Australian Shepherd Weight Chart

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Australian Shepherd Weight Chart

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Have you recently adopted an Australian Shepherd puppy? If so, then you may be wondering how long it takes a puppy to grow to full size! And when do the dogs stop growing?

If you’re asking these questions, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a growth chart for Australian Shepherd puppies and information about this dog breed. Let’s get started!

When do Australian Shepherds Stop Growing?

Are you wondering when your new puppy will stop growing? These dogs usually reach their full size by the age of one year, and they stop growing by the age of 16 months. By the time they reach about eight months of age, the dog’s growth starts to slow down. That may be good news if you’re watching your puppy grow by the day!

Male dogs usually weigh more than females, with the male weighing about 10 lbs more than the female. The males also stand about an inch taller than the females.

In addition, the puppies will stay playful until they’re about a year old. At about this time, they begin to mellow out and start acting like adults when they are about 2 years old.

Australian Shepherd Weight Chart

When you have a puppy, it’s essential to track his growth and weight as he grows up. Your vet may help you determine the best weight for your puppy at each important milestone. This information is crucial to keeping your fur baby healthy and happy!

Remember that not every puppy will be the same weight at the same age. It’s possible for a puppy’s weight to fluctuate as they grow. So, if you ever have questions about your dog’s weight, we highly recommend speaking with your vet to ensure your puppy is at the right weight.

Here’s our Australian Shepherd Puppy Weight Chart

Age (in months) Male Weight (lbs) Female Weight (lbs)
3 months 25 18
4 months 32 23
5 months 39 27
6 months 45 33
7 months 49 36
8 months 53 38
9 months 56 40
10 months 58 42
12 months 60 43
14 months 63 45
16 months 64 45


In the following sections, we’ll take a look at what to expect for the more important milestones a puppy goes through as they approach one year of age!

Birth to 2 Weeks

At this age, the Australian Shepherd puppy has fully developed their senses of taste and touch. However, their ears and eyes are closed, so they can’t see or hear. Puppies are also not able to control their body temperature, so they’re completely dependent on their mother to stay warm.

Puppies will put on more weight during this time and become much stronger.

3 to 12 Weeks

During this period, the puppy’s eyes will open, and his smell and hearing will develop even more. It’s during this time that their teeth also begin to come in. Puppies can also stand on their own, bark, and wag their tails. How adorable is that?

As the puppy nears 4 to 5 weeks of age, they can see clearly and begin socializing with their siblings. Also, during this time, the momma dog begins to wean her puppies. It’s about this time that the puppies will switch to puppy food.

By the time they’re 8 weeks old, the puppies are ready to leave their mother and head to a new home! By 12 weeks of age, the puppies are ready to potty train!

4 to 6 Months

By about 4 months of age, your puppy will look somewhat more like the adult dog he’s becoming. At 5 months, the Australian Shepherd puppy is ready to go for short walks and socialize with other people.

By 6 months, your fur baby will become an adolescent. These are like the “teen years” for a puppy! Just like a human teenager, the puppy will become more independent and his adult coat will begin growing in. Socialization and proper training are necessary at this age.

7 to 9 Months

By now, your Aussie Shepherd puppy needs to exercise each day. However, the puppy should not be over exercised, as this can damage their growing bones and joints. So, avoid letting your puppy run and jump on hard surfaces.

10 to 12 Months

At this age, your puppy will reach sexual maturity. It’s at this time that your female Aussie Shepherd may have her first heat.

If you don’t want to breed your dog, then it’s best to him/her spayed or neutered. However, your vet will provide the best guidance on when the right time for your puppy to be neutered or spayed.

Adult Australian Shepherd

Adult Australian Shepherds are full to overflowing with energy and need to be kept busy. They need plenty of exercise; short walks are no longer enough. Instead, your fur baby needs about 2 hours of exercise a day.

This is also the age at which your canine companion is ready to start competitive dog sports!

What If Your Australian Shepherd is Overweight?

If you’re concerned your Aussie Shepherd may be overweight, then be sure to consult with your vet. However, we can say that a healthy female Australian Shepherd usually weighs between 33 and 55 lbs by the time she reaches 2 to 7 years.

Male Aussie Shepherds usually weigh between 45 to 70 lbs by the time they’re 2 to 7 years of age.

What Factors Affect Australian Shepherd Puppy Growth

Here are some factors that can affect a puppy’s growth:

Your puppy’s genetics are not in your control; however, the nutrition, physical activity, and the puppy’s overall health you do have some control over. Therefore, it’s essential your fur baby gets the right nutrition, level of exercise, and has all the required shots and vet visits to keep him healthy!

Summing It Up

There are many factors that can affect an Australian Shepherd puppy’s weight as he grows. If you’re concerned about your puppy’s growth rate and weight at any point, we highly recommend you contact the vet with your concerns. They’re able to provide the best advice and guidance on how to keep your Australian Shepherd puppy happy and healthy at each milestone!

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