Can You Cut Dog Hair with Human Clippers?

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Do you have a dog that needs to be clipped and trimmed on a regular basis? Many people have wondered if human hair clippers were safe to use on their dogs or not. It can be tempting to use your hair clippers if your fur baby needs a haircut! However, there are some things you need to know before you use human hair clippers on your dog.

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Can You Use Human Hair Clippers on Your Dog?

The answer is that while the clippers made for human hair will work, there are some dangers in using them on your dog. For one thing, human hair clippers are not made with the same safety features included on dog clippers.

However, human hair clippers can be used if you’re not going near your dog’s skin. If there are certain areas on your dog that need a trim, such as on their tail, then it’s OK to use the clippers. But not to cut their hair down to the skin.

Human hair clippers can damage a dog’s skin. So, only use the human clippers to trim outer hair—nothing near the skin.

What Other Differences are there Between Human and Dog Clippers?

If you look at human clippers set right beside dog clippers, the differences are not at all apparent at first. They really look very similar. However, they are very different clippers.

Dog clippers are made to ensure your dog’s safety and comfort. First, their sound is less harsh and hurtful to a dog’s ears. Remember that dogs have very sensitive hearing compared to ours. Human clippers are much louder and could hurt your dog’s ears. Plus, the louder sound could scare the dog.

Pet clippers also have different blades than human clippers and often come with a set of blades for different types of trimming and clipping. Human hair clippers, on the other hand, are made for our thinner hair. They’re also made with the teeth of the blades closer together. If you tried to use this type of clipper on your dog, the clippers would pull his hair and could even cut or damage his skin. Plus, the blades would become filled with hair and stopped working.

The blades on pet clippers are much sharper and better able to deal with the dog’s thicker hair. The blades will cut the hair without pulling or damaging the dog’s skin. The shaper blades also make the clipping and trimming processes much easier than using human clippers on the dog.

What are the Risks of Using Human Clippers?

There are several risks to using human clippers on a dog, including:

Human clippers can be very dangerous. This is why you should never use them for any major hair clipping on your dog. They should never be used near his skin, even to trim his hair.

What are the Differences between Human and Dog Hair?

Human and dog hair are quite different from one another. For one thing, a dog’s fur is meant to keep him warm and help him stay dry when it’s wet outside. Dog fur also tends to be thicker than human hair in many dog breeds.

What’s more, dogs also have different textures to their fur. They may have a double coat, for instance, which means the outer coat is usually protective and stiff, while the undercoat is soft and fluffy.

Human hair, on the other hand, is usually one texture all over our heads. And our hair tends to be thinner than a dog’s.

Overall, a dog’s hair is made to be protective and help regulate his body temperature. Human hair is really not meant to be protective in the same way as a dog’s, either.

How to Choose Dog Clippers

So, what do you look for in a pair of dog clippers? We’ll go through some of the things to look for to make sure you buy the best dog clippers for your fur baby!

1). Keep in mind that cheap clippers are just that—cheap. They’re often not very good quality and will not last very long. So, it’s best to look for the best pair of dog clippers you can afford.

2). Be sure to buy dog clippers that are right for the type of hair cutting and trimming your dog needs. There are differences to be aware of.

3). Does your dog require in-depth grooming? Then it’s a good idea to look for dog clippers that have various speeds and clipper blades. That way, you’ll be able to tackle different areas of your dog without causing him discomfort.

4). Also, look for clippers that are meant for the type of hair your dog has. You’ll see that clippers are made for long hair, thick hair, just for trimming, and more. So, look for the type of clippers that are the best for your dog’s hair.

5). Do you need to use the clippers where there aren’t electrical sockets? Then you may want to consider buying dog clippers that are run by battery power. There are some dog clippers that allow both options—to be plugged in or to run on batteries.

6). It’s always a good idea to read the reviews before buying any dog clippers. Don’t read only the positive ratings but also read the negative ratings. This is a great way to see what problems other people have had with the clippers. This information can help you avoid buying the wrong clippers for your dog.

So, there you have it! We’ve discussed the differences between human and dog clippers. And we’ve taken a look at why it’s not a good idea to use human clippers on your dog. Now you’re ready to buy the right clippers for your canine companion. Just follow the tips we shared here, and you’ll have the right clippers for your dog’s next haircut!

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