50 Loud Dog Names

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Have you adopted a dog that has a loud bark or likes to talk loudly? Are you looking for a great name for your fur baby? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

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It’s amazing how some dogs can be very quiet, they only bark once in a great while. But then there are other dogs who seem to love hearing their own voice! And they like to share with everyone! Then there are dogs who also like to participate in the neighborhood barking hour, no matter what time of day that may be!

So, if you happen to have a loud, noisy dog who talks a lot, and you need a name for your dog, we’re here to help. We’ve done the research and come up with a list of names that might be a good fit for these dogs!

OK—now let’s get started on that list of dog names!

Energetic Dog Names

Here are some great names for those dogs who have a ton of energy!

1). Boost: when a rocket takes off, there’s usually a booster rocket to give more speed and umph to the main rocket. If your dog’s full of energy, then this might be a great name for him!

2). Burn: this is a term used to describe the combustion in rocket engines! If you’re into space exploration or sci-fi, then this name could be another fitting name for your dog.

3). Hoopla: this word can mean something that causes a lot of excitement or an attempt to gain attention with activity that really has no use. When your dog has the zoomies, this might be how you feel—as if there’s a lot of hoopla going on!

4). Hopper: this might be a fitting name for a dog who loves to jump!

5). Sparkle: this is a name that can mean lively, brilliant, vivacious or effervescent. Does your fur baby have that certain sparkle?

6). Stoked: this is surfer slang, which means someone is euphoric, excited, enthusiastic, exhilarated.

7). Tesla: is the surname of the inventor of our alternating current—Nikola Tesla. It’s also the name of the company started by Elon Musk. His company is famous for many things including electric cars.

8). Diesel: is a type of fossil fuel used vehicles. This would be a cute name for a small dog who has tons of energy!

9). Bustle: this is a term that means a type of frenzied activity and excitement. Here, think of an activity such as Christmas shopping at those huge Black Friday sales! You see a lot of bustle at those stores!

10). Amp: is a type of electrical voltage called an “ampere,” which is a unit of electrical current. The amp provides constant current. If your dog has constant energy, then this would be a great name for them!

Loud Male Dog Names

Here you’ll find male loud dog names!

11). Clywd: is a Welsh name, which means loud voiced. Does your fur baby have a loud voice?

12). Cricket: is the name of a loud insect that chirps through the night.

13). Mahaswar: is a Hindi name, which means “loud sounding, great sounding.” If you love the dulcet tones of your dog’s loud bark, maybe this would be the best name for him!

14). Nadanu: is a Sanskrit name that means “lion, noise.” Does your dog’s bark remind you of a lion’s roar? Or does your canine companion resemble a lion?

15). Rannen: is a Hebrew name that means “singing my joy out loud.” If your fur baby has been rescued from a shelter, then maybe he’s just singing out his joy!

16). Tarnad: is an Indian name, which means “loud or shrill sound.” This might be a cute name for a small dog that has a very shrill bark.

17). Vihal: is an Indian name, which means “laugh out loud.”

18). Liddell: is an English name that means “from the loud valley.”

19). Lothar: is a German name, which means “fame, loud.” This might be a great name for a German Shepherd or a dog from another German dog breed.

20). Nashashuk: is a Native American name that means “loud as thunder.” If you have a large dog, this might be a great name for him!

21). Phineas: is a Hebrew name that means “loudmouth.”

22). Trym: is an Old Norse name that means “loud noise.”

23). Abhra: is a Sanskrit name that means “cloud, bearing water, clouds, sky,” which could pertain to thundery weather.

24). Chlotharius: is a Latin name that means “loud warrior.” This might be the perfect name for a dog that’s very protective of his home and family.

25). Elvis: is the name of the King of Rock & Roll—Elvis Presley! He was a loud singer and his name may be fitting for a Basset hound, which has a loud voice!

Loud Female Dog Names

Here are some great names for loud girl dogs!

26). Simona: is a Hebrew name that means “loud.”

27). Taima: is a Native American name, which means “loud thunder.”

