Best Cavapoo Generations: F1, F1B, F1BB, F2, F2B, F3

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Best Cavapoo Generations

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Cavapoos are woolly and beautiful dogs. If not that cavapoos breathe, have emotions, and eat, they look no different from dolls. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poddles are the parents of cavapoos.

A cavapoo is a cross-breed dog with the combined features of both parents. However, due to variations when breeding them, they attend to have varying characteristics. Some cavapoos have more of the poodle gene, and so, have more features that are similar to the poodles. On the other hand, some have an equal gene of both parents. Overall, most available cavapoos have either equal genes or have been backcrossed to poodles such that they can have more of the poodle gene.

Before we go into the details of each generation and their uniqueness, let’s see some fun fact about cavapoos:

Now let’s move to each generation of Cavapoos.

Note: The “F” as in F1 or F2B is a short way of saying filial hybrid, which simply means a dog is a crossbreed type and not a purebred. At the same time, the number as in “1”in F1 or “2” in F2 represents the generation of the breed, maybe the first or second generation. And lastly, the B stands for backcrossed. Back crossed is a way to say that a crossbreed dog was bred with a pure breed.

F1 Cavapoo

An F1 cavapoo is the first generation from breeding a cavalier King Charles spaniel and a poodle. When this happens, due to being the first generation, the resulting cavapoo will have 50% cavalier King Charles spaniel and 50% poodle genes.

The F1 cavapoo is not predictable. They may have a curly or straight coat. Also, some will shed slightly, and some won’t. And this definitely affects their hypoallergenic nature. For some, they are quite hypoallergenic, while some have it low. However, what they do have majorly is the “hybrid vigor.” The hybrid vigor is the health benefits they get from both parents, making them strong and healthier than their parents. In fact, they are the healthiest of all the cavapoo generations.


The F1B generation comes next with a 75% poodle gene and 25% cavalier King Charles spaniel gene. Now, this brilliant breeding takes place between an F1 cavapoo with a 50:50 gene ratio and a 100% poodle. When this happens, the resulting cavapoo will have the poodle gene as the superior one.

F1B cavapoos will have more features of a poodle, which makes them energetic and active. They love to run owing to the long legs they inherit from the poodles. For dog lovers with an allergy to shedding dogs, this generation of cavapoos is ideal as pets. Their coats are curly and do not shed. Given this, their hypoallergenic nature is high. Added to all these advantages is; they also have the “hybrid vigor,” which makes them healthy and strong.


F1BB is 87.5% poodle and 24.5% cavalier King Charles spaniel. The F1BB generation has the highest poodle gene in all the generations. By breeding an F1B cavapoo with 75% poodle and 25% cavalier King Charles spaniel gene with a pure poodle, an F1BB generation of poodles will be the outcome.

The F1BB have curly hairs that are non-shed. Due to their non-shed coat type, they require regular brushing, periodic bathing, and shaving to keep them free of mattes and tangles. Also, they are highly hypoallergenic, and this makes them suitable for any dog lover who cherishes woolly dogs without any allergy. Although not as high as the F1 and F1B generation, they also have the “hybrid vigor” to a reasonable degree.

In terms of physical activities, F1BB is the most active since they have more of the poodle gene.

F2 cavapoo

50% poodle and 50% cavalier King Charles spaniel gene marks the F2 cavapoo generation. Yes, you read right; they have the same gene ratio as the F1 generation. Many do not love this generation due to uncertainties regarding their coat types and shedding features. However, one benefit is that they also have the “hybrid vigor,” which makes them very healthy.

Note: Although also high, the “hybrid vigor” of the F2 is not as high as the F1 cavapoo.

F2B cavapoo

F2B cavapoo has a 62.5% poodle gene and 37.5% cavalier King Charles spaniel gene. They come from the F1 and F1B generations. When these earlier generations are bred together, the F2B results to have more of the poodle gene. Hence, the F2B generation of cavapoos is called multigenerational. They may have curly or wavy fur, which is non-shed and perfect for individuals looking for hypoallergenic dogs. Although in moderate amounts, they also have the “hybrid vigor”.

F3 cavapoo

The F3 is the third generation of cavapoos with curly coats that do not shed and majorly are hypoallergenic. They are suitable as pets for people with dog allergies. Usually, to get a third-generation cavapoo-F3, an F1 and F1 or F2 and another F2 are cross bred.

The F3 has the features that indicate that more of the poodle gene is present in the generation’s structure. In terms of the “hybrid vigor,” it’s almost not present in this generation being so far from the first generation.

As a cockapoo lover with dog allergy, go for the F1B, F1BB, or F2B. However, if you do not have any allergy or reservations for shedding and non-hypoallergenic dogs, simply sit back, look through each generation, and randomly pick any cockapoo of your choice.

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