50 Fishing Inspired Dog Names

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Have you just adopted a dog or puppy? Do you need a name for your new canine companion? Do you enjoy fishing? If you’ve answered yes to these three questions, then you’ve come to the right place!

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We’ve put together a list of 50 dog names that are inspired by fishing!

These are some great reasons for taking your dog along on a fishing trip! Now, let’s get to our list of fishing inspired dog names!

River Fishing Dog Names

Here are some great names inspired by river fishing!

1). Bouncing: comes from the bottom bouncing technique, using a Carolina rig with live bait such as a crawdad or a minnow. This can be a great way to catch bass.

2). Spinner: this name is inspired by a fishing technique called upstream casting. This method uses in-line spinner to attract brown or rainbow trout.

3). Jig: is a fishing method that is used by anglers, which is called river jigging. This method is one of the best methods to use near the mouth of a river, in areas that have a slow current.

4). Bobber: is used to suspend a hook with bait in the water, where it bobs when a fish bites.

5). Blade: is an essential part of a spinner and spinner bait.

6). Bucktail: is a type of dressing used to add bulk to the lure.

7). Minnow: is a type of fish used to bait hooks and fishing lines.

8). Popper: this is a type of topwater plug that makes a popping noise when it’s twitched.

9). Reel: the device that used to the spool and fishing line.

10). Rod: the pole that’s used to catch fish.

Now, here are some dog names inspired by fly fishing.

11). Rod: refers to the type of fishing pole used for fly fishing, which is a fly rod. They’re specially designed to cast the fly line and are usually between 7 and 9 feet long.

12). Fly line: this is the term for the type of fishing line used for fly fishing. This type of line has a plastic coating over a specialized core. They’re designed with the weight of the line unevenly distributed, which means the line easier to cast.

13). Reel: this name is inspired by the special type of fishing reel used for fly fishing. It’s made to hold a large diameter fly line.

14). Cast: several different types of casting are used in fly fishing in order to catch a fish.

15). Mending: this name comes from the method used to correct the line and fly which are floating in the water. It creates a more natural movement that attracts the fish.

16). Strike: this is the term used for when a fish takes the fly bait.

17). Landing: is the term used to reel in a fish.

18). Arbor: is the center part of the fly reel.

19). Barb: this is a backward facing sharp projection that’s on fly fishing hooks. The bard is used to keep the fish from easily escaping the hook.

20). Caddis: is one of the most essential types of water insects that are imitated by fly fishers. The real insect is a moth that rests with its wings folded into a tent shape down its back.

21). Midge: this name is inspired by the chironomid, which is a type of midge that’s popular to use for fly fishing.

22). Damselfly: is another type of water insect that is imitated by fishing lures. The adult looks very similar to a dragonfly but is smaller.

23). Drift: is when two flies are used at the same time—one on the surface, and the other underwater.

24). Dun: name is inspired by the first stage of an adult mayfly’s life cycle, which usually lasts only 1-24 hours. This is the stage of the insect that is mimicked by fishing lures, which are a dark gray-blue color.

25). Eddy: this is a section of the water that is quieter than the surrounding water. Eddies are usually found on the edge of a current and also where two streams come together.

26). Ferrule: is the collar where sections of the fly rod are joined.

27). Fry: this is the name for baby fish which have just hatched from an egg.

28). Leader: is a section of line between the fly line and the fly.

29). Nymph: is the name for immature insects. These are the type of bait most often used by fly fishers.

30). Redd: this is the term that’s used for a hollow scooped in the sand or gravel of the riverbed, which is use by breeding trout or salmon as a place to spawn.

Now we have some bass fishing inspired dog names—maybe one of these will be a great fit for your dog!

31). Hawg: this is one of several terms that are used to describe bass that are exceptionally large.

32). Jump: is inspired by the term, hole jumping, used for knowingly fishing in a location in which another person has fished. These sites can be very productive, so you’ll have a better chance of catching a bass.

33). Honey: this name comes from the term, honey hole, which is used for a very productive fishing spot.

34). Lip: is inspired by the term that refers grabbing the bass by its lower lip, using your thumb and fingers, and then pulling the fish from the water.

35). Mat: refers to vegetation that grows at the bottom of a lake or stream, which has reached the surface and spread out. This is often a favorite shelter for bass.

36). Hatch: this name comes from the term match the hatch, which refers to mimicking the size and color of insects, fish used for bait, and more.

37). Peg: comes from the term that refers to fixing a weight to the fishing line. Pegging can be done with a toothpick, rubber peg or strips rubber.

38). Skip: comes from the fishing term pitch-skip, which is a type of presentation technique that’s used to lure the fish with pitched and skips under a cover such as the mat, or even a boat dock.

39). Punch: this is a name that comes from the technique called punching, which is used for fishing where there’s a heavy mat cover.

40). Slaunch: this is a term used by a famous bass fisherman named Mark Zona. The term is used to describe a large fish.

We have names that might be a great name for your dog if you love to fish for trout!

41). Baetis: this is a type of mayfly that is very numerous.

42). Bamboo: this is one of the oldest type of materials used to make a classic fly rod.

43). Bug: this name comes from the term bass bug, which is used to describe many surface bass flies, which are usually tied with a type of hollow hair, such as deer.

44). Bimini: this name is inspired by the term Bimini twist, which is a type of shock-absorbing leader that has a series of twists and knots.

45). Biot: this is a type is a type of leading edge first-flight feather (from a goose or duck) which is used to simulate legs and antennae.

Offshore Fishing Dog Names

Deep sea fishing refers to the type of fishing that’s done at sea, offshore. Waters are usually about 100 ft deep, and the fish are larger than those caught in freshwater. This is usually considered to be a type of sports fishing. If you enjoy offshore fishing, then here are some dog names that might be a good fit for your canine companion!

46). Bailey: this name is inspired by the ring of metal that rotates around the fixed spool of a spinning reel.

47). Bunker: is a type of baitfish used to fish.

48). Buzz: comes from the term buzz bait, which are lures that are similar to propellers. They’re made to churn up the water.

49). Chum: is a method that’s used to attract fish by throwing bait into the water. The bait is usually chopped up.

50). Creel: this term refers to the maximum number of fish that an individual is allowed to keep.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that you’ve found the perfect name for your favorite fishing companion—your dog!

If you’re having trouble coming up with a meaningful, uncommon name for your fur baby, then why not consider your fishing hobby?

There are several reasons, one of which is that your best canine bud loves to spend time with you. No matter what you’re doing or where you go, your canine companion likes to tag along. And there are some dogs that love fishing! What better way to exercise your dog and enjoy being out in nature together?

Did you know that dogs can be taught to watch the net? They can hold the net in their mouths and some enjoy a good bark when they see you excited and hauling in your catch.

There are also quite a few dogs who love to swim and play in the water. In fact, there are several breeds that just can’t get enough of being in the water including:

Other dog breeds also enjoy the water, so why not take best canine friend along to have some fun as you fish?

Finally, your fur baby will be a wonderful companion as you fish. You can enjoy time outdoors, bonding together as you quietly fish.

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