Best Labradoodle Haircuts (Puppy Cut, Teddy Bear Cut, and More)

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Best Labradoodle Haircuts

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Do you want to know the best haircut to give to your Labradoodle? You are not the only pet owner that is looking for that because many Labradoodle owners out there are looking for the same thing.

We understand how difficult it can be to select the best Labradoodle haircut, especially with the different styles out there. And because the type of haircut you select can affect the appearance of your canine friend, you want to select nothing short of the best.

This article walks you down the leash on the different haircuts you can be inspired to style your Labradoodle the next time it is due to take a new haircut.

Things You Need to Know About Labradoodle

Labradoodle is a mix of a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. They are medium-sized dogs, but they have the same height as a medium-sized Lab. Their appearance is similar to the standard Labrador Retriever, but they have longer hair. The Poodle mix adds the long hair to the Labrador Retriever.

The hair of a labradoodle is long, so it can be hard to take care of it. It needs a special shampoo and a trimming every once in a while. If you have time to do it yourself, then it will be better for you because you will get to enjoy your dog more. But if you don’t have time to do it yourself, then you should take your dog to the groomer regularly so that he can look good and be healthy at all times.

The Labradoodle’s coat can be different colors, but it is mostly black or brown. Matting is a problem for most of the labradoodles. You should have your dog groomed at least once a month. The matting can make your dog look like a messy mop, so you should have it cut regularly.

Using clippers or scissors, you can trim your dog’s hair so that it looks neat and neat. Some people have found that the dog is too hairy and they have to trim it with scissors more often. Regular grooming will keep your dog looking good and healthy.

The fleece coat of the Labradoodle makes it very warm and soft. This dog breed is an excellent watchdog, but it does not bark too much. The Poodle mix adds a lot of intelligence to the Labradoodle. It can be trained to be an excellent obedience dog, as well as a good hunting dog.

The Labradoodle is easy to train, but it can be stubborn. You should never force this dog because it will just become more difficult to train it from then on. The Labradoodle needs daily exercise and playtime in order to stay happy and healthy.

The coat types of the Labradoodle include the long coat, a short coat, and a curly coat. The Poodle mix adds to the hair of the Labradoodle a curly texture that adds some length to the coat.

Thinning shears or scissors are recommended for the Labradoodle’s coat. A Labradoodle’s coat is prone to matting and tangling, so it is best to trim the hair often. You can trim the hair short, or you can leave it long, but it is better to cut it short so that it does not get too tangled.

1. Teddy Bear Haircut

Do you know that one of the features that dog lovers look for in a pooch is the hairstyle that can fit the dog?

With a variety of styles to select from, you rest assured that your dog will look cute at all times. And you don’t have to ponder on the best Labradoodle haircuts you can inspire your dog’s groomer with because the Teddy Bear Haircut is one of the best.

The overall concept behind the Teddy Bear Haircut for a Labradoodle is that the hair around the canine’s face and legs will be left longer.

Also, the hair on the dog’s body will be clipped short.

Important Points That Will Help Your Labradoodle Spot a Teddy Bear Haircut

As much as a Teddy Bear cut is one of the best haircut styles for Labradoodles, you need to be prepared for the considerations that come with it.

Here are some of the things you need to have in mind before you take your Labradoodle to a professional groomer for a Teddy Bear haircut:

The Face Must Be Round and Full

The first thing you must ensure is that hair around your Labradoodle’s face must be full and round. The idea is that such a style will give your canine friend the much-needed stuffed animal look.

A Groomer Should Do the Job

Have in mind that Labradoodle is a high-maintenance dog. As such, you may be tempted to cut your canine friend’s hair at home. That may not always be a good decision because some professional handling is needed.

Instead, you want to take your Labradoodle to a dog groomer where the dog will be styled with the right look.

Be Ready to Spend Some Money

As mentioned earlier, it costs some money to maintain a Labradoodle. So, you should be ready to spend some more money to maintain your canine friend.

2. Puppy Cut

This is a signature haircut that has since been integrated into the Labradoodle hairstyle industry because of the round head shape the haircut gives to your dog.