28). Urusvana: is a Sanskrit name that means “of loud voice, stentorian.”

29). Fojan: is a Persian name, which means “a loud voice or sound.”

30). Halulu: is a Hawaiian name that means “to roar, thunder, loud noise, racket.”

31). Fozhan: is a Persian name that means “a loud voice or sound.”

32). Kaihalulu: is a Hawaiian name that means “roaring sea, loud sea.”

33). Madamba: is a Tagalog name that means “one who is loud.”

34). Clotilde: is a German name, which means “fame, loud.”

35). Germaine: is a Celtic name that means “loud of voice.”

36). Liriene: is a French name that means “read aloud.”

37). Louise: is a German name that means “fame, loud.”

38). Siren: sirens are extremely loud. This would be a great name for a girl dog who is loud!

39). Stormy: this is a name that refers to stormy weather, which usually includes loud wind, rain, hail and thunder.

40). Vali: is an Estonian name, which means “loud.” This would be a really cute name for a small, loud dog!

Noisy Dog Names

Here are some dog names that mean noisy!

41). Tunet: is a Romanian name that means “thunder.” This might be a great name for a large dog who has a thunderous bark!

42). Gala: is a type of loud celebration or party. Does your girl like to party hearty?

43). Jet: this is a name that refers to jet airplanes, which are both loud and extremely fast. This would be a cute name for a small dog who is loud and likes to run!

44). Rowdy: means noisy and disorderly.

45). Forte: is a Latin word that means “strong, loud.” This is a term used by music when musicians or singers need to sing with a loud, strong voice.

46). Deloise: is a Greek name that means “loud, fame, fighter.”

47). Zephyr: is a strong wind that sweeps away everything in its path.

48). Sassy: does your dog talk back to you? Then maybe she’s on the sassy side!

49). Blaze: is a word that means “hyper.”

50). Turbulento: is a word from the Portuguese language that means “rowdy.”

Why Do Dogs Bark?

Barking is the way dogs can vocalize to communicate with one another and with us. Barking, growling, howling, and whining are also ways dogs use to express themselves. They also bark to warn of danger. But there are other times that dogs just seem to bark for no reason. However, there’s always a reason for a dog barking.

Warning/alert: a dog may be warning his family strangers or other animals are near the house. These strangers/animals may pose a threat to the family. You’ll know this type of bark when you hear it. It’s very strong and confident in order to let the stranger or animals know the dog is there protecting his home and family. This type of bark is usually loud and sharp.

Trying to get attention: some dogs bark in order to get attention. They may need/want more food or water, they may want a snack or treat. This may seem cute; however, some dogs go overboard with trying to seek attention and will bark compulsively.

“Talking” with other dogs: you’ve probably noticing this happening in your neighborhood. One dog begins to bark somewhere near your home, and then other dogs join in. These are dogs communicating with one another!

Anxiety: this type of barking is usually high-pitched and may be accompanied with whining. Dogs who do this may be afraid, have separation anxiety, or even doggie dementia.

They’re bored: some dogs are bored and just want to do something—anything—to relieve their boredom. So, they may choose to bark to hear their own voice, or even see if they can get some other dogs talking in the neighborhood. This type of barking releases pent-up energy and helps relieve the dog’s loneliness.

Hearing loss: older dogs sometimes bark a lot and very loudly when they experience hearing loss. The dog can’t really hear himself bark, so he barks louder to compensate. He may also bark more often.

Playing: dogs love to bark when they’re playing, too. These are happy barks that come with tail wags. Your dog may even get the zoomies if he becomes very excited!

Greeting: your fur baby may greet you with welcome barks, too. These are also happy, excited barks accompanied with tail wags, and s-shaped body, and even jumping! It’s always a wonderful experience to be welcomed back by your canine companion!

If your canine companion seems to have a barking problem, then it might be a good idea to take them to the vet for a checkup. That way you can rule out any health issues that may be causing the problem. And the vet may have some suggestions on how to curb problem barking.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article, and that you’ve found the perfect name for your canine companion!

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