50 Best Black Dog Names

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Have you just become the pet parent of a black dog or puppy? Then first, we’d like to offer you both major congratulations! Becoming a pet parent is a wonderful thing! And we’re sure your canine companion has also found a wonderful fur-ever home, where they will be cherished!

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If you’re looking for a name for your black dog, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of dog names that may be a great choice for your dog or puppy!

What to Consider When Choosing a Dog Name

It’s fun to choose a name for your new dog or puppy! And if you have a dog that’s dark or black, then choosing a name based on this characteristic can be cute and meaningful.

Your fur baby’s name doesn’t have to only be inspired by his color. You could choose a name based on y our favorite food, your heritage, favorite books you’ve enjoyed, movies, or even your dog’s breed.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’ll want to avoid names that sound like cues you’ll give your dog. For instance, avoid names that sound like:

Names that sound like a cue can confuse your dog. He may not understand if you’re calling his name or giving him a cue to do something.

Lastly, be sure to choose a name that has happy connotations for you. The reason is because dogs are sensitive beings and will sense the negative feelings when you call a name that has some kind of negative tie. So, choose a positive, happy and upbeat name for your dog. You’ll both be happier for it!

Black Dog Name Boy

Here are some names that could be a good fit for boy dogs:

1). Ace: this is a Latin name that means “one or expert.” We know one thing, your fur baby is an expert at giving doggie kisses!

2). Adrian: this is an Italian name that means “Person from Hadria.”

3). Angus: this is a type of cow called “Black Angus” in Scotland and is also the Irish & Scottish name for the Celtic god of Love, Beauty and Dreams.

4). Ash: when you think of ash, you may think of the black ash left after burning wood or coal. Ash can also be a name that’s derived from the ash tree.

5). Bandit: this is a name that could fit a black male dog, especially if he has a black mask around his eyes, like a bandit!

6). Bear: some bears are black, and rather large. If you have a dog from a large breed who is black, this could be a great name for him!

7). Beck: we’re not sure of the significance of this name for a black dog but do think it’s a cute name!

8). Blackberry: if you love the berry of this same name, this would be a cute name for your fur baby! On the other hand, if you love the phone of this same name, we think it would also be a cute name for your dog!

9). Black Jack: do you like to play this famous card game? This was also the nickname of the famous US general John Joseph Pershing (1860-1948).

10). Blackout: can mean a loss of memory or refer to a type of curtains that work to block out the sun. We just think this is a cute dog name!

11). Dusky: referring to that time of the day that’s called dusk, this could be a great name for your dog!

12). Zorro: the famous fictional character created by the author Johnston McCulley. Zorro was known for dressing in all black—from his hat to his boots, and also his mask.

13). Graphite: is a type of crystalline element of carbon, which has its atoms arranged in a hexagonal structure. That’s really interesting, but we just thought it was a cute name!

14). Liquorice: do you enjoy eating black liquorice? Then this could be a unique name for your dog!

15). Jet: the term “jet black” refers to a type of rock called jet, which is extremely dark. It’s a form of the color black that is especially deep and rich.

Black Dog Name Unique

Here are some black dog names that are a different but would be extremely unique!

16). Pitchy: this name comes from the material called “pitch,” which is derived from distilling coal tar, wood tar, fats, fatty acids or fatty oils.

17). Limo: comes from the type of car called a limousine, which is a very long, car that is sometimes black. If your dog is very tall or long, and elegant, you might choose this name for him!

18). Eclipse: this is the term for when a body in space passes between another body. You’ve heard of lunar and solar eclipses? Remember how dark it can become during an eclipse? If you enjoy astronomy, this could be the perfect name for your dog!

19). Midnight: this is a reference to the deep part of the night when it’s very dark, especially when the moon isn’t present. If your fur baby has a somewhat mysterious personality, then this could be a fitting name for him!

20). Onyx: refers is a type of very black rock, which is extremely beautiful.

21). Slate: this is another type of very dark rock, which may have a lighter appearance than onyx.

22). Smokey: this is name would be a pretty name for a dog with smokey, black fur!

23). Jaguar: this is the name of a large wild cat that is completely black. If your dog has characteristics that resemble a cat, or perhaps he enjoys hunting with you, then this could be a great name for them!

24). Raven: this is the name of the large black birds found at the Tower of London. This could be a pretty name for a boy or a girl dog. Ravens have beautiful black feathers that sometimes have a hint of blue in them.

25). Sharpie: like the name of the marker most of us use! Hopefully your canine companion doesn’t have the strong smell of one of these pens!

Black Dog Name Girl

Here are some great names that could fit a girl dog who has black fur!

26). Cocoa: if you love chocolate, this would be a perfect name for your lady dog!

27). Cola: comes from the name of the famous dark drink called Coke (or Pepsi)! This could be a cute name for your fur baby!

28). Ebony: this is a pretty name that is of English origin and means “dark black wooded tree.” What a poetic name for a lady dog!

29). Elvira: this is name of a character who was called Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. She was a horror host character who introduced horror movies. We don’t like the “horror” part of this name, but Elvira is a pretty name! In fact, this is a Spanish name that means “foreign and true,” which could mean this would be a great name for a lady dog who loves nothing more than to stay by your side.

30). Espresso: who doesn’t just love this type of fabulous coffee? Plus, it would make a very unique name for your canine companion!

Black Dog Name Funny

Now, here we have some names that can be cute and funny for your fur baby with dark fur!

31). Eve: this is a reference to the time of day we call the evening. This is when it can become quite dark outside.

32). Spy: everyone believe spies like to hide in the dark, so why not choose this cute name for your dog?

33). Flint: is a type of dark stone, but what a cute name this would be for a boy dog!

34). Guinness: is the name of a type of dark Irish stout that came from the brewery of a man named Arthur Guinness at St. James’s Gate, Dublin, Ireland. If you love this kind of beer, this could be a cute name for your fur baby.

35). Hershey: do you enjoy Hershey dark chocolate? What better name could you pick for your fur baby?

36). Leila: is a name that means “night,” plus it’s a pretty name that could be very fitting for a lady dog.

37). Nisha: means “night” in Sanskrit. This would be a beautiful name for a boy or girl dog with black fur.

38). Pearl: you’ve heard of black pearls? If your dog is the pearl of your heart, then this would be a fitting name for a girl dog!

39). Sable: this is the name of a species of marten, which is a small mammal that lives in Russia, the Ural Mountains and parts of Mongolia. They are often prized for their dark fur.

40). Selkie: in Gaelic legends, you hear of seal-women who came from the sea. When they shed their skin, they could become human. We also like the sound of this name and think it would be pretty for a lady dog.

Black Dog Name Ideas

If you still haven’t found the right name for your dog, then here are a few more ideas that may work!

41). Starling

42). Velvet

43). Poppy

44). Maverick

45). Kylo

46). Luna

47). Kodiak

48). Keira

49). Kuro (means “black” in Japanese)

50). Cosmos

We hope you’ve had fun reading through our names for dogs that are black. Most of all, we hope you’ve found the perfect name for your wonderful canine companion!

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