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One of the best things about owning a cat is playing games with them. While they’re much more playful as kittens, most cats will always enjoy playing with something like a feather toy. It perfectly mimics their desired prey in the wild, and is one of the best ways to get their hunting instincts going.

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There’s realistically not much to look for in a feather toy. Considering they’re usually inexpensive, it’s probably not worth looking for one with loads of extra features. However, if you have the money to spend on pricey toys for your cat, then feel free. One of the most important things to look for however is quality materials. You have to expect the toy to take some damage, so you don’t want one that’ll break the first time you use it. To help you make a choice, here are some of the best feather toys currently available.

1. Teeyee 10 in 1 Cat Feather Toy

If you’re going to buy a feather toy, you might as well buy one that you’ll get your money’s worth from. This pack includes 10 different feather attachments for the wand, meaning you’ll have plenty of choice when playing with your cat. It inevitably won’t take your cat long to choose a favorite, and at least you’ll know that there are plenty of backups if it goes missing or gets damaged.

The pack also comes with two wands, both of which are retractable. This is not only great for storage, but gives you much more flexibility when it comes to play time. The advantage of having a second one is that you can play with two cats at once! And that you’ll of course have a spare if one gets damaged. All the materials and dyes are high quality and completely non-toxic, making them completely safe for your cat.

2. Pet Fit for Life Multi Feather Teaser Wand

While this wand might not be telescopic, it’s designed with your comfort in mind. It has an ergonomic soft foam handle, meaning you can play for hours without your hand getting tired. The wand itself is made from durable metal tubing, so should have little chance of breaking, and has a lobster clip at the end for easily attaching the toys. The wand is 33 inches long, which more than makes up for the fact that it isn’t telescopic.

The feather teasers in this pack are really nice colors and are a good shape for creating interest for your cat. The pack comes with two feather lures, meaning you’ve always got one spare if anything happens. All of the materials used are non-toxic and safe for your cat, which is always an advantage. This teaser is a great way to give your cat exercise, and the feather lures should keep them amused for hours.

3. Huidcom Feather Toy for Cats

Huidcom have covered all the bases with this pack, which comes with 11 different feather attachments. One of the best things about it is that there are a variety of styles, so it should always keep your cat amused. The attachments are randomly assorted, so there’s no guarantee what you’ll get, but there will always be plenty of choice. Each of the feather lures attaches easily onto the end of the wand using a small clip, so there’s little danger of your cat hurting themselves if they attack the wrong part.

This set comes with two wands, both of which are telescopic. They extend between 15 inches and 38 inches, giving you plenty of room to play. What’s more, the wands are very lightweight and flexible, which takes most of the hard work out of playing with your cat. They also have soft foam handles, meaning you can grip them for a long time without getting tired. The wands are very durable and can take quite a beating, even from the most aggressive cat.

4. Go Cat Da Bird Wand

What this feather toy lacks in accessories it makes up for in quality. While it only comes with one feather attachment, it’s made of realistic feathers that will definitely fire up your cat’s hunting instinct. The feather lure is a slightly different design from others on this list, but there’s no chance your cat won’t love it. You can also buy other attachments directly from the manufacturer if your cat gets bored of the feather lure.

The wand for this set is 36 inches long, but isn’t telescopic. While this isn’t really a problem when it comes to playing with your cat, it might make a difference when it comes to storage. That said, it’s probably not too difficult to store a cat toy. Also, this set comes with either a single or a double wand pack, so consider the latter if you want a backup.

5. Bingpet Feather Teaser for Cats

This set from Bingpet is a slightly different design than the others on this list because rather than a toy on a string, it’s simply on the end of a pole instead. This sort of design might be preferable for some cats, so consider it if your cat enjoys jumping. It consists of a feather toy on the end of a 26 inch pole, which is very flexible and durable. There should be little chance of your cat breaking it, even if it is very energetic.

The feather lure also has a bell fitted, which is meant to make it more appealing to your cat. However, avoid it if you know your cat doesn’t really like that noise. All of the materials used are safe and non-toxic, which is always helpful. The pack comes with three randomly assorted colors, but they’re all good choices. Overall this is great value considering you get three wands in a pack.

