Flat Faced Cat Breeds

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Are you interested in flat-faced cat breeds? Would you like to adopt a flat-faced cat? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

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In this article, we’ll take a look at flat-faced cat breeds, as well as sharing some information about these breeds! Let’s get started!

Why are Some Cat Breeds Flat-Faced?

Flat-faced cats are known as brachycephalic cats, which is similar to dogs with the same condition. When a cat is brachycephalic, it means she has a short muzzle and a flat face. If you’ve ever seen a Persian cat, then you’ll know what a flat-faced cat looks like! These cats have wide faces with squished-in features.

Flat-faced cat breeds first appeared due to a genetic mutation. Because these cats were so unique, cat lovers soon began to demand these little fur babies. Over time, more flat-faced cat breeds were developed.

Flat-Faced Cats Have Health Issues

If you’d like to become a pet parent of a flat-faced cat, then you’ll need to be aware that these cats can suffer from certain health conditions. Many of these cats may develop heart problems, breathing difficulties, and have immune problems.

While most flat-faced cats live long lives, it’s still crucial for you to understand they can suffer from certain health issues. This knowledge will help you know what to watch for and keep your kitty healthy.

10 Flat-Faced Cat Breeds

OK, now we’re ready to share our list of flat-faced cat breeds!

1). Persian Cats

These are the most famous cats with flat faces. The Persian cat is also known for her long, luxurious fur. These cats have beautiful faces with wide eyes. The cats can also have different coat colors, which goes with their very self-important attitude. They come in white, cream, and grey.

Persian cats need plenty of care. It’s important to keep your kitty brushed daily to keep her fur from becoming tangled and matted.

While they have a regal attitude, Persian cats are known for being extremely loving and loyal to their families.

2). Munchkin Cats

Munchkin cats are extremely small cats. They’re very kitten-like in that they love to play and have a happy nature. These cats are also sometimes called Dachshund cats because they have long bodies and short legs.

These kitties are very active, easy to train, and very intelligent. They love puzzle cat toys and learning new things. They also make great indoor family cats. And don’t be surprised if your Munchkin cat stands on her hind legs. They sometimes resemble meerkats in this!

3). Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold cat is a unique, rare type of kitty. They’re extremely popular around the world. They have distinctive looks with their pretty, squished faces and fold ears.

Some believe the Scottish fold originally came from Scottish barn cats. The main downside to this cat breed is that they have a tendency to certain health problems. However, they still make wonderful furry family companions.

4). Himalayan Cat

The Himalayan cat is another beautiful flat-faced cat breed. You may also hear them referred to as “Himmies.” They look like a Persian, Siamese cat. These beautiful cats are sweet-natured and very docile. They are happy to live indoors and love to snuggle with their pet parents.

These cats do prefer a home that’s more on the quiet side. They also love to have their meals on a schedule and love playing with their pet parents. You might try a feather or even a catnip mouse toy to play with your Himmie.

5). Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair cat looks somewhat like a Persian but with shorter hair. Their shorter hair means you don’t have to spend a lot of time brushing them every day. It’s thought these cats were developed by breeding a Persian with an American Shorthair.

These kitties tend to have a very easy-going nature and enjoy playing. They also prefer to live in a quiet home and have a regular schedule.

6). Bombay Cats

Bombay cats are also flat-faced cats that love plenty of attention and affection. This is a cat that will come running to greet you when you get home! They are very loving and have very laid-back personalities.

These cats love to play and are very athletic. So, it’s important to provide them with space and plenty of toys to keep them from becoming bored.

Bombay cats strongly resemble small black panthers. As you can imagine, they’re extremely beautiful cats. Combine their black fur with those amazing yellow eyes, and you have a beautiful, exotic fur baby!

7). British Longhair/Shorthair

The British Longhair/Shorthair cats are also designer cats; however, they don’t have the same health issues as other flat-faced cat breeds. These cats tend to be somewhat stocky and have either long or short hair.

The shorthaired cats won’t require as much brushing as their longhaired cousins. The British Longhair will need to be brushed every day to keep their fur free of tangles and mats.

These cats tend to be calm and don’t need as much exercise as some cat breeds. And you’ll love their yellow-gold eyes!

8). Selkirk Rex Cats

The Selkirk Rex cats are famous for their tousled fur and their flat faces. Their fur is tousled and curly. And they have curly whiskers, which makes these adorable kitties very unique.

These cats love to be loved and cuddled. They may even follow you around the house for attention!

Selkirk rex cats are sometimes called “cats in sheep’s clothing” due to their fur, which resembles sheep’s wool. These kitties need to be brushed at least three times a week to keep them pretty and tangle-free.

The Selkirk rex cats love to play with pole toys, lasers, or even a flashlight beam. The best part is that they love to be social and spend as much time with you as possible!

9). Burmese

Burmese cats are very similