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Cats love to sleep. They have been known to sleep for up to 20 hours a day, and will usually sleep anywhere they can find. However, just as with any other pet, it can be good to get them somewhere specifically for them to sleep, and cat hammocks are a great choice.

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Hammocks are an ideal choice for cats because they’re raised off the ground and are a good simulation of the sleeping environments favored by wild cats. They provide them with an extra sense of security and are a good place for your cat to watch what’s going on. Also, being elevated off the ground means they won’t be bothered by dogs or other animals.

There are so many different kinds of cat hammock on the market, but the main types are window hammocks, wall hammocks, or tree hammocks. A good cat hammock should be sturdy and durable because we all know cats can get a bit rough sometimes. You can also buy ones that are intended to be used outside, and these will often be made of waterproof materials. The market can be a bit overwhelming, and so here are the top cat hammocks available today.

1. Keedo Teepee Cat Hammock

Keedo have designed this hammock to be super portable and easy to set up. It can be suspended from almost anything via the metal ring on the top, meaning you could hang it from a door handle or railing inside, or from a tree outside. It’s ideal for taking away with you if you need somewhere for your cat to sleep, and its shape means it can be collapsed into almost no space at all.

The hammock is made from a lightweight and breathable canvas fabric, and so it should be able to put up with even the most playful cat. It’s also double-stitched, which adds to its durability. The metal ring is removable and the hammock is machine washable, and can then be air-dried. The hammock is 26.7” tall and 16” in diameter, and is suitable for cats up to 15lbs/7kgs.

2. Oster Sunny Window-Mounted Cat Bed

This cat hammock attaches to a window using suction cups, and will quickly become your cat’s favorite place to sleep. After all, cats love snoozing in the sunshine. Although you’d think the suction cups would make it quite flimsy, the hammock can hold up to 50lbs it weight, making it suitable for several cats to sleep on at once. It’s also incredibly easy to fit; you simply attach it to a windowpane.

The frame is made from durable plastic so you know it’ll last a long time, and the bed itself is made from polyester. It’s removable and machine washable, and there’s space to put a cushion inside the cover for even more comfort. The cover is specifically designed to withstand scratching, and so you won’t have to worry about your cat shredding it in seconds. The suction cups make it easy to install both inside and outside.

3. Vea Pets Luxury Cat Hammock

If you’re looking for an actual miniature hammock for your cat, then this is the one for you. It consists of an actual hammock suspended from a wooden frame, all of which can be assembled in seconds, and is possible to store away if necessary. The frame is designed to reduce the amount of swaying, making it quite safe for your cat to use. This anti-sway design is ideal for cats, as they might not enjoy constant swinging while sleeping.

The hammock is made from a durable and high-quality canvas, and the frame is made of wood. Not only is this cat hammock sturdy, it looks nice too. The hammock can hold cats of up to 30bs, and might even be big enough for more than one to squeeze on at a time. The hammock could be used outdoors in the summer, but make sure you bring it in before it rains.

4. CUSFULL Cat Hammock

The design of this hammock means it’s perfect for hanging inside a crate, or it can be suspended from a chair. It doesn’t come with its own frame but has four hanging straps, one on each corner. This makes it much more versatile than a window-mounted hammock, and means you can put it anywhere you want. The pack even includes extra straps so you can hang it closer to the floor if necessary.

The hammock is made from two different materials, and has a fleece side for cold weather and a waterproof polyester side for summer. This means you can use it all year round and still know your cat has somewhere warm to sleep when the weather gets colder. It would also be suitable for use outside. The hammock is machine washable, and the polyester side is wipe-clean too. The fact that it folds up so small also makes it ideal for taking on vacation, or for using when traveling.

5. Kitty Cot Original Cat Perch

This is another window-mounted design, and is ideal for putting a bed or blanket on. The actual platform itself is quite hard, and so your cat might appreciate a bit of extra padding. However, it’ll be nice and cool in the summer just as it is. The hammock attaches to the window using suction cups and steel suspension cords, meaning it can take quite a lot of weight.

While the fabric might be a bit tough on its own, it does mean that it’s incredibly durable. It’s also suitable for use outside, and can be left out in the rain. The hammock is wipe clean, and can be washed with soap and water if necessary. It comes in several different sizes, with the biggest being 25” x 14”, and suitable for holding up to 25lbs of weight. This means it should be fine for almost any cat, and there are smaller ones too.

