Straight Hair Labradoodle Guide

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Straight Hair Labradoodle

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Labradoodles may have a teddy bear appearance, but that doesn’t erase the fact that the doodles can also have distinct features that make them unique from other dogs.

Labradoodles are also popular because of their straight hair. So, if you are thrilled by dogs that don’t shed much, you rest assured that you will get that from your Labradoodle.

In this article, we want to clear the air and help you understand how to choose a Labradoodle (generation) depending on the hair. This straight hair guide on Labradoodles is all you need to choose the best doodle with a straight coat.

What is a Straight Hair Labradoodle?

Are you wondering about what straight hair means for Labradoodles? It is not difficult to understand this, especially if you already understand the different Labradoodle generations.

Simply put, a straight hair Labradoodle is one that has its hair or coat similar to a Labrador. To that end, a straight hair Labradoodle takes after a Labrador Retriever, and as such, it tends to retain that scruffy teddy bear-like look that is exclusive to Labrador Retrievers.

How to Identify a Straight Hair Labradoodle

You do not need to look farther for the features that will help you find out if a Labradoodle has straight hair.

Also called a Flat Coat Labradoodle, the straight hair Labradoodle obtains up to 90% of its genes from the first-generation (F1) Labradoodle. In that case, the doodle tends to have up to 50% Labrador traits and another 50% traits of a Standard Poodle.

Besides, breeders can also produce the doodle by breeding two second-generation (F2) because their parents are mostly from the F1 Labradoodle generation.

What Makes a Straight Hair Labradoodle Unique?

Doodle lovers heavily invest in straight hair Labradoodles because of the many benefits they tend to derive from having the dog.

We mustn’t fail to mention that a major reason for the increased patronage of straight hair Labradoodles is because of the variety of coat types.

First, a straight hair Labradoodle may have a scruffy teddy bear-like look whereby the tufts of hair will sprout out of the body.

Second, you may want to pay for a straight hair Labradoodle that has thick, slick, glossy, or matte coat types. This variety of straight hair Labradoodle also has feathering along the face, tails, and legs.

You will also have amplified odds of choosing a straight hair Labradoodle when you pay for the ones produced by second-generation Labradoodles. This Labradoodle generation is popular for producing doodles that have wavy or short hair undercoat covering their body.

Features of Straight Hair Labradoodle

Do you want to know why you should get a straight hair Labradoodle? There are several reasons why you should invest in this dog, but here are a few of them:

1.    Teddy Bear Look

You do not only want a dog that scares off intruders. You also want one that will be your companion.

Investing in a straight hair Labradoodle is a step in the right direction because the doodle generally spots that teddy bear-like look.

2.    More Shedding Means Less Grooming

One other reason why doodle lovers pay for a straight hair Labradoodle is that the doodle sheds more hair.

The idea is that the more coat the doodle sheds, the less expense you will make in maintaining the coat.

We must mention that since a straight hair Labradoodle sheds a lot more, you may have a lot of cleaning up to do because the litter will be everywhere.

But if you can overlook that, you will have more time to attend to other things while saving some money that you could have spent to take your Labradoodle to a groomer.

3.    Hypoallergenic

While a straight hair Labradoodle sheds some hair, that doesn’t mean that your health will be compromised.

Instead, it will interest you to know that the doodle is generally hypoallergenic. That makes it ideal for people who are allergic to pet hairs and furs.

How to Maintain a Straight Hair Labradoodle

It is one thing to pay for the doodle and another thing to take good care of it. If you are not sure of how to maintain and take care of your straight hair Labradoodle, here are some tips to inspire you:

1.    Reduce the Rate of Bathing

While it is a great idea to keep your straight hair Labradoodle clean at all times, it may not work in all situations.

For one, you must reduce the rate or frequency of bathing the dog. The reason is not unconnected to the fact that the warm water and soap used in bathing the doodle can cause dryness of the dog’s skin.

When you frequently bathe your straight hair Labradoodle, you will be indirectly washing off the necessary skin oils that will create an opening for more skin diseases to penetrate the dog.

2.    Feed Your Labradoodle Well

As much as a straight hair Labradoodle sheds some coats, you can still do something to reduce that. The rule of thumb is to feed your doodle with enough meals that are rich in:

That way, the dog will develop a shiny coat and better hair follicles that will, in the long run, help in reducing the rate of shedding its coat.

3.    Don’t Shave the Furs

In a bid to reduce the spate of shedding in your straight hair Labradoodle, you may be inclined to shave off the furs.

That isn’t a great move, because you will only be exposing the doodle’s skin to excessive heat from the sun and cold. You need no soothsayer to tell you that your straight hair Labradoodle’s hair will in no time dry out.

So, you want to trim down the furs instead, especially the furs located around the sensitive parts of the dog’s body. That helps to keep the doodle neat while cutting down on potential health hazards that could expose the doodle to danger if left unkempt.

Downsides of Breeding a Straight Hair Labradoodle

In some cases, it will be in your best interest not to breed a straight hair Labradoodle. Here are some of the major drawbacks you need to know before you decide to breed or pay for a straight hair Labradoodle:


Paying for a straight hair Labradoodle is a matter of choice. You need to consider your needs to be sure that the doodle will meet them.

By and large, a straight hair Labradoodle is your ideal doodle if you are looking for a doodle that looks more like a Labrador, and which can be maintained at the lowest costs.

Do you own a straight hair Labradoodle? Do you have any challenges with it? Do let us know via the comment section!

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