Cavapoo Rescues For Adoption

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A Cavapoo is one of the sweetest, most adorable dog breeds you can come across. They also have a soft temperament so they are very easy to deal with.

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This dog is a combination of a poodle and a cavalier king spaniel, two very special breeds.

Cavapoos also go by other names, including Cavadoodle and Cavoodle. So, you may want to try doing searches for these Cavapoo dog breed names, too. Sadly, this special dog breed cannot be commonly found around America.

Luckily, there’s a good number of rescue homes that specialize in caring for Cavapoos, and several other poodle mixes, to find them a new owner and a loving home.

If you’re one of such people who hope to adopt a Cavapoo, then keep reading. In this article, we’ll be discussing Cavapoo rescues for adoption.

So, let’s get into our list!

Best Cavapoo Rescues And Adoptions In America

1. Doodle Rescue Collective (Located In The East Coast)

This organization boasts of well over 800 volunteers across the nation, and they are dedicated to rescuing, caring, and loving several doodle breeds, including Cavapoos.

They not only provide vet care, they also rehabilitate the dogs and help them find new homes.

The DRC does not have a specific shelter facility, rather they send them to other foster homes across America and Canada while keeping a close eye on the progress the dogs make.

Their network is made up of trustworthy shelters, rescues, veterinarians, and foster homes, all having the same goal of caring for the dogs and finding them a permanent, loving home.

The good thing about the DRC is that they don’t just rescue Cavapoos, they rescue all mixes of doodle dogs as well.

Below are their contact details.

Breeder Location: They are based in Rhode Island

Breeder email address:

2. Doodle Rock Rescue (Based In Texas)

It’s quite unfortunate that south Texas has a very high euthanasia rate it is one of the highest in America. This means there is a large number of abused and rejected doodles and a host of other poodle mixes.

Doodle Rock Rescue since their inception, have saved lots of dogs from the streets, which were found in very critical conditions or from high-kill shelters.

Their operations are based on volunteers who work and donate to the cause, to help the doodles find loving parents and suitable home.

They are made up of a team of foster parents who are forever dedicated to providing the very best medical care to the dogs. This care is administered with utmost love and attention, which brings a world of happiness to the little puppies.

As we mentioned earlier, Cavapoos are not so easy to come across, but you can keep checking on them to see the list of new dog breeds they have for adoption.

They were founded in 2017 and since then, they have rescued more than 900 doodles.

Below are their contact details

Breeder address: 3604 Vintage Plaza, Dallas, TX, 75214

Phone line: (709) 023-5228

3. Doodle Dandy Rescue (Located In Texas)

This establishment was founded in 2018 by lovers of all kinds of doodles. Ever since, they have been on a mission to take in dogs in crisis and rehabilitate them, pending when a worthy parent arrives to adopt them.

They first teach these dogs how to love and trust humans once more, then help them find a loving home.

As at the time of this article, Doodle Dandy Rescue has no Cavapoos in residence, however, they urge you to keep checking in, as a few could be available any moment.

Unfortunately, they only cater to residents outside a 4-mile radius of the Dallas Fort Worth area. If you don’t live within this axis, then you have to look for another rescue home to adopt a Cavapoo.

Below are their contact details

Breeder Location: Garland, TX, 75041

Breeder website:

Breeder email address:

4. Florida Poodle Rescue (Based In Florida)

The Florida Poodle Rescue was founded in 1994 and that can tell you how long they have been dedicated to saving innocent dogs from an uncertain fate. Since they were founded, they have saved over 10,000 poodles, Cavapoos included.

Besides saving and caring for poodles, Florida Poodle Rescue also educates the public on the special, heartwarming advantages of adopting a poodle or a poodle mix, such as the Cavapoo breed.

They run their operations with hopes that loving adopters would come over to accept the responsibility of taking care of these cute and loyal pets and help them recover from the trauma of being maltreated or alone on the streets.

Another great thing about this organization is that they provide funding for expensive medical treatment for the sake of saving very dire cases.

Their mission is simple – To rescue and take care of maltreated puppies, help them find a new and suitable home, and educate adopters on the many benefits of adoption.

Below are their contact details.

Breeder address: P.O, Box 7336, St. Petersburg, FL, 33734

Breeder phone line: 727-265-1766

Breeder email address:


5. Poodle Rescue (Based In Connecticut And Other Neighboring New England States)

Like many rescue homes in America, Poodle Rescue Connecticut is a non-profit organization that has done a good job of keeping doodles off the streets and placing them in the care of a loving home.

In 2019 alone, they saved over 112 dogs, which included some Cavapoos. Adopters come from every part of Connecticut and even New England.

If you live in this area and are interested in adopting one, then be sure to reach out to them to see if they have any available.

Below are their contact details.

