Cat Trilling – Why Do Some Cats Trill?

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Cat Trilling

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Have you ever wondered about the sounds your cat makes? Does she like to trill at you? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

Our kitties have many different ways to communicate with us. They may stare straight at us until they grab our attention. They can rub on our legs to show love and beg. Cats can also talk by making kitty sounds, which include trills.

In this article, we’ll take a look at cat trills and what your cat may be trying to say when she trills!

What Does a Cat Trill Sound Like?

Kitties make a sound that’s part meow and part purr. Our equivalent would be to trill the letter r and blow softly through our lips at the same time. That’s not exactly what a cat trill sounds like, but at least you’ll get the idea. Some people have even said a cat’s trill sounds something like the sound pigeons make.

When cats trill, it usually means they’re feeling pretty happy and comfortable. The higher the trill, the happier the cat. At least that’s the theory!

How is Trilling Different than Meowing?

Cats are able to make a wide variety of sounds, as you know if you live with a kitty! They can howl, meow, hiss, and more. When it comes to meowing, this sound is made with the open. On the other hand, trilling is usually made with the cat’s mouth completely closed.

What’s more, trilling usually indicates a happy mood, while meowing can be indicative of a happy or bad feeling.

Why Do Cats Trill?

A cat may trill for many reasons; however, you can count on the fact that your fur baby is happy. Here are some reasons your cat may be trilling:

1). A Type of Greeting

Some adult cats like to let you know they’re happy to see you. They may do this by rubbing your legs and trilling at the same time. Many people believe cats don’t show emotion, but that’s simply not true. Cats can demonstrate all types of emotions. For instance, you’ll definitely not be in doubt when your cat is mad at you!

2). Seeking Attention

If your kitty is trilling at you, it may be that she’s seeking your attention! What a lovely way to communicate with us! When your fur baby keeps trilling at you, even if you’ve already petted her and scratched her belly, then it may mean she still wants your attention. In other words, don’t stop what you were doing!

If your cat trills and walks away from you, then she may be trying to get you to follow her. She wants something, maybe a treat or to snuggle with you in her favorite chair.

3). Communicating

Trills are definitely a form of communication your cat is using to reach out to you. It’s a positive communication that’s also used between cats.

If your cat is trilling at you, be sure to take the time to communicate with her. Let her know you love her, too!

4). Mother Cats Trill to Their Kittens

It’s interesting to note that it’s usually female cats who use trilling sounds to communicate. It’s thought this could be due to when a mother cat has kittens. When the kittens are still young, the mother cat may trill at them to try to get them to follow her or get their attention.

The kittens then learn this form of communicating and use it with other cats, pets, and their pet parents when they’d like to get attention.

5). A Greeting

Your fur baby trilling when you get home from work may be her way of saying hello! She’s letting you know she’s happy to see you and that she’d love some of your attention!

Cats also use trilling to greet one another; however, trilling is most often use to greet their pet parents.

6). Chattering

Some cats love to make that trilling, chattering sound when they’re watching birds, for instance. The chattering sounds a little bit like a chittering or twitter. Your fur baby may be making this sound when she’s excited about something!

Do you trill back at your cat? If so, then you’re not alone. Many pet parents trill back at their cats, and it seems their kitties understand their trilling! Your cat is able to understand the tone of your trill and that you’re happy to see her, too!

Is There a Problem If Your Cat Doesn’t Trill?

This is a question many pet parents ask. But we’re here to let you know that not all cats trill. Just as all cats have different personalities and characteristics, each cat communicates in their own way. Some cats trill while others don’t.

Some cat breeds also have a greater tendency to trill, such as the Main coon, Siamese, or Scottish fold cats. These kitties are known for being very talkative a times!

Is Trilling Anything to Worry About?

Most of the time, your cat’s trilling is a positive expression of her emotions. She’s happy to see you and wants to let you know it! However, there may be times when you should be concerned about your cat’s trilling.

If your cat suddenly starts trilling non-stop or excessively, it could indicate she’s in pain or feeling sick. If her trilling continues, then it’s a good idea to see the vet. They can perform a checkup to look for any underlying health issues that could be causing your kitty to trill so much.

Summing It Up

Your cat has many ways to communicate with you! She can meow, chatter, trill, and more. Trilling is one of the ways your fur baby uses to communicate her happiness to you. She can also use trilling to get your attention and ask you to follow her.

Isn’t it a marvel how our cats are able to communicate with us so that we can understand them? How amazing!

If you come home to a trilling cat each day, you’re a very blessed pet parent!

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