Best Fish Names: 100+ Funny, Puns, Cute, Cool!

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Have you recently got fish that you want to show off in your home? With so many cool and brightly colored fish available for pet stores now, it can be exciting when you have a new member of the household.

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After you have bought the big tank and all of the accessories, it will be time to bring your fish home. Of course, the next step is going to be naming your new pets! This is sometimes the most difficult part. The good news is, we have spent some time thinking about the best fish names you can choose from. From funny names to cute ones, we have them all. So, let’s check them out!

Funny Fish Names

We think that naming fish should be a fun exercise. After all, they are often a talking point when you have guests over to your house.

They are your new pet and they have a personality of their own. Therefore, we have come up with some fantastic names that you can have a laugh about with your friends. They are all funny and will make you smile.

You can easily name your fish after your favorite celebrities. You can even make this like it is a pun for some fun. Some of our favorites include Finnie Mouse if you are a fan of Disney. You can also use The Fin Man for The Tin Man from Wizard of Oz. Then we have some funny celebrity names, such as:

Tank Sinatra for Frank Sinatra
Dakota Finning for Dakota Fanning
Oprah Finfrey for Oprah Winfrey
Elfish Presley for Elvis Presley
Fingelina Jolie for Angelina Jolie
Norman Baits for Norman Bates

Of course, you can come up with your own too. Think about a celebrity that you like and try to make it funny, whether this is through a pun or a joke.

If you have a group of fish, do not miss out on the opportunity to name all of your pets the Fintastic Four! There are plenty of groups out there that you can name your fish after. Take time to think about some that mean something to you. Some other examples of funny group names include:

The Kardashifins for the Kardashians
The Seasleys for the Weasleys from Happy Potter
The Swimpsons for the Simpsons
The Briney Bunch for the Brady Bunch
The Sea Gees for the Bee Gees
The Beach Buoys for the Beach Booys
Kings of Leocean for the Kings of Leon
The Jacsun Dive for The Jackson Five

If you have a couple of fish, you can also use these names for famous couples:

Starlord and Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy
Harry and Megan, former British royal couple
Barack and Michelle, former president and first lady
Beyoncé and Jay-Z, famous music couple
Will and Jada, the Smiths
David and Victoria, the Beckhams
Kanye and Kim, West and Kardashian
William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Ellen and Portia, DeGeneres and de Rossi
Justin and Hailey, the Biebers

Of course, there are also some funny names that do not have to be celebrities or people that you know. For couples of fish, consider these words that go together perfectly:

Thing 1 and Thing 2
Big spoon and little spoon
Chips and dip
Macaroni and cheese
Taco and Tuesday
Bangers and Mash

Pun Fish Names

Everybody likes a pun and it is a great way to have a laugh with friends and family. When they come over to visit you can share your pun fish names and everybody can be impressed! We have some fantastic pun names to choose from. No matter what size or color your fish are, we think they will be great. Let’s take a look at some examples.

We love the name Lochy Star! This is a pun on lucky star, referring to a loch that means a lake in Scotland. Your fish can be a lochy star for you, whether that it because of the type of fish or its color.

If you like music, then you will love the name Symfiny. Indeed, this is a pun for symphony, especially for your scaly friend! You can have some fun with their name and even call your other fish music names too. Everybody will love this pun and think that it is clever. After all, fish have fins! Most importantly the musical names can mean something to you.

If you like cooking, we also have some fun pun names for your fish. This includes Fryday if you do enjoy having fish for dinner sometimes! Do not worry; we will not tell your new pet. Of course, it is a combination of Friday and fry for cooking fish. Then you can use Fishtachio for pistachio or Seannamon for cinnamon. Everybody is going to laugh at your names and think that they are great. They are definitely a lot more fun than generic names for fish and they can stand out from the crowd.

We have also thought of some pun names that you can enjoy if you have specific fish breeds. For example, if you a guppy fish, you can call Guppy dog instead of puppy dog. You can even call another one Hush Guppy instead of hush puppy! This is a great way for everybody to learn about what type of fish you have too.

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If you have a tetra fish, consider these names:

Scarlet O-Tetra instead of Scarlett O’Hara
Celine Neon instead of Celine Dion
Neonardo di Caprio for Leonardo di Caprio

If you have a molly fish, here are some funny pun names:

Molly Parton for Dolly Parton
Mohammad Molly for Mohammad Ali
Baby Moll for baby doll

If you have a platy fish, there are still some pun names you can consider:

Platy Holmes for Katie Holmes
Leading Platy for leading lady
Platy Cakes for baby cakes

For those that have a betta fish, here are some names you can think about:

Cleobetta for Cleopatra
Betta by Design for Better by Design
Betta Man for better man

We have not left those out that have a goldfish. Here are some names for you:

Charles the Gold for Charles the Bold
Gold King Kole for Old King Cole
Arngold Schwarzenegger for Arnold Schwarzenegger

Cute Fish Names

There are also plenty of cute fish names that you can choose for your new pets. Sometimes, you want everybody to smile and this is exactly what is going to happen with cute fish names. They are going to suit any color, size and type of fish that you have.

