Neakasa P1 Pro Pet Hair Vacuum Review

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Neakasa P1 Pro Pet Hair Vacuum Review

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Have you ever heard of the P1 Pro? If you own pets at home, you might need to know this before you own this product. It’s a kit with a vacuum function that is specifically designed by Neakasa to tackle pet hair and other stubborn dirt.

As technology advances, people are introduced to a new invention every day. However, it’s not every day that we come across a pet hair vacuum.

Neakasa P1 Pro Pet Hair Vacuum is designed to make life easier for pet owners. It’s no secret that pet hair can be a pain to clean up. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also be very difficult to remove.

Then what features from this product make it different from other pet hair removal vacuums? You can see the product details below.

Neakasa P1 Pro Pet Hair Vacuum Specifications

Let’s get into the product description.

First thing to know is about power. The power needed for this product to work is 300W. Meanwhile, the suction power that Neakasa P1 Pro can give is up to 95W.

Next is the sizes. The product itself is sized 290x132x210 mm or 11.4×5.2×8.3 inch. While the hose is 1.3 m long or 51.2 inch long. And the wire of this product is 2.5 m long or 98.4 inch long.

This vacuum’s dust cup can collect up to 1L or 33.8 oz of hair, dusts, etcetera. With all of those tools and attachments, this product only weighs 2 kg or 4.4 lbs.

The maximum noise of this pet grooming vacuum is 75 dB, so don’t worry that your vacuum cleaner will make too much noise and disturb your daily activities.

Where to Buy and How Much Is It?

Official website:
(10% code “ourfitpets”)

Amazon USA:
(10% code “ourfitpets”)

Pros and Cons of Neakasa P1 Pro Pet Hair Vacuum

Before you decide to buy the product, maybe you would like to check the pros and cons first to know whether it is a product you are looking for or not.


First, let’s take a look at the pros of Neakasa P1 Pro Pet Hair Vacuum.

1.    Well-Designed

First, let’s talk about the design. With up to 9000pa of suction power, this vacuum suction can easily capture loose hair from your pet directly into the vacuum. Therefore, the strong suction can lift even the heaviest pet hair.

Not only that, it is also able to deliver the lowest vacuuming noise at 52dB in eco mode, which will let your pets feel relaxed and comfortable. If your pets feel relaxed and comfortable, your furry friend will get a nice grooming experience!

Dust, mites, loose hair and allergens from your pet can be sucked up directly into the vacuum container. This would easily stop them from spreading around the home and also keep your pet more healthy.

2.    Multi-Functional Tools

P1 Pro gives a lot of multi-functional tools that you can use as pet owners. The hose is very flexible, so you can use it to reach around furniture and other obstacles. So, don’t worry if you are wishing to use it for hard-to-reach areas.

This pet grooming tool comes with some attachments, such as game-changer release button, grooming brush, de-shade brush, hair shredder, electric clipper, cleaning brush, clipping comb in various sizes, and also a nozzle head.

Just with a simple game-changer release button, you can adjust the bristle length with no effort. You also can switch the modes between the groom and self-store modes.

The grooming brush that comes with the vacuum can also be used to help remove pet hair from furniture and upholstery. Meanwhile, the de-shade brush helps you to clean pet hair from curtains and blinds.

Neakasa’s hair shredder is also effective in reducing the shredding. It is an ideal tool for grooming and it is also great to draw out natural oils produced by dogs’ skin and fur. This would prevent painful mattings and hot spots.

The electrical clipper uses a superior stainless steel blade and also ceramic moving blade. This clipper attachment is perfect for thick dog coats and provides consistent trimming for dogs with thick fur.

Neakasa cleaning brush and nozzle head will make it easier to collect the dirt and hair. With that, you can enjoy the effortless cleaning of clothes, carpet, sofa, keyboard, or even on pet feet.

You will also get clipping comb attachments, which are available in various sizes. They are available in 3mm, 6mm, 12mm, 18mm, and 24mm. You can choose the most suitable size according to your needs.

3.    Easy to Clean Up

Have you got tired of cleaning up the piles of fur spreading? Well, with this pet grooming vacuum, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of dealing with pet hair, as the dustbin is easy to empty with just the push of a button.

When you want to empty the vacuum, you just need to hold it above the rubbish bin and press the quick-release button. Only with that simple press, the vacuum will get emptied and your hands stay clean!


Now, let’s talk about the cons of Neakasa P1 Pro Pet Hair Vacuum.

1.    Could Use A Bigger Dust Cup For Pros

If you have several furry pets at home, maybe you will need to empty the dust cup a few times after grooming. The dust cup might not be big enough for you, as it gets full quickly.

2.    Noise Design

Even though the noise could reach 52dB at the lowest when you use the eco mode, it still can be pretty noisy. If you choose to use the highest level mode, it tends to get loud and it’s better to be used for furniture, not for pets.

These Cons and more are addressed in the upgrade version: Neakasa P2 Pro:

1. Enhanced the suction power at eco mode.
2. Reduced the noise at boost mode.
3. The capacity of the dust box was doubled to 2L.
4. Replace the head of the tools by push-button rather than by laborious pull-out.
5. Designed with a special holder to neatly store the tools on the base.
6. The extension hose now is removable, and can be operated with one hand.
7. Adjust the suction force by rotating the knob, more clear and convenient.
8. The power cord now has become pluggable.

Where to Buy and How Much Is It?

If you are interested in this P1 Pro Pet Hair Vacuum, you can easily find this grooming kit and purchase it on the official website of Neakasa. You can get this product at a price of $143.99 with a 10% code “ourfitpets”.

Neakasa also provides free worldwide shipping on all orders and hassle-free returns, 30-day postage paid returns.

You can also find other products of Neasaka in there, plus the sales and discounts which they provided. So, don’t forget to check the website to get the best deals in Neakasa.

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