’re not ready, things will not go so well. Make sure you’re ready and open to meeting new people and their pups before jumping in with both feet.

2). Choose the right dating site/app: choose the best dating site for you and your fur baby. Read through the terms and conditions, the FAQs, etc. before signing up for a dating site, even a doggie dating site. Make sure the dating site works in your area, too, in order to avoid being connected with someone across the country. We’re all for long-distance love, but it can be a complication that’s difficult to get through. When perusing doggie date sites and apps, make sure the site is the best choice for you and your dog.

3). Create a great dating profile: this can be a little intimidating. After all, you’re writing about yourself and your fur baby! It needs to be honest, yet written a bit like copy for an ad. When it comes to writing your profile, always be honest about everything. Nothing is worse than a first meeting and finding out neither of you told the entire truth. Avoid that by being completely honest.

Next, include information you’d like your potential date/partner to know about you. Do you enjoy taking your fur baby to the doggie park on the weekends? Do you two like to go hiking in the mountains or the dessert? Or do you both like to head to the beach? Include information that will inform a potential date about what you enjoy doing, what you like, don’t like, etc.

4). Keep it safe: when it comes to the first meeting, you want to keep it safe and simple. For example, maybe you could both meet at a coffee shop in your area where dogs are also invited. Or plan a visit to the dog park that’s located in a busy area, which is sure to be full of other dogs and their pet parents. The first few meetings should be in public areas, where you can quickly receive assistance if needed. It’s also helpful to let a family member or friend know who you’re going out with, where you’ll be meeting, and when you expect to be home. Always keep your smartphone where it’s easy to grab it fast, too.

Take your time getting to know the other person and their dog. Once things are comfortable, then it may be the right time to try other types of dates. Just stay safe and keep things simple to begin with. We hope this guide helps you and your fur baby find dates or potential partners you’ll both be happy with, and that you’ll finally have your happily ever after!

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