50 Police Dog Names

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Are you searching for an honorable, strong name for your dog? Do you have a dog from a breed that’s used as police dogs? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

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Police dogs serve alongside their police handlers in so many ways! We’re going to take a look at some interesting facts about police dogs, and then you’ll be able to go through our list of police dogs names! Let’s get started!

What are Police Dogs?

Police dogs are dogs that have been trained specifically trained to help police and other areas of law enforcement. These heroic dogs do a wide variety of work, which can include searching for drugs, explosives, locating missing people, and so much more.

And not all police dogs are also used for protection. Some dogs have a dual purpose, while others may have a single purpose.

Boy Police Dog Names

Here are some great names for boy police dogs!

1). Ace: this is a Latin name that means “one or expert.” When a dog knows his stuff (is intelligent and self-confident), then this is a great name for him!

2). Alex: this name is based on one of the greatest leaders of all times, Alexander the Great.

3). Axel: is a Scandinavian name that means “my Father is peace.” This might seem a little strange, considering this is the name of a police dog. But this is a name that’s commonly used all over Europe, including in Belgium and Germany, where many police dogs are raised.

4). Columbo: this was the name of the main character in the detective drama series “Columbo,” who was played by Peter Falk.

5). Murtaugh: is the name of Martin Riggs, played by Mel Gibson, in the Lethal Weapon movies.

6). Lennie: is the name in a fictional character played in the police series Law & Order, which is a legal drama.

7). Joe: is the name of the lead character from the police TV series Dragnet.

8). Callahan: is the name of the main character, Harry Callahan, which comes from the Dirty Harry movies.

9). Mackey: is the name of the main character, Vic Mackey, from the Shield.

10). Rockford: comes form the detective series the Rockford files. The main character’s name is Jim Rockford, who was played by James Garner.

11). Starsky: was the name of one of the main police characters in the TV series Starsky and Hutch, who was played by Paul Michael Glaser.

12). Hutch: we couldn’t move forward without including the name of Starsky’s partner, Hutch, who was played by David Soul.

13). Ranger: this name is inspired by the TV series Texas Ranger, with the main character played by Chuck Norris.

14). Cop: perfect one syllable!

15). Hover: this name comes from the famous FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover.

16). Seagal: is inspired by the actor Steven Seagal, who has played law enforcement characters in many of his movies.

17).  Ajax: was a Greek hero in mythology, who helped to fend off the Trojan army.

18). Ares: is the Greek god of War.

19).  Ben: is the name of a supervillain in Batman.

20). Blitz: this is a great name for a dog who is strong, fast, and alert.

21). Bolt: here’s another strong dog name that can refer to a dog who acts fast.

22). Bruiser: what comes to mind when you hear this name? We thought so! It’s a name that’ strong and works great for a large dog.

23). Bullet: police use both real and rubber bullets, plus this would be a great name for a dog who is fast.

24). Goliath: this is the name of the giant who was taken out by the shepherd David, who would later become King of Israel.

25). Hercules: this is the name of a divine hero found in Greek mythology.

Police Dog Names for Girls

Here are some great names for those female dogs who work with the police!

26). Amazon: this is the name of a legendary race of women warries who the ancients believed lived in Scythia (near the Black Sea).

27). Arya: while we don’t think your fur baby will be an assassin, this name is inspired by one of the main characters from the Game of Thrones series.

28). Cersei: this is a very tough female name that comes from the Game of Thrones. Cersei was the queen who rules the Seven Kingdoms after her husband and king, Robert Baratheon died.

29). Hera: this name comes from Greek mythology. She was a goddess who was known for being a bit on the mean side.

30). Cagney: the last name of the one of the main characters in the police drama Cagney & Lacey.

31). Lacey: the last name of the other main character from Cagney & Lacey. We couldn’t leave her out!

32). Lennie: this is the name of a character from the TV show Law and Order.

33). Minka: is a Polish name, which means “with a gilded helmet.”

34). Petra: is a name Greek name, which means “rock.”

35). Sabina: is a Latin name, which means “Sabine woman.” The Sabine women were attacked and abducted by men from Rome because there were not enough women in Rome for men to take as wives. The women from Sabine had to be very strong to survive this and then live with their new Roman husbands.

36). Sierra: is a Spanish name that means “mountain.”