If you have a pair of fish that love each other, there are some cute best friend names that you can choose. This includes:

Moana and Maui from the Moana Disney movie
Dora and Boots from Dora the Explorer
Groot and Rocket from Marvel Universe
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy from SpongeBob SquarePants

In addition, some other cute names for two fish that are inseparable include:

• Butter and toast
• Shrimp and prawn
• Jelly and jam
• Peanut butter and jam
• Biscuit and cookie
• Peace and apricot
• Turtle and Tortoise
• Zig and Zag
• Mickey and Minnie
• Romeo and Juliet

Let’s not forget that there are cute fish names that you may recognize. For example, you can name your new fish:

• Nemo
• Oscar
• Flipper
• Dory
• Ariel
• Moby Dick
• Flounder
• Sheldon
• Neptune
• Mr Fish

Do you have a goldfish as part of your family? Perhaps you are serving for some cute names for your pet. We have a cute list with some adorable names that you have got to check out:

• Cheeto
• Ginger
• Amber
• Pumpkin
• Clementine
• Copper
• Goldie
• Ember
• Ace
• Nacho

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Cool Fish Names

You may be searching for a cool fish name that makes everybody go ‘wow, that’s so cool!’ Thankfully, there are lots of names that you can choose from. This includes famous duos, enemies and powerful names. Let’s take a look.

If you are searching for some cool names for your fish duo, we have thought of some famous enemies. This can include:

Davy Jones and Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean
Loki and Thor from Marvel Universe
Voldemort and Dumbledore from Harry Potter
Lanister and Stark from Game of Thrones
Hector and Achilles from Troy
Cady and Regina from Mean Girls
Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars
Harry and Draco from Harry Potter

We have also thought about some cool names that are perfect for different types of fish. Of course, some fish have their own personality because of their behaviors. For example, let’s take a look at the beta fish. This is the Siamese fighting fish and they can be bold and aggressive. This means that they need a suitable name so that they are cool and you can have some fun.

Here are some cool names if you have a Betta fish:

• Muhammad Ali
• Rocky
• Thor
• Ninja
• Mulan
• The Rock
• Achilles
• Zeus
• Hannibal
• Darth Vader
• The Joker
• Jafar
• Phantom

We have also come up with some creative fish names that you can use for your new pet. Everybody is sure to love them. This can include:

• Bait
• Jaws
• Barnacle
• Hawk
• Astro
• Barney
• Plato. Check out our list of Italian dog names for more inspiration!
• Shrimp
• Skipper
• Skip

Thinking About a Fish Name

Would you like to come up with your very own name for your fish? Indeed, this can make sure that it is unique and means something to you. We have some tips so that you can think about a name for your fish. Ever wondered how to keep your cat occupied? Buy him a fish! He will spent hours watching it.

Brainstorm about their Physical Appearance

First of all, a good starting point is to consider what your fish looks like. This physical appearance can easily dictate what type of name that they have. For example, this could be something to do with their size, color or demeanor. For example, say that your fish has a lot of colors in their fins. You could name them after something that it reminds you of. This could be a rainbow or Skittles. If your fish is big and round, you could call them Balloon or Elephant. You can be as creative as you like until you find a name that suits your fish.

Consider Their Personality

A lot of people think that they are just fish. But this is not true; they have personalities too! In fact, for such a small creative, they can have big personalities. This is a good way to think about a name for your fish. Observe them and their behaviors to see what kind of personality they have. For example, they may swim around fast and you can call them Zippy or Rocket. Perhaps they are feisty and you can call your fish a powerful name. If you have a new fish. it may take several days for you to discover what their personality is like. Take your time so that you can find a name that you love.

Think of Things You Like

Check out our list of best fish oil supplements for dogs when you get a chance! Ultimately, you can name your fish after anything that you like. A lot of the time, this can be after something that you love, whether this is a television character or your favorite movie. Sit down and write things onto a piece of paper that you like. This can be a good starting point and you can figure out the best name that is going to suit your fish. For example, you can think about your favorite movie. Then think about the characters or any traits about them. You can try to match them with your fish and the way that they look. You will know when you have found a name that you like for your new pet!

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