50 Filipino Dog Names and Their Meaning

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If you’ve recently adopted a puppy or dog, then you may also be looking for a name for your fur baby! Maybe you’re looking for an unusual, distinctive name. Have you considered possibly choosing a Filipino name for your dog?

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In this article, we’ll take a look at Filipino dog names that will be unique—you won’t hear these in every dog park in town! But first, let’s take a quick look at the Philippines.

OK, now let’s get started on those great Filipino dog names!

Filipino Female Dog Names

Here are some great Filipino girl dog names!

1). Abby: this name means “Father is rejoicing.” This might be a unique name for a dog that’s a gift for Dad!

2). Agui: means “God of fire.” This might be a pretty name for a dog that has red hair, such as an Irish Setter or a Golden Retriever.

3). Aimee: means “dearly loved.” Who doesn’t dearly love their dog?

4). Alexa: means “defending men.” It’s also the name of Amazon’s famous assistant! If you have this service, you may want to avoid choosing this name. Think of it—every time you call the dog, Alexa the assistant will wake up and think you’re talking to her!

5). Amihan: is the name of the Northwest monsoon. This is just such a pretty name!

6). Aurora: means “dawn.” Does your canine companion wake you up at the crack of dawn? Then this is a great name for her!

7). Bituin: means “star.” This might be a pretty name for a dog that has a star blaze on her head, face, back or chest.

8). Blessica: means “to confer blessing” and is a combination of “bless” and “Jessica.” You could even shorten this name to “Blessi.” Wouldn’t that be cute?

9). Chesa: means “celestial.” This might be a pretty name for a dog that has very blue eyes.

10). Janella: means “God has shown favor.” This would also be cute shortened to “Nella.”

11). Rowena: means “white-haired.” Does your dog have white or light-colored fur? Then this might be a pretty name for her.

12). Zanaida: means “life of Zeus.” This is a pretty and unique name for almost any girl dog!

13). Ana: means “grace.” Do you have a Greyhound, a Maltese, or some other delicate, graceful dog? This could be the perfect name for her!

14). Angela: means “messenger.” What a pretty name for your girl dog—surely she’s a messenger from heaven bringing you lots of love and light!

15). Anitan: means “guardian of lightning.” Is your fur baby protective? Does she guard you and your home? Then this would be a very pretty name for her.

16). Bakonawa: means “lizard god.” Do you live in a place that has lots of lizards? Does your dog love to catch and chase them? Then here’s the perfect name for her!

17). Bathla: means “god of sky.” This would make a distinctive, pretty name for a dog that has blue eyes, or is a light color like the moon and stars.

18). Bea: means “voyager through life.” Does your dog love to go on boats with you? Does she travel with you? Even if you and your fur baby don’t travel, you’re both still traveling through life together. What a pretty name this would be for her, and full of meaning.

19). Clarissa: means “clear.” If your canine companion has light-colored eyes, that are very clear, this name would be very fitting and pretty for her.

20). Dalisay: means “pure.” Is your fur baby one color? Is she a purebred? Then why not consider this name for her?

21). Dal’lang: means “goddess of beauty.” What an unusual and beautiful name this would be for a dog!

22). Daraga: means “goddess of volcano.” Even if you don’t live near a volcano, what a great name this would make for your dog!

23). Dihas: means “goddess of medical herbs.” Has your dog brought healing to your life? Is she a service dog? Either way, this would be a very appropriate name for her.

24). Himig: means “melody.” Does your fur baby howl? Do you both like to sit and listen to music together? This would be a very unique, pretty name for your canine companion.

25). Iska: means “female of Isko.” This would be a pretty name for a Siberian Husky.

Filipino Boy Dog Names

Here are some great Filipino male dog names!

26). Abo: means “ash.” Is your dog a grey color, similar to ash? What a great name—it’s short and easy to say and would make a very unique name for your fur baby.

27). Agemem: means “creator of the moon and sun.” What a very distinctive name this would be for a boy dog!

28). Agwe: means “god of water.” If your dog loves water and swimming, this is the name for him!

29). Alejandro: means “defender.” If you have a watchdog or a dog that’s very protective, this would be a great name for him.

30). Alvin: means “friends of elves.” This would be a really cute name for a small dog such as a Chihuahua!

