Labradoodle Breeders In California

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For those who don’t know, a labradoodle is a cross between a Labrador and a poodle. As with many poodle crosses, this breed is also very attractive, and for this reason, more and more people have picked interest in owning one.

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They are bred to be social pets, so they are great to have in the home. Children, as well as adults, love them, and they can be gotten from breeders around the country.

California has a good number of Labradoodle breeders, but if you don’t know any, then we suggest you keep reading. In this article, we’ll be looking at some top labradoodle breeders in California.

The labradoodle breeders on our list are based majorly in northern and southern California.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get into the list!

1. Sierra Vista Labradoodles

These breeders are based in Orange vale, which is quite close to Sacramento. So if you’re in that area, then you could check them out.

They are known for producing excellent labradoodle breeds that are healthy, friendly, and well socialized. Their pups love kids, adults, and other animals and can easily get along with them. This is a testament to the amount of effort they put in raising the pups right from their tender ages.

Their puppies grow up to be smart, and their fur is non-shedding, making them suitable for owners who are allergic to animal fur. You will also love them for their strength, sensitivity, and loyalty.

These breeders make use of several genetic constituents in breeding their puppies, and they are raised very carefully to suit the needs of an already loving home upon purchase.

You won’t regret picking up a labradoodle if you get it from Sierra Vista Labradoodles. They do an excellent job of breeding and raising labradoodle pups that you will enjoy having around you.

Below are their contact details.

Breeder Location: These breeders are located around Northern California. They are not far from Sacramento.

Breeder address: 8750 Taajanar Ct, Orangevale, CA 95662

Breeder phone line: (530) 400-5497

Breeder e-mail address:

2. Rosebud Australian Labradoodles

This is a labradoodle breeder who has made a name for themselves in California. Their reputation is as a result of their practice of breeding and training top-class labradoodle puppies over the years.

They are based in Southern California and they focus mainly on Australian and American Labradoodles. They train their Labradoodle puppies to be friendly, mild-tempered, and calm.

They also ensure their Labradoodle puppies get the required amount of exercise, so they grow up to be strong and agile.

They have a philosophy that every labradoodle should be part of a loving home and should receive the same kind of love and attention as every member of the household.

They are very careful when breeding and raising the puppies. They ensure the parents and the pups go through extensive medical checks to avoid the occurrence of a genetic disease or ailment.

Rosebud Labradoodle breeders do their best to provide their puppies with loving homes they can call their own for the rest of their lives. Which is why they go the extra mile by screening each person who shows interest in purchasing any of their Labradoodle puppies.

If a person is not deemed to be capable of showing their puppy the love and care they believe it deserves, they reserve the right to turn the person down.

Below are their contact details.

Breeder Location: They are around Southern California

Breeder address: 3451 Via Montebello, Carlsbad, CA 92009-8492

3. Love A Labradoodle

Their name says it all, Love A Labradoodle breeds and raises their Labradoodle puppies with the best possible care and attention. They leave no stone unturned in making sure their pups are of sound health, both mentally and physically.

They practice selective breeding methods to ensure they produce only the best Labradoodles you can find in California and America as a whole.

All their puppies receive the best of medical care and they ensure that all their vaccinations are administered right on time. They also carry out deworming processes on each pup in their care before they relocate to their new homes.

These breeders are located very close to Los Angeles, and they concentrate their efforts on breeding small to medium-sized Labradoodles. Their pups are also hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions caused by dog fur.

Using their wealth of experience, their ever-loving staff makes sure the pups are well treated at all times. This helps the puppies develop a loving personality, which they will eventually take with them to their new homes.

Below are their contact details.

Breeder Location:  They are located North East of Los Angeles. Close to Victorville, California.

Breeder address: Heath Creek Dr, Wrightwood, CA 92397

Breeder phone line: (951) 295-9393

Breeder e-mail:

4. Elite Blend Labradoodles

Elite Blend breeders have all the ingredients that make up a top-class labradoodle breeder. These include years of experience, thorough research practices, and overall expertise.

The above-mentioned elements have helped them produce high-quality puppies over the years, and those who have gotten Labradoodles from them can testify to that.

You can call them the yardstick for how Labradoodles need to be bred and raised.

The great thing about Elite Blend is that they don’t just breed Labradoodles, they take the time to train them into social, people-loving dogs.

With a team of well-trained personnel, they make sure you get just the labradoodle puppy you need.

You can find their headquarters at Citrus heights. However, they have several branches across California.