37). Mystique: this name comes from the shape-shifting character in X-Men.

38). Queenie: this is sassy name, which also comes from the rank of a woman ruler. Throughout history, women rulers have had to be very strong and not back down.

39). Raven: is a name that can be used for girls or boys and means “blackbird.” This is a great name for dogs who are as black as ravens.

40). Sarah: this name is inspired by the name of the female lead from the Terminator movies.

41). Sheba: this name comes from the name of the legendary queen of Sheba.

42). Vixen: this is the term given to female foxes. It can also refer to a shrewish, ill-tempered woman. This is a strong name for a strong lady dog!

43). Xena: this is the name of the warrior princess, who was a very strong female protagonist in the TV series Xena: Warrior Princess.

44). Athena: was the Greek goddess of war.

45). Leia: is a pretty name, but it is inspired by the name of the powerful and courageous Princess Leia from Star Wars.

46). Bryna: is an Iris name, which means “strong one.”

47). Iphigenia: is a Greek name that means “born strong.”

48). Griselda: is a German name that means “Gray battle, strong woman.”

49). Gesine: is a German name, which means “strong spear.”

50). Arnia: is an American name that means “strong as an eagle.”

Requirements to Become a Police Dog

Police dogs must meet some specific requirements in order to be accepted into police service. Dogs must first off be highly intelligent. Second, they need to have a keen sense of small, and then they must also be willing to work. This is why the police are unable to except dogs that are shy or anxious. Dogs must also be socialized correctly and be obedient. This is because they often have to follow complex instructions from their handlers.

Where to Police Departments Get Their Dogs?

It depends. Some police departments may choose dogs that are donated; however, the best dogs are those that have been especially bred to perform police work. So, many dogs come from Europe, from breeders that ensure their dogs can meet police force requirements.

American dogs can also handle the job. But the dog breeders in Europe face higher breeding standards which are strictly governed by the EU (European Union). And dogs coming from Europe are also tested in advance, so the police in the US already are assured the dog possesses the qualities they require, and have been extensively trained in advance.

While European dogs specifically bred for helping the police are the best, these dogs are usually quite expensive. That only makes sense when you consider the breeding, then the training, and more. However, many police departments in the US are not able to afford these dogs due to the cost. Some police raise money to buy their K9s.

Are Police Dogs Trained to be Aggressive?

No, these dogs are not trained to be aggressive. Instead, they respond to attack commands and the body language of their partner. During training, the dogs are put through bite sleeve training, which does teach them to attack anyone who is threatening their partner/handler. The dog is trained to respond to commands that are given by the handler. However, if their partner shows signs of tension or fear, the dog will react to intimidate the threat (person, etc.).

In addition, the attack commands are given in German. This is done partly out of tradition but is mainly done to ensure the dog only responds to their partner’s order. In a chaotic situation where many people are speaking English, the dog will zero in on their partner’s commands spoken in German.

Most Common Dog Breeds Used as Police Dogs

You won’t be surprised to learn that German Shepherds are the most common dog breed used for police work. They are known to be intelligent and able to deal with the stress of intense situations.

Other breeds used in police may include:

Police dogs can be small, but they generally range between 80 to 100 lbs.

Interesting Facts about Police Dogs

While dogs have been used for thousands of years as guard and military dogs, they first became popular in police work in 1888. They were first used in England in the search for Jack the Ripper. Then in 1899, Belgium was the first country to start the K9 training process for dogs to be used for law enforcement.

Dogs usually begin training for their law enforcement duties when they’re between 12 and 15 months old. This is the time when they’re able to concentrate and focus on learning their job.

Another interesting fact, which is really surprising, is that not all dogs working with the police are spayed or neutered. Each police department makes this important decision.

As we were researching this article, another surprising fact is that some police dogs are fitted out with metal teeth! But the reason is not to make their bite more damaging. Instead, dogs are fitted with metal teeth in order to protect their teeth, which can be damaged in the line of duty.

Another interesting fact is that police dogs typically don’t receive compensation for their work. Instead, their upkeep (food and medical care) are paid for by the department. In some cases the dog’s partner may receive additional salary to cover small expenses. The good news is that some dogs do receive a pension when they retire.

One more nice fact is that many police dogs are able to go home with their partners at night!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that you’ve found a great police dog themed name for your dog!

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