31). Amado: means “loves God.” Here’s another name that you wouldn’t hear at the dog park or in the neighborhood very often!

32). Amanikable: means “god of sea.” Here’s another great name for dogs that love the water!

33). Arvin: means “battle worthy.” If you have a protective dog, such as a Rottweiler, this would be a great name for him.

34). Bathala: means “god of all gods.” If your fur baby thinks he’s head of the house, here’s the most fitting name for him!

35). Bayani: means “hero.” This would be a very unique name for any boy dog.

36). Dakila: means “great.” If you have a great dog, here’s the best name for him!

37). Datu: means “tribal chief.” This is a great name for the leader of a pack, or for a dog who rules his home and yard!

38). Efren: means “fruitful.” This might be a good name for a dog who loves fruit!

39). Habagat: means “god of winds.” Does your dog run like the wind? Then this would be the perfect name for him.

40). Harana: means “serenade.” If your canine companion takes part in the “midnight bark” or likes to howl with the other dogs, then this is the best name for him.

41). Hari: means “king.” If your dog likes being in charge, then why not choose this name for him?

42). Homobono: means “good man.” If you have a dog that’s really good, why not choose this name for him?

43). Igme: means “fearless.” This sound like the perfect name for a brave dog who is very protective of his family and his yard.

44). Juan: means “God is gracious.” If you feel like your dog is an answer to prayer, then this would be a great name for him.

45). Justin: means “righteous.” This is a name that would be fitting for a dog who likes to get other dogs in trouble.

46). Kidlat: means “lightning” in the Tagalog language. This would be the perfect name for a dog that runs fast and/or is full of energy.

47). Makisig: means “handsome.” This is a great name for almost any boy dog!

48). Nimuel: means “peace.” If your dog has a peaceful, loving spirit, then why not choose this name for him?

49). Danilo: means “God is my judge” in Tagalog. What a great name for your dog!

50). Rizal: this is the name of a famous civil rights activist in the Philippines—Dr. Jose Rizal.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the fun facts about the Philippines, and that you’ve found a great Filipino name for your dog here!

The Philippines: Fun Facts

You may not know this, but the Philippines is an archipelago, which is made of over 7,100 islands! The country is located in southeastern Asia, between the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea. The islands were first discovered by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521.

The official name of this island country is Republic of the Philippines, and its capital is in Manila. The country covers about 115,831 square miles of land. Another interesting fact is that the two largest islands are Luzon and Mindanao account for 2/3 of the country’s total land area. And about 1/3 of the islands are not inhabited.

There are just over 105 million people living in the Philippines, who speak Filipino, the official language of the Republic of the Philippines, which is based on Tagalog. They actually have a second official language. Can you guess what it is? It’s English!

While Filipino and English are the official languages of the country, there are about 175 languages spoken over the islands. However, of these, 171 are considered living languages. Four of the languages are tribal dialects that are no longer spoken as there are no living speakers.

Most of the people in this country are of descendants of Malay people, and others also have Chinese ancestry, along with American and Spanish ancestry. In fact, many people in the country have Spanish names. This is because in the 19th century, Spain decreed that required Filipino people to use Spanish surnames. And many people still give their kids saint’s names due to their Spanish influence.

Did you know that the name “Philippines” is derived from Philip II, who was the Spanish king in the 16th century? During that time, the islands were a Spanish colony, and this is where their Spanish heritage comes from.

Then after the Spanish-American War, the islands were granted to the US. In 1935, the Philippines became self-governing, but were not granted independence until 1946, after WWII.

It’s interesting to note that Filipinos love basketball! All over the islands there are basketball hoops, NBA jerseys, and local teams who play each other. The country also has a professional league called the Philippines Basketball Association, which is the second oldest in the world, after the NBA in the US.

Another favorite sport Filipinos enjoy is boxing. One of their most world-famous boxers is Manny Pacquiao, also known as the “PacMan.”

The Philippines is one of the greatest producers and exporters of coconuts in the world! They ship out about 19.5 million tons of coconut each year.

One last fun fact is that Filipinos love to shop. Malls are their preferred places and they’re often used as a community hub because they’re clean, safe and have air conditioning. The malls are filled with stores, grocery stores, gyms, banks, medical clinics and more, much like malls in the US.

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