Below are their contact details.

Breeder Location: They are located North East of San Francisco, towards the East of Sacramento. They have a smaller branch in Southern California.

Breeder address: Citrus Heights, California

Breeder phone line: 916-871-9787

Breeder e-mail:

How To Find The Right Labradoodle Breeder In California

California isn’t just a large state, it’s a pretty expensive one to live in as well. The Labradoodle breed being what it costs quite a sum of money get.

There are a lot of Labradoodle breeders in this state, but not all of them are as reputable as you would like. A lot of breeders take advantage of the high demand for the labradoodle breed and its high cost to breed less than favorable dogs.

All this is in a bid to make fast money of a breed that is supposed to be one of the most lovable dog crosses in the world.

Unethical labradoodle breeders do not follow proper labradoodle breeding procedures. These include thorough genetic testing and other health checks.

That being said, many labradoodle lovers who are in search of a puppy to love and care for could find themselves confused about which labradoodle breeder to trust.

So, the big question is, how to find a reputable Labradoodle breeder in California?

Not to worry, we will be giving you tips on how you can find a trustworthy labradoodle breeder in California.

Keep reading!

Ask The Right Questions

When you come across a labradoodle breeder in California, make sure you ask the relevant questions before you commit with a deposit.

Asking the relevant questions and getting satisfactory answers could be the difference between getting a prime labradoodle puppy and an unhealthy one.

Breeders who know what they’re doing will answer all your questions honestly. While an untrustworthy breeder will avoid most of them, or will not be able to answer them at all.

The right questions to ask when looking for a trusted breeder include the following –

These are among the most vital questions you need to ask any labradoodle breeder you come across in California.

As we have pointed out earlier, a reputable breeder will answer all your questions truthfully. An untrustworthy labradoodle breeder will either try to dodge your questions or lie about the answers.

So, how do you know if the breeder you are talking to is being accurate with the answers to your questions? You ask for proof!

Ask For Proof

If the breeders are honest enough, they will not only give you the right answers to your questions, they may take the extra step and show you some proof of their claims.

A reputable breeder shouldn’t mind showing you the results of genetic testing and the results of other health checks. If there are any other relevant associations they belong to or are registered breeders, then they should show proof of certification.

If the breeder you contact starts becoming evasive with answers, then that’s a crystal clear signal not to continue communicating with them regarding labradoodle puppies.

Remember, a desperate, unethical breeder will say anything just to get you to buy their puppies, and this is why asking for relevant proof is important.

Look For Reviews

One of the best ways to ascertain the authenticity of any breeder is by means of reviews.

A satisfied customer wouldn’t mind taking out the time to leave a few good comments about the quality of the labradoodle puppy they got. A dissatisfied customer on the other hand will be very upset and will be eager to leave comments regarding the bad experience he/she had to deal with a particular breeder.

You can visit the breeder’s website and go through the reviews to see how their past customers feel about the quality of puppies they got and their services as a whole.

While looking for reviews via their website is recommended, you shouldn’t stop there. You can also visit their social media pages to read the comments on their posts.

The reason social media page reviews are more satisfactory than website reviews is that a fraudulent breeder has the power to post or approve any comment they like. If a comment is not favorable to them, they will not approve it for posting.

On the flip side, comments on their social media pages are posted by random people who will air their views honestly. If the breeder disables the comments on their posts, then you can tell they are fraudulent.

An extra tip here is to send one of the commenters a direct message and get some more information from them. Whatever their experiences were with the breeder, they will gladly share it with you.

Ask A Close Friend

Another means by which you can find a reputable Labradoodle breeder in California is simply by asking a close friend, colleague, or family member if they know any.

If anyone of the people close to you is dog lovers, chances are they know one or two reputable Labradoodle breeders in California. Even if they don’t, they could know someone who does.

This is actually one of the surest means by which you can find a reputable breeder. Being that friends and family love you, they wouldn’t want to give you any misleading information.

All you have to do is ask!


There are many labradoodle breeders in California, all thanks to the breed’s very high demand. This state is also quite expensive to live in, so you can imagine just how expensive a labradoodle breed would be.

Due to its high demand and cost, many unethical breeders have entered the business, all in a bid to make some fast money. These unethical breeders do not follow the right breeding processes and they end up producing unhealthy, poorly trained puppies.

If you live in California and you desire to own a labradoodle of your own, then you can contact any one of the breeders listed here, they are very reputable.

We hope this article on labradoodle breeders in California has been helpful.

Take care!

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