6. Paws & Pals Cat Tree House

This one might not technically be a hammock, but it’s got a hammock sleeping compartment on the top. It’s also got scratching posts and a ball for your cat to play with, so they’ll be able to keep their claws sharp and have something to do. This is great because it still gives your cat somewhere off the ground to sleep, and means they’re less likely to get bored. If you’ve got a cat that stays indoors, this would be a good investment for them.

The entire frame is made from wood, and the bed is fleece lined. It’s designed to be durable because of the scratching post and ball, so you shouldn’t have any worries about it breaking. The tree is incredibly easy to set up, and can be built in just a few minutes. The bed isn’t machine washable, but it can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Alternatively, just put a blanket in the bed compartment, as this is easier to remove and wash.

7. Cat Crib Pet Hammock

Cat Crib has designed this hammock to specifically hang under a chair, meaning it doesn’t take up any needed room anywhere. The only downside to this is that it’s still quite close to the floor, but your cat might enjoy the feeling of security being in such a small space. In fact, it’s ideal for cats that like to hide away because they’re unlikely to be seen under a chair.

The hammock has four suspension straps that are easy to attach to almost any chair legs, and they have anti-slip padding on them too. The hammock itself is made from a durable nylon with a fleece lining, but it can help to throw another blanket in there for extra warmth. This hammock is ideal for those who don’t have much space because it hangs under a chair, and can be folded up into a really small size.

8. Catoneer Cat Hammock With Frame

This amazing cat hammock from Catoneer looks very similar to a real hammock, and will be the height of luxury for your cat. It consists of a wooden frame that simply slots together, meaning it’s easy to put up and take down, and a hammock that’s hung off the four corners. The frame is made from birch wood, and is not only very sturdy, but it looks nice too. It’s a great design because it becomes more sturdy once your cat lies down on it as their weight puts tension on the joints.

The hammock itself is made from a soft fabric and comes in an attractive design. The hammock has extra padding, although it could still benefit from another blanket or two, and is easy to fold away for storage. It’s also machine washable, and easiest to just air dry. The design and materials mean this hammock wouldn’t be suitable for outdoor use. It wouldn’t take very long for it to start looking weather worn.

9. K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Penthouse

Unlike the other window-mounted hammocks on this list, this one from K&H actually has a room for your cat to relax in. There’s a ledge on the outside so it’s still really easy for your cat to get in and out. This design would be ideal for slightly more anxious cats that like the feeling of security from being in the little room. The suction cups make it really easy for hanging off windows or glass doors, and the suspension cables are metal and so will last for a long time.

The room is made from a lightweight and durable canvas, and there are mesh windows in every side so your cat can still see out. The floor is covered in an incredibly soft fleece lining, meaning your cat will have somewhere super cozy to sleep. The sleeping surface measures 23” x 15”, and can hold weights of up to 60lbs. This means it would be suitable for several cats to use at the same time.

10. Zehui Oval Cat Hammock

This is another cat hammock that’s ideal for hanging under a chair or in a crate, and unlike others isn’t made from fabric. This means it’ll be much more resistant to scratching and chewing, and so will be suitable for kittens. It’s made from an EVA plastic that’s completely non-toxic and makes the hammock quite rigid. The plastic is coated in fabric to make it more comfortable, and means it’s easy to wipe clean.

The four adjustable suspension straps are made from a durable nylon, so there’s no danger of them fraying or falling down. It’s incredibly easy to install on most chairs or crates, and can be taken down in seconds. While it is lined with fabric, it’s recommended to put a blanket in for extra comfort and warmth. While the design is meant to save space, this hammock wouldn’t be a good choice if you want to store it when not in use. It can’t be folded down, and so if you need easy storage, choose a fabric hammock.

11. Petstages Cat Scratcher and Hammock

Petstages have come up with an ingenious design that combines a hammock with a scratching post. It features an X-shaped design that can be collapsed down for easy storage, and it’s made from very durable materials. It’s sturdy enough to provide your car with the right support, and because there’s no fabric it could also be used outside.

The hammock provides an ideal perch for your cat that’s just above ground level, and while it isn’t that high, it still provides some elevation. The scratching side also helps to keep their claws sharp, and gives your cat something to keep them amused. Although this hammock might not look as comfortable as others on this list, it’ll be popular with your cat. Plus you can always put an extra cushion on top. The design and materials also mean it can support much more weight than other designs, and so will be ideal if you have several cats.

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