8 Things You Must Know Before Getting A Siamese Cat

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Before getting a Siamese cat, you need to know that they are very vocal, easy to socialize, always need company, but are hard to train.

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Many people take kittens as their first pet. They are cute, adorable, and have a long life. They also enjoy human company, so you will have some great moments with them. There are different breeds of cats. One such breed is the Siamese cat which is a very popular choice among cat owners

But before you get one, there are a few features that you should know, such as their nature, eating habits, common diseases, and several other factors. Knowing about these will help you to get a better idea of whether you can maintain one or not. So, let’s get started

Different Types Of Siamese Cats

There are different types of Siamese cats such as-

They have some external features setting them apart from one another, but their characteristics are almost the same.

1. Siamese Cats Are Very Vocal

Siamese cats are very vocal. More than other breeds. Some cats prefer to stay quiet and enjoy a calm atmosphere. But not Siamese cats. Even as they are kittens, you will hear them meowing day and night. They will continuously try to get the attention of anyone around them.

After eating, they will come to you and call as if wanting to show you gratitude and tell you how much they enjoyed their food. When they wake up, they will come close to you and try to get your attention as if telling you how well they slept or if they had any dreams.

2. They Are Easy To Socialize With

Since these cats are very vocal, they will be very social as well. And that is absolutely true. It is often a belief among cat keepers that cats like to be on their own, and are independent animals. Well, they will be in for a big surprise if they keep Siamese cats as pets.

They are very fond of human company and will stick to their owners. In fact, Siamese cats dislike being left alone.

They like to cuddle with their owners. They will climb on your bed to lie beside you, sit beside you on the table while you work, or lay on your lap as you watch television. So if you are someone who needs good company, a Siamese cat is the perfect cat for you.

3. They Need Attention All The Time

Like we have mentioned before, Siamese cats do not like being left alone. They need some good company and will seek attention from others. This is why you need to spend a good amount of time with them every day.

However, if you are someone who remains busy, or you need to stay out of the house for a long time, this is not a pet for you. But if you still insist on keeping one, then why not get two? This way, they can enjoy each other’s company while you are away.

4. They Are A Bit Difficult To Train

Cat owners know that training cats is a little difficult. That is true with Siamese cats as well. You might think that since these cats are social and love human company, they will be easy to train.

But that is not the case at all. They are like any other cats when it comes to training. And will not listen to you unless you reward them in plenty. After all, it is expected that the cat will not listen to someone when it considers itself superior. You should use treats and clickers to train them and keep on repeating the same activity.

Like any other pets, they will be needed to teach the same thing several times till they reach perfection.

5. They Are Very Easy To Groom

The fur of Siamese cats is very soft and silky. And since they mostly like to stay indoors, the fur does not get dirty very often. This makes grooming Siamese cats a very easy task. You can comb their fur once or twice a week to keep it clean and remove dead fur.

6. They Might Throw Tantrums From Time To Time

It is not uncommon to see some Siamese cats throwing tantrums when they are left alone. They will often scream until someone gives them attention.

Apart from showing tantrums, they also show some signs of compulsive behavior when they are left alone. It has been seen that Siamese cats often bite themselves when they are left alone for a long time.

They also try to chew and eat objects that are not food, which leads to various health problems. If your Siamese cat shows such signs, then it is best to take it to the vet as fast as possible.

7. Common Health Issues In Siamese Cats

Sickness can occur at any time and Siamese cats are no different. Even if you give them full attention and take utmost care, they might still fall sick. Some common diseases among Siamese cats include Megaesophagus (a problem in the esophagus), eye twitching, and Early-onset kidney disease.

There are other diseases as well that are common in all cats but are seen mostly in Siamese cats. So if you see any abnormality in your cat such as showing signs of weakness, not eating their food, you need to take it to the vet immediately.

8. They Can Be Destructive Sometimes

Another characteristic of Siamese cats is they tend to get destructive. But then again, being destructive is a common trait among many cats.

They cannot remain idle, and if they do not have toys to play with, they will release their frustration on something else. They will scratch the carpet, the sofa, the bedsheets and make a mess.

Final Thoughts

There are pros and cons of all animals. The same goes for Siamese cats. But despite all the cons, Siamese cats are great pets. If you think that the tips mentioned above work in your favor, get yourself a Siamese cat from the local pet shop.

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