The 10 Best Dog Breeds For Someone Who Works All Day

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If you work all day, but would love to have a canine fur baby, then you’re in the place! We’ve done the research to help you find a dog who doesn’t mind staying at home alone. Some breeds are better able to handle being alone all day, while others will suffer from separation anxiety, boredom, etc. You need to find a dog that doesn’t get bored, lonely or anxious when he’s at home alone.

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Dogs That Aren’t Good Staying Home Alone

Certain dog breeds are not able to stay home alone—they don’t enjoy the solitude and would rather spend time with you and your family. These include:

Almost any dog of any breed can suffer from separation anxiety when they’re home alone. In addition, some dogs, who have excess energy, can tear apart your house, dig holes in the backyard and more as a way to burn off that energy.

Puppies are also not good candidates for being home alone while you’re gone all day. They need almost constant supervision and attention.

Dog Breeds with Low Separation Anxiety

Did you know there are dog breeds that have a tendency to low separation anxiety? These dogs won’t mind if you’re away and they’re alone at home. Here’s a list of breeds that fall into this category:

Chow Chow: like their cat siblings, Chow Chows are quite independent and don’t require a lot of attention. However, when you get home from work, you’ll find a pup waiting to greet you with love and doggie kisses.

Bassett Hound: these dogs have a low energy love and LOVE to sleep! They’re quite happy to nap while you’re away at work, but he’ll be ready for some attention and a good belly rub when you get home.

Bullmastiff: these affectionate and protective dogs love their families and love to hang out with their favorite people. However, they tend to have low energy levels and enjoy a good sleep while you’re away.

Shar Pei: these wrinkly pups are so cute and they’re very independent; they can also be quite stubborn and willful. Due to their low energy and exercise needs, these dogs make a great choice for anyone who’s out most of the day.

Boston Terrier: if you enjoy a relaxed dog, this may be the right choice for you. While Boston Terriers are known to have short bursts of crazy energy, they’re content to be home and do what they want. When you get home, though, expect to give this guy a lot of attention and love.

Irish Wolfhound: these love dogs love to be with their families and snuggle whenever possible. However, they’re very happy to take it easy all day, until you get home. Then they’re ready to snuggle and love you.

Lhasa Apso: these silky, long-haired dogs make the perfect stay-at-home fur baby. They’re very independent, but will definitely run to the door and greet you when you get home.

Bull Terrier: these dogs have quite a reputation for aggressiveness; however, this is not the truth. While they’re very protective of their homes and families, they will use their energy to protect and guard your home all day.

Pug: would you like a couch potato pup? Then this may be the right breed for you! They are quire happy to lie around and don’t require a lot of exercise. When you get home, you may find him in your chair!

Akita: known for their independence, this breed loves their families and are quite protective. Guarding your home will be his purpose until you get home, after which he’ll be ready for some fun and games!

Dog Breeds That can be Left Alone for 8 Hours

There are some breeds of dog that don’t mind being alone for 8 hours; however, be aware that most dogs will do not well in a crate for that amount of time. You may consider leaving them in a safe room at home, with a doggie gate, which gives them more room to roam while you’re away. Just be sure the room’s doggie-proofed before leaving your fur baby home alone. Here’s a list of dog breeds that can be left for up to 8 hours:

Whippet: resemble Greyhounds but are a bit smaller. They’re great with kids and love their families. These dogs don’t require a lot of exercise, so make a good choice if you’re away most of the day.

Miniature Schnauzer: a medium-sized dog, they’re know for being smart, cute, and their large personalities. They do need to be exercised every day; however, they’re not an active dog and will well with people who work full-time.

Dachshund: these iconic dogs that resemble a hot dog on legs are small and don’t take up space. They also don’t require much exercise. You’ll be happy to come home to this little dog!

Norfolk Terrier: tend to be upbeat and love to be around people. These small dogs are great for families and don’t mind being left alone during the day. Just make sure to give him plenty of toys and a comfy place to sleep. He’ll be full of energy when you get home, so be sure to take him on a walk or play with him until he’s tired out!

Shiba Inu: if you’re looking for a very independent dog, then this breed may be a good fit! They may not be as affectionate, but they love to play! They’re an excellent choice for anyone who works all day.

Labradoodle: these dogs highly intelligent and loyal; however, they’re a great choice if you need to be away most of the day. But expect he’ll need some attention when you get home!

Golden Retriever: this breed is a bit like Peter Pan, in that they are puppies for life! They’re very friendly, intelligent and jolly dogs that enjoy spending time with their people. While they can be energetic and needs lots of exercise, they’re a good choice for those who work.

You’ll be greeted with puppy hugs and kisses, and you’ll be expected to provide exercise and playtime when you get home from work. These are the best dog breeds for full time workers.

Considerations for Leaving Your Dog All Day

While there are several dog breeds that don’t mind being left alone, you’ll still need to keep some things in mind. First, working and having a dog isn’t easy. When you adopt a fur baby, you’re responsible for his well-being, care, feeding and more. When you get home, expect to be faced with a loving character who needs and wants attention, exercise, and love—even when you’re tired and don’t feel like it after a hard day at work. You may be wondering how long it’s OK to leave your dog home alone. It’s not a good idea to leave your pup home alone for long stretches like 10-12 hours at a time, or leave them in the dark. Dogs can learn to cope, but this is just too long to be left alone to their own devices. Eight hours is about the longest you should leave a dog home alone and not more.

What about potty breaks? That can be a challenge. If you work close to home, it might be possible to go and let your dog out during lunch hours and breaks. Not only will your dog love to see you, you’ll be keeping him healthy by avoiding urinary incontinence. This condition can develop in dogs who aren’t able to urinate and have to hold it in.

Another common issue is leaving a dog home in their crate all day. This is seen as an option to keep the dog contained and comforted until their pet parents get home. Being crated for hours on end can cause isolation distress and/or boredom, and being in the crate that long can cause a dog’s stress levels to go up. Avoid leaving  your pup crated all day; as mentioned early, you can try to keep your pup in a confined area such as a kitchen. Just be sure to use dog gates for all doorways and make sure the gates are tall enough to keep your dog from jumping over. And don’t forget to make sure the space is doggie-proof to keep your pup safe.

Tips for your dog’s well being if you have a 8 to 5 job

There are some options you might consider to help solve the issue of your fur baby being home alone all day. These include:

Leaving work for lunch/breaks: go home and spend time with your dog and let him outside for potty breaks.

Taking your dog to work: this may also be an option, as many businesses and offices are now pet-friendly. Check with your employer to see if they’ll allow your dog to come to work with you. Your pup could become the office mascot and lower stress levels in the working humans, too.

Using a Dog sitter: you may consider hiring a dog sitter to come and stay with your dog each work day. This way, your pup will never be alone, and there will be someone there to pay him attention, feed him, etc.

Using a Dog walker: this is another option if you have to work all day.  Dog walkers are a popular solution for dogs who need to stay alone at home. A dog walker can come and take your dog on a walk at a time agreed upon. Your dog will have attention and exercise for part of the day with a dog walker.

Using Dog daycare: and don’t forget doggie daycare! If your fur baby is socialized and enjoys playing with other dogs and humans, then this might be the option for you. When searching for a doggie daycare, be sure to look for businesses that are clean, have qualified staff trained and experienced in working with dogs, etc.

We hope this guide has helped you find the perfect canine fur baby companion who doesn’t mind staying at home while you’re at work. While the breeds mentioned in this article are happy to stay home alone, they still need lots of love, exercise and attention when you get home after a long day. Good luck and all the best in finding your precious pup!

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