Mini Australian Shepherd, Miniature’s Guide

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Have you always wanted to learn more about the Mini Australian Shepherd? Well, today is the day! This is an adorable pooch that could make the perfect addition to your working life or family. Of course, before you adopt any dog, you have to learn about the traits you can expect from the breed. This is going to make sure they are good for your lifestyle. So, let’s learn more about the Mini Australian Shepherd. 

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What is a Mini Australian Shepherd?

Of course, just as you would expect, the Mini Australian Shepherd is the miniature very of the popular Australian Shepherd breed. You can enjoy the same beautiful pooch but in a smaller form, which might be a better fit for your lifestyle. While you may think that this furry friend comes from Australia, they are actually from the United States. They have been used for herding and to look after livestock on a farm. Indeed, the Mini Australian Shepherd can also be used for this purpose, as well as a companion dog.

It is interesting to note that the Mini Australian Shepherd has been used as a rodeo dog.

The average lifespan of the Mini Australian Shepherd is around 11 to 15 years. They weigh around 40 pounds and measure 14 to 18 inches tall. They are bred through choosing smaller Australian Shepherds. This loving companion normally has a dark body color, as well as colored patches and spots. In particular, people love the Mini Australian Shepherd with a double merle pattern. Check out the German Shepherd Husky Mix if you are looking for a bigger breed.

Are They Good with Other Dogs?

Similarly to Mini Labradoodles, most Mini Australian Shepherds are going to be sociable with other dogs. The key to ensure this is the case is early socialization. If you have your pooch from a puppy, ensure that you take them new places and introduce them to other canines. This will allow them to have fun and make new furry friends.

If you do not socialize your dog, this can lead to problems later down the line. For example, they may become fearful and reactive. They might also be dominant and not know how to act with other canines. Therefore, make sure you spend time with your pup at doggy day care, classes or the local dog park.

Do They Need a lot of Exercise?

Of course, similarly to the Mini Goldendoodle, the Mini Australian Shepherd is smaller than the original breed. This does mean that they are more suitable for varying lifestyles and do not demand as much exercise. However, they are still an active dog and this means you have to be prepared to go out walking twice a day. It is recommended that the Mini Australian Shepherd enjoys at least 90 minutes of exercise every day. Some of this should be running or playing so that they can burn excess energy that they have and also have some fun. They will love to spend time with you, whether it is playing fetch or going on a hike.

In addition, the Mini Australian Shepherd can be used as a working dog. For example, if you have a farm, they are a breed that can still help you with your livestock. All they need is some training and they are ready to go!

Always make sure your canine gets enough exercise during the day. They are among the best dog breeds for runners. This is going to stop them from getting bored and developing destructive behaviors. This can include chewing furniture and barking. Indeed, the Mini Australian Shepherd is an intelligent dog and they have to have mental stimulation too. This includes puzzles, toys and training. They will love to learn new commands and tricks.

Do They Need a lot of Grooming?

If you have dog allergies and experience uncomfortable symptoms due to pet dander, the Mini Australian Shepherd is not going to be the breed for you. This is not a breed that is hypoallergenic. Instead, they are going to shed a lot during the year, particularly in the fall and spring.

This means there will be some grooming involved when you have a Mini Australian Shepherd. To make sure that their coat stays looking beautiful and shiny, they will need to be brushed every day. This is also going to help against tangles and matting, which can be uncomfortable for your furry friend. They do have a double coat and it will be important to clean them and look for fleas and ticks on a regular basis.

Do They Have Any Health Problems?

Every Mini Australian Shepherd owner will tell you that they have beautiful eyes. Indeed, they can be a variety of bright colors. But one common health problem with this breeder is blindness. They can have a variety of vision problems, such as iris colobomas, which can impair their sight. In addition, the genes that create their lovely merle coat are also responsible for causing microphthalmia, which is an underdeveloped eye. Again, this can lead to vision impairment.

Where Can I Find a Mini Australian Shepherd?

You can always look for a Mini Australian Shepherd in your local animal shelter. They may not be easy to find but it is not impossible to adopt this furry friend. Just be patient and you can give a canine their forever home. In addition, there are rescue charities and shelters across the country that can help you. Make an inquiry and see if they have a Mini Australian Shepherd for you.

In addition, you can approach a breeder for a Mini Australian Shepherd puppy. If you do choose to get your furry friend from a breeder, expect it to come at a price. For example, you can see Mini Australian Shepherd puppies for around $1,000. But if you are after a specific color, such as merle, you will have to pay a higher price tag for your pooch. The most important thing you need to do is find a trustworthy and caring breeder. This is going to ensure that you are supporting the right businesses and will be able to choose a puppy that is happy and healthy.

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