Breeder address: Naugatuck, Connecticut, 06770

Breeder phone line: 203 – 729 – 8846

6. Poodles and Pals

Poodles and Pals is a California-based dog rescue group. They have been catering to the needs of different kinds of dog breeds, including Poodles and Cavapoos.

While they may not be one of the biggest dog rescue groups in California, they have been doing a great job of rescuing, treating, and finding better homes for distressed and wounded dogs.

One of the amazing things about adopting Cavapoos from Poodles and Pals is that this rescue group is very committed to the interest of their dogs. That is why they take the time to embark on a thorough home visit to determine the comfort of the Cavapoo you want to adopt.

Also, Poodles and Pals offer dog matchmaking services whereby they consider the personality of the dog adopters and match the same with the type of Cavapoo that will suit their temperament and expectations.

You can contact Poodles and Pals via:

Email Address:

Address: P.O. Box 1389, Nuevo, California, 92567

7. Doodle Dandy Rescue

Not all dog rescue groups can do the strenuous work of re-training rescued dogs until they become better again.

That is why many dog lovers prefer to adopt Cavapoos from Doodle Dandy Rescue because this dog rescue group treats and re-trains rescued dogs so they can be in a better emotional and physical shape to become a part of a new home.

After that, Doodle Dandy Rescue will start accepting adoption applications from intending adopters who want to adopt the Cavapoos.

Do you want to adopt Cavapoos from Doodle Dandy Rescue? Contact them via:

Email Address:

Address: Garland, Texas, 75041

Contact Person: Sally Hammond

8. Mid-Atlantic Poodle Rescue (MAPR)

Mid-Atlantic Poodle Rescue (MAPR) operates a different dog rescue system. Instead of working as a centralized dog rescue group, they decided to form an extensive network that extends the scope and area of coverage farther than other dog rescue groups. Because of that, MAPR can now help you find Cavapoos in different parts of the country.

Mid-Atlantic Poodle Rescue (MAPR) cares a lot about the dogs they rescue, including Cavapoos. This is evident in the several experienced people who go the extra mile to rescue, treat, and find loving homes for the adopted dogs.

To ensure that these dogs are not let into homes where they will be maltreated again, MAPR does an extensive background check on the intending adopters to ensure they can take care of the Cavapoos.

You can contact them via:

Email Address:

Address: 910 Rolandvue Road, Towson, MD 21204

Telephone Number: 4109630079

9. Doodle Rock Rescue

Not treating dogs better does not just stop at not feeding the dogs. It can also take different forms, such as considering euthanasia to kill the dog or make it rest after many months of suffering.

South Texas is one of the states in the United States where the number of euthanasia increases. Dogs, such as Cavapoos, aren’t spared.

However, Doodle Rock Rescue is solving those issues by continually looking for abandoned, abused, and neglected Cavapoos to rescue in South Texas.

This rescue group has one of the most formidable teams, which includes foster parents that teach the rescued Cavapoos positive behaviors, as well as attending to their wounds. Alongside other team members, the foster parents nurse back the Cavapoos to health and proceed to look for loving homes where those dogs will be accepted and treated with love and respect.

You can find out if there are available Cavapoos to adopt from Doodle Rock Rescue via:

Telephone Number: (709)0235228

Address: 3604 Vintage Plaza, Dallas, Texas, 75214

10. Florida Poodle Rescue

Florida Poodle Rescue is one of the Cavapoo rescue groups that do not only focus on rescuing Cavapoos. Instead, this group also educates the general public about the importance of adopting Cavapoos. The idea is to encourage more people to start looking for Cavapoos to adopt so that those dogs will not be left neglected and in the hands of uncaring owners.

Also, Florida Poodle Rescue helps you and many other Cavapoo lovers to find the best dogs in Florida for adoption. They rescue, treat, and give out the Cavapoos to adopters who have satisfied all the conditions for adoption.

You can adopt Cavapoos from Florida Poodle Rescue by making your inquiries through any of the following channels:

Address: P.O. Box 7336, Saint Petersburg, Florida, 33734

Telephone Number: 7272651766

Email Address:

How You Can Find A Cavapoo Rescue For Adoption

You may find it difficult to get a Cavapoo rescue for adoption because owners are usually hesitant to release them. They are not troublesome dog breeds, so most owners have a reason to keep them.

However, it’s still possible to find a Cavapoo rescue for adoption if you’re patient in your search.

To help your search, we’ve listed some of the tips you will find useful.

Contact Local Humane Groups

Humane groups in your local area can help you find one for adoption. These groups are out to discourage and prevent animal cruelty. Humane societies collaborate with dog rescues to save rejected dogs from dying.

By virtue of their mission, they can assist you in locating reputable Cavapoo rescues when you contact them. They are also in the best position to give recommendations and advice about Cavapoo rescues in your area.

