Cane Corso Price – How Much Does a Cane Corso Cost?

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Would you love to have a Cane Corso? This is an Italian Mastiff breed that is growing in popularity. While the Cane Corso is often used as a guard dog, they are also very sweet and make good family pets. They are protective of their pack and they can be fun to have around the home.

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If you are looking to adopt or buy a Cane Corso, you may be wondering what the price of this big canine is. Indeed, this is going to depend on where you are getting your Cane Corso from, as well as a variety of factors. So, let’s take a look.

The Cost of a Cane Corso

So, how much will a Cane Corso cost? The answer to this question is going to depend on a variety of factors. In particular, it will depend on where you are getting your Cane Corso from. Let’s break it down.

Cane Corso Puppies from a Breeder

The most expensive option you can expect is buying a Cane Corso puppy from a breeder. You will have to be prepared to pay a high price tag if you want to raise this canine. In particular, good breeders are going to charge you more because they have to carry out health checks and look after them when they are young. You can pay anywhere from $900 to $2,000 depending on the breeder. If you see a Cane Corso puppy for less than this price, be cautious. This might be a puppy mill in disguise and this is not something that you want to support.

Some breeders will charge you more money than this if the puppies are show quality. You can expect to pay anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000. You can expect this pooch to be from an excellent line of Cane Corso dogs. Again, ensure that this is the furry friend that you want before making this type of commitment.

Adopting a Canine Corso

There are people that have a Cane Corso that might be wanting to rehome them. Of course, you can offer to adopt this pooch online. The price is going to vary depending on the owner. This could be anywhere from $200 to $2,500. It will be down to the owner, the age of the dog and the pedigree, as well as other factors. Take a look online and you can see if anyone is selling their canine.

Rescuing a Canine Corso

Another option is to visit your local animal shelter. Unfortunately, Cane Corso dogs can end up in shelters for a variety of reasons. Rescuing a pooch can be very rewarding and you can give a pup their forever home. Normally, you will find adult Cane Corsos but there may be some puppies too. Either way, this is an affordable option if you want this furry friend in your life.

The price will depend on the shelter. But you will only pay a fee that covers the maintenance of the canine when they were being cared for. For example, they may have been spayed or neutered. The price range can vary from around $250 to $500. Of course, this is a lot cheaper than purchasing from a breeder and you can do a good deed at the same time. Everybody wins.

A Cane Corso Protection Dog

We all know that the Cane Corso is a big and scary-looking dog. Indeed, they are strong and powerful. This means that they make great watchdogs and bodyguards. If you want to protect your family and feel safe, you may consider buying a Cane Corso protection dog. There are centers that specially train this breed to protect you. Of course, this means that they are not always a pet. In addition, they can cost a lot of money, which can be up to $14,000.

Factors That Affect the Price

Therefore, where you get your Cane Corso from is going to make a big difference when it comes to price. But there are also some other factors that have to be taken into consideration. These are going to drive the price up or down. So, let’s take a look at some factors.


The age of your Cane Corso is going to make a difference to the price. For example, you will find that puppies will have the higher price tag. In particular, this is true if they are between eight and 12 weeks old. This is when most families choose to get a puppy and breeders will ensure the price is more during this age. Of course, as the Cane Corso gets older, the price will lower. In particular, a senior Cane Corso is going to cost less than a puppy.


Gender is another factor that can change the price of a Cane Corso. But this will depend on the breeder. For example, if you are looking for a calmer and more affection canine, the breeder may recommend a female. Alternatively, a male Cane Corso might cost you more when you adopt them since they tend to consume more food and grow larger.


There are some colors of Cane Corso that are more popular than others. In addition, colors like black, brindle and grey are standard for the breed, being more acceptable when it comes to shows. Therefore, you can expect these colors to be on the higher price range spectrum. However, some puppies that are blue and do not possess these traditional colors might be cheaper.


Sometimes, the parents of your Cane Corso puppy will affect the price. For example, if the pooch is from parents that entered shows and won competitions, they are going to have a strong bloodline. In other words, your Cane Corso pup is going to cost you more than a dog that has ordinary parents. If you want to show your pup, this might mean that you are happy to pay more. But if you are adding a furry friend to your family, this is something that you can avoid to keep your costs down.

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