5 Tips to Get Rid of Pet Hair

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Spring is the time of year many people choose to deep clean their homes. Nothing is better than throwing the windows open to refresh the air inside, to then enjoy the birds singing as you clean! Sounds a bit like a Disney movie, until you find pet hair everywhere.

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Whether you have one dog or two, and or a couple of cats, pet hair can become a huge problem in your home. It seems like not to matter how much you scrub, sweep, and vacuum, there’s still hair around.

If you find yourself in this predicament, you might consider decent vacuums for pets’ hair. We’ve put together five tips you can use to help get rid of pet hair!

1. Use Rubber Gloves to Clean Upholstered Furniture

Our pets tend to get on the couch when we’re not home (sneaky little guys!), or maybe they join you in watching movies on the weekends. Either way, you’ll end up with plenty of pet hair all over your furniture. This can include the couch, chairs, and more.

How can you get rid of the pet, when vacuuming didn’t work? Use rubber gloves! The same kind worn when doing the dishes.

Rubber gloves are slightly texturized and made from rubber or something similar. First, dampen the gloves with water, and then run then run them all over the furniture. The water is an essential element. Without the water, you’ll only create static friction between the gloves and the upholstery. The pet hair will just stay there. So, use water on the gloves to remove all the fur.

When you’re done, brush the gloves off and vacuum up the pet fur!

2. Choose Surfaces That are Hair Resistant

If you’re remodeling the house, then now’s the perfect time to get rid of surfaces that keep pet hair stuck everywhere. For instance, you can remove carpeting and put in wood floors instead. Swap out velvet furniture for sofas and chairs made of leather. You get the idea!

Not only are these surfaces make it easier to clean up pet fur. It’s also great if you or another family member have allergies to pets. Hard surfaces and leather furniture are much easier to keep clean. The cleaning process removes the pet hair, along with the proteins in the fur that causes the pet allergy.

Pet allergies can be very hard, especially when you love pets so much. Changing over to surfaces that are easy to clean means you may be able to live with your fur baby after all.

3. Use Pet Blankets to Cover Surfaces

Does your fur baby have a favorite spot they like to curl up and sleep? The usually spots are on the bed, the sofa, or a patch of sun on the carpet. You can keep these areas cleaner by covering them with a pet blanket.

When the blanket becomes dirty, just throw it in the washer! Keep in mind this method will not protect the floors or the furniture. But it will help to get stubborn pet hair areas clean and fresh.

While we’re on the topic of pet blankets, remember to wash your pet’s bedding regularly. This way you can cut down on smells, remove pet hair, and the allergens that go with them.

Here’s a pet blanket we found, which has some great ratings:

PETMAKER Waterproof Pet Blanket: this is a large blanket measure 50” x 60”. Not only is this a great pet blanket but it would be the perfect solution for those areas your pets lay the most often. This blanket is also waterproof, which can come in handy if you have an older pet with incontinence issues. The internal lining even provides protection against stains and damage. This is a reversible blanket with plush on one side, and fuzzy Sherpa on the other. Lay this in a sunny spot, and your pet will be the happiest around!

4. Use the Washing Machine

How’s that work to get rid of pet hair? Most pet bedding, rugs, blankets, throw pillows, and more are washable these days. Washing these items helps get rid of even more than pet hair. You’ll take care of germs and viruses, kill dust mites (which can cause severe allergic reactions in people & some pets), along with getting rid of dirt and debris.

Put the items into the washer, and then toss a half cup of white vinegar to the washing cycle. The vinegar works to soften and loosen pet hair during the wash cycle.

When the cycle’s finished, make sure to remove any pet hair that may be in the drum. Another tip is to take all the bedding, pillows, etc. outside and give them a good shake. This helps to remove any stubborn pet hair that may have survived the washing cycle.

We don’t recommend putting pet-hair-covered items into the dryer. The reason is that pet hair can clog up the dryer vent, which could lead to a fire. This just isn’t safe.

5. Use a Rubber Broom

Here’s a nifty idea! Using a rubber broom to get rid of pet hair! Have you ever tried cleaning up pet hair with a regular straw broom? The fur literally flies all over, which makes an even bigger mess. On the other hand, a rubber broom seems to attract the fur. Pet fur then clings to the rubber due to static friction.

The good news is that rubber brooms work on both carpeting and hard floors, such as tile. Here are a couple of rubber pet brooms that are sure to get rid of your pet hair problem!

The FuRemover Broom Pet Hair Removal Tool: this is a highly rated rubber broom that seems to work like magic on pet hair. It’s not called the FuRemover for nothing! This tool works on carpets, rugs, tile, windows, and more. It’s made of 100% natural rubber, which makes pet hair cling easily. This “cling” factor is the key. The broom also comes with a built-in squeegee edge, which means it easy to clean showers, windshields, windows, and more. It also helps clean up spills, even those out on the deck or patio. It also has a telescopic handle to reach into corners, and it’s easy to clean. Just wash out the pet fur with hot, soapy water. That’s it! Then allow the broom to air dry before putting it away.

Yocada Rubber Broom Pet Hair Fur Removal Broom: here’s another rubber broom that’s highly rated for getting rid of pet hair! This tool includes a broom and a built-in squeegee for use on spills, window cleaning, and more. It works on all types of surfaces including hardwood, concrete, carpets, and more. The rubber pet broom also includes a telescopic handle, making it easier to reach those difficult areas where pet hair tends to gather.

There you have it! We hope these tips will help you get rid of pet hair more easily from now on!

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