It’s possible they don’t know any rescue as of the time of your visit, however, keep in touch with them to get notified when they have one.

You can sign up for their mailing list or check their social media pages frequently to get up-to-date news. This is to ensure that you don’t miss out when they rescue a Cavapoo breed for adoption.

Check Shelters In Your Area

A shelter is home or refuge for abandoned, misplaced, or owner-surrendered animals especially dogs and cats. An alternative name for shelter is “pounds”

A good way to find a Cavapoo rescue for adoption is to visit animal shelters in your area. You may be lucky to find a Cavapoo up for adoption.

For example, if you’re resident in Manhattan, New York, you can search “animal shelters in Manhattan New York’’ online. Your search will display animal shelters around your area. Go through all listed shelters and ensure you get their contact details.

After completing your search online, contact them to ask if they have any Cavapoos for adoption. In case you aren’t lucky to get one from them instantly, keep in touch with them to get informed when one is ready.

Try to follow their social media pages and be on the lookout when new dogs are posted. As a result, you would know when a Cavapoo arrives.

Find Other Groups That Are Specifically Interested In Cavapoo Breeds.

You may find groups that are interested in Cavapoo breeds on the internet. Engage them on their social media pages and make inquiries about Cavapoo rescues. They may recommend one to you.

Most times, Cavapoo communities upload pictures of puppies or mature Cavapoos on their pages, so you may contact them for relevant information about a Cavapoo rescue.

However, you may not find one in a rush, so you must be patient.

Ask Your Friends or Family Members

If one of your friends or family members is a dog lover, please reach out to them for information because they are likely to give an accurate one.

Since you cannot assume that they know you are looking to adopt a Cavapoo, the best way to get their help is to inform them. If they have come across one, they would inform you.

Don’t forget that you’re searching for Cavapoo rescues, this is quite different from looking for a breeder. Therefore, be specific when you meet them for assistance.

Things To Consider Before Adopting A Cavapoo

There are some factors you should consider before adopting a Cavapoo. Cavapoos are mixed breeds, you may find their behaviors strange if you didn’t have one before.

Examine the following factors.

What You Need to Know About Cavapoos

These adorable dogs originally came from Australia, where they were bred in the 1990s. Cavapoos are small dogs, weighing between 10-20 pounds. They have a live span of 12-15 years. They have great personalities, though they don’t deal well with being alone for long periods; otherwise the Cavapoo may develop separation anxiety. These dogs are highly intelligent and want to be with their pet parents and families.

Cavapoos come in a variety of coat types, including wavy or curly. They’re usually low-shedding dogs and their coats are considered to be hypoallergenic.

These little fur babies are loving, friendly, and very sociable. They usually get along great with kids, other pets, and strangers.

Cavapoos only require a moderate amount of exercise. They love to play, take walks, and have plenty of mental stimulation to be well-rounded, happy dogs.

These small dogs are also highly intelligent and eager to please. These factors make Cavapoos trainable. They respond best to positive reinforcement training methods.

What About Cavapoo Health?

Thankfully, these small dogs are pretty healthy; however, they may develop health issues that are common to Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Poodles, including:

The Best Diet for Cavapoos

Cavapoos thrive on a diet formulated for small- to medium-sized dogs that high energy levels. They can easily gain weight if they overeat; so it’s best to feed your fur baby on a regular schedule and not leave his food out during the day.

Keeping Them Clean

Cavapoos are furry dogs, as you would expect. Being that they are a cross between a cavalier and a poodle. This means you have to put in a lot of effort into keeping them clean.

They are usually nonshedding, this means you wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning up Cavapoo fur from the ground, from your clothes, or the car seats. However, there is a lot of work to do regarding giving them their baths.

If you are up for this task, then you can go ahead and adopt one.

Puppy Or Adult?

So, what age group are you interested in? Is it a puppy Cavapoo or a mature one?

Cavapoos are generally calm dogs with good temperaments, however, the puppies can get too excited and start chewing on anything that catches their fancy.

This is not strange among most puppies so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Nonetheless, you have to be prepared for some misbehavior now and then. It comes with being a dog parent!


Cavapoos aren’t as active as the other doodle breeds and they have a soft temperament. As far as companionship goes, they aren’t that much of attention-seekers.

This is not to say you should ignore them because you shouldn’t. It’s just that the chances of them experiencing separation anxiety are quite low.

Still, if you want your Cavapoo to remain in tip-top shape, make sure you take him out on walks and engage him in enough physical exercise.


As with all dogs, you need to provide your Cavapoo with proper health care. Have a vet check him out regularly to make sure he’s in good health.


Cavapoos are very hard to come by in America, nonetheless, some have been rescued by well-meaning rescue homes. If you wish to adopt one, then contact any of the Cavapoo rescues for adoption listed in this article.

Hopefully, you will find a Cavapoo you will love and take care of!

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