6. Pet Fit for Life Multi Feathers Teaser for Cats

Another one from Pet Fit for Life, this pack comes with 3 feather teasers and a soft worm-like teaser, giving your cat plenty of choice when it comes to play time. Each of the teasers is made from high quality, non-toxic materials, and are durable enough to withstand even the most energetic cat. Each of the teasers has a removable bell attached, which is particularly helpful if your cat doesn’t like the jingling noise. The teasers are incredibly easy to attach to the wand; all you need to do is fasten them with the clasp.

The wand itself is something of a unique design. It comes in two sections, so rather than being telescopic like some others on this list, it can easily be extended by fitting the two sections together. While this is a good feature, it’s let down by the fact that only one section has a foam grip on it. However, when it comes to playing with your cat, a comfy handgrip isn’t usually high on the list of priorities. The wand is made from fiberglass, and the string is woven from nylon, so there’s little chance of anything breaking during playtime.

7. PetFusion Interactive Cat Toy

If you’ve ever thought that playing with your cat involves quite a lot of work on your part, then you’re clearly not alone. PetFusion have designed a feather toy that does all the work for you, so you can simply sit back and enjoy the fun. The toy consists of a doughnut shaped box with 6 entry holes. The feather attachment is designed to randomly pop out of one of the holes, which will do a much better job of keeping your cat stimulated than a simple feather on a stick!

This toy is a great way of keeping your cat active, and the random element should keep them engaged much longer than a traditional feather toy. The unit has anti-slip feet and is very durable, and it’s really easy to replace the feathers when necessary. Considering this is much more technologically advanced than a traditional feather toy, there’s not even that much difference in price. This is a great idea for keeping your cat entertained, particularly if you’re out of the house quite a lot.

8. Bascolor Retractable Feather Teaser Wand for Cats

This is another set that’s great value for money because it comes with 10 different attachments! You get a random selection of feathers and worms, but all of them are made with high quality materials and will keep your cat amused for hours. Each attachment is fitted with a clasp, which not only holds them securely onto the string, but makes them really easy to remove too. All toys are made with non-toxic and safe materials.

The pack comes with two wands, both of which are retractable. They extend from a minimum length of 15 inches to a maximum of 40 inches! This makes them longer than the other wands on this list, which might make all the difference. They’re also very flexible, so it’s unlikely they’ll break during playtime. Each is fitted with durable nylon string, which is perfect for withstanding the force of an energetic kitty. This pack is a great choice because of the variety of toys included, and is great value for money.

9. Cataria Wooden Teaser Toy for Cats

While it might not be top of your priorities when choosing a cat toy, this one is made of wood, and so if nothing else is better for the environment. It also makes it a much safer option if your cat likes chewing, because it’ll be better for their teeth, and less likely to cause stomach issues. The wand is 11.8 inches long, and so this is shorter than others on the list, but it makes up for it with a long string.

The rope is made of hemp, and so is again a safer option, and is 32 inches long. The toy is made from real feathers, but overall this is safer for your cat because it removes the possibility of any reactions to man-made chemicals. This toy is a great option if your cat is a notorious chewer because at least they’ll be protected from harmful chemicals or possible fiberglass splinters. However, it might not be as durable as some of the man-made toys, so bear this in mind if your cat likes destroying things.

10. WingPet Interactive Cat Toy

WingPet have created a great interactive toy that will keep your cat amused for hours. The box is hexagon shaped, and has multiple holes on both the top and sides, giving your cat plenty of chances to catch the feathers. The feathers pop out of the side holes at random intervals, meaning your cat will have loads of fun trying to catch them.

The toy is made of plastic, but all materials are safe for use around animals. It’s very quiet when in use, which is useful because your cat will probably take a while to get used to it. It also has non-slip feet to stop it from moving around, and overall is a great choice for keeping your cat amused.

11. Docamor Cat Scratching Post with Feather Toy

This scratching post is a great choice for keeping your cat amused because it comes fitted with two feather toys. The rod that the feathers are attached to rotates 360 degrees, meaning they’ll be amused for hours by this toy. If you’ve got more than one cat, you’ll probably find them competing over it too!

Everything on this scratching post is made from natural materials, including wood and sisal. While this means it might not be as durable as man-made alternatives, it does make it much better for your cat’s health. It’ll give them plenty of opportunity to sharpen their claws and will keep them amused, which will hopefully keep them away from your furniture!

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