German Shepherd Husky Mix Owner’s Guide

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Just as you would expect, the German Shepherd Husky mix is a combination of the popular German Shepherd and Siberian Husky breeds. Together, they create an adorable large pooch that is going to bring a lot of fulfillment to your life! This includes a typical personality that is bold and protective, as well as being intelligent. In addition, they are both working dogs and this can mean they are very active and hardworking when you give them a task.

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What Do German Shepherd Husky Mix Dogs Look Like?

Loyalty is a very important trait for a dog to have. Thankfully, the German Shepherd Husky mix combines two breeds that are known to have this trait. This means that you can have a pooch that will always put you first and listen to what you have to say. You can build a special bond with your canine.

Of course, the appearance of the German Shepherd Husky mix is going to vary depending on the litter of puppies. There is no breed standard nor is this dog recognized by the American Kennel Club. For example, the German Shepherd Husky mix can have pointed ears, as well as look like a wolf. Their characteristics can mean they look more like the Siberian Husky. However, it can also be the other way around.

The typical lifespan of the German Shepherd Husky mix is around 10 to 13 years. Their size is around 23 inches tall, as well as weighing anywhere from 40 to 60 pounds. Again, all of these numbers are going to depend on the litter your German Shepherd Husky mix is from.

Do They Need a lot of Exercise?

One thing’s for sure, the German Shepherd Husky mix does need a lot of exercise. They are very active canines and they have a lot of energy during the day. Regular exercise is a must and this must be given every day. A walk around the block will not be enough for this hybrid breed. They need challenging exercise, such as going for hikes, running and going on an adventure somewhere new. Even playing fetch is going to drain their energy and stop them from becoming hyperactive and destructive in the house.

Of course, the combination of two big breeds means that the German Shepherd Husky mix will need a lot of space. this means you should have a big enough home and preferably a backyard for them. This is going to give them plenty of space to roam during the day when you are busy. Your yard also gives you somewhere to play fun games with your furry friend, such as fetch and tug of war.

Do not forget that the German Shepherd Husky mix is an intelligent breed. This means that they need more than just physical exercise. They also need mental stimulation. This can be provided through puzzles, games and toys. You will have to interact with them and make them use their brains. You can even provide this through training, whether you are learning new commands or fun tricks. They will love to spend time with you and use their energy this way.

Are They Sociable with Other Dogs?

The German Shepherd Husky mix is capable of making new furry friends at the dog park or living with another pooch. The key to make sure that every breed of dog is social is to allow them to interact with other canines when they are young. They can learn to socialize through positive experiences and know that they can have fun with other pooches. Therefore, make the effort to introduce your canine to other dogs as much as you can when they are younger. Since they are a larger dog and have a bold and confident personality, they may be dominant. But this is something that you can monitor to ensure that it does not become a problem, especially at the dog park.

Do They Need a lot of Grooming?

Be prepared for some grooming and shedding when you have a German Shepherd Husky mix in your home. This means that if you have any allergies, this is not going to be the canine for you. It will be best to look for a dog that is hypoallergenic. Instead, the German Shepherd Husky mix has a double coat, which is great if you live somewhere cold. You will have to brush his or her fur two to three times each week. This is going to ensure that there is no tangling and matting, which can become uncomfortable for your furry friend. It will also mean that shedding is less throughout the year.

Where Can I Find a German Shepherd Husky Mix?

One of the most rewarding ways to bring a furry friend into your family is through adoption. You can visit your local shelter and see if they have a German Shepherd Husky mix. Indeed, there are a lot of crossbreeds that are going to need a forever home. The advantage is that you can get an adult dog that might already be housebroken, knows basic commands and is socialized. The downside is that there may not be a way to tell if the German Shepherd Husky mix is not crossed with any other breeds. But you can still find a loving companion.

It is also possible to check out charities and rescues online. They might be able to locate a German Shepherd Husky mix that needs a home. You may have to pay a fee but this is going to be the most affordable route to acquire this breed. Otherwise, you will have to look for a trusted breeder. This will allow you to get a German Shepherd Husky mix puppy and you can train them from when they are young. This is going to be a lot of hard work. Make sure that you meet the parents and ask about the living conditions and health of the puppies before buying from a breeder. You can expect a price tag of around $350 to $900 for a puppy.

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