Worthy of mention is that many Labradoodle owners prefer to style their canine with this haircut because of the low costs of maintenance. For one, it can take some days (if not some weeks) before you will take your Labradoodle back to the groomer for a touch-up.

How to Style a Puppy Cut

Styling your Labradoodle with a Puppy haircut isn’t difficult. The concept simply entails cutting down the long-length hair of your canine to be the same as the rest of the hair on its body.

The Concept of Puppy Cut

The reason why dog lovers want to style their Labradoodle with a Puppy Cut is because of the signature round head shape.

It is pertinent to mention here that this signature haircut is ideally cut down or trimmed to be at par with the hair on the other parts of the dog’s body. The idea is to maintain the same outlook of the canine, as though it were still a puppy.

3. Labradoodle Lion Cut

Well, you can be adventurous with the haircut you give to your Labradoodle. If your creativity will go far, you will find out that you can do some touch-ups here and there to transform your Labradoodle from a cute dog to a fiercer animal.

The Labradoodle Lion Cut is patterned in a way that your Labradoodle will have more hair on the tail and head while the rest of the body (legs and body) will be cut short.

With a few months of nurturing, it wouldn’t be long before your Labradoodle will start drawing more attention because of the length of hair in the other parts of the body.

4. Labradoodle Haircuts for Special Occasions

We must mention that not Labradoodle haircuts are ideal for summer or winter. So, you need to find out the type of haircuts that will suit your canine friend during any of those weather conditions.

Here are Labradoodle haircut ideas you can inspire your dog’s groomer with on special occasions like winter and summer:

Labradoodle Haircuts for Summer

During summer, your Labradoodle needs to maintain its cool at all times. So, you should groom the pet’s hair in a way that it doesn’t feel burnt heavily under the sun.

To that end, you want to style your Labradoodle with either the Teddy Bear Cut or a short haircut.

On the other hand, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to clip your Labradoodle’s short only if the coat is heavy and thick.

Labradoodle Haircuts for Winter

During winter, you have to be strategic with the type of haircuts you style your Labradoodle. You want to at all cost, ensure that your dog isn’t overly exposed to the cold out there.

The best haircuts to style your Labradoodle puppy during winter are:

You also want to take extra precautionary measures to keep your Labradoodle safe from the cold by covering it with a doggie jacket anytime you are taking the canine for a walk. Note that this option is best if the hair of your doodle is very short.

How to Maintain Your Labradoodle: Grooming Tips

There are general maintenance tips you can always leverage to keep your Labradoodle’s hair well-groomed at all times.

Some of these tips include:

Labradoodle grooming sessions can be done once a week, but they are usually groomed twice a month. During the grooming sessions, they are usually bathed, trimmed and de-shedded. The grooming styles for the Labradoodle include trims, cuts, clips and also the tails.

In summertime, you should avoid the excessive hair on the Labradoodle. You can use a spray that has a calming effect to keep them cool.

The ear hair should be trimmed and the nose hair should be trimmed. The Labradoodle hair should be trimmed, clipped and styled in a way that it is appealing to the owner. If you want to keep your Labradoodle looking great, then it is essential that you groom them.

Wrapping Up

The Labradoodle is a very good-natured dog breed. They are intelligent and easy to train. They are the best dog for family life. They love children and are very affectionate.

The wool coat of the Labradoodle is usually long and soft. It may have a different texture and color than the standard Labrador Retriever. The coat can be straight or wavy, depending on the coat pattern of the Labradoodle.

The grooming routine of the Labradoodle is similar to that of a Labrador Retriever. The most common type of grooming for a Labradoodle is bathing, but they can also be brushed or combed with a special brush. The Labradoodle can be groomed at home by their owner or they can be groomed by a professional groomer.

Labradoodles have a variety of haircuts you can always style them with and they will maintain their cute and teddy bear look.

You need to be sure that you are hiring the services of a professional doodle groomer so the task of cutting your Labradoodle’s hair will be easier.

Above all, you have to invest in the best Labradoodle grooming tools to maintain your doodle even when you don’t want to visit the groomer for many weeks.

Which of the Labradoodle haircuts do you want to style your doodle with and what are your reasons for selecting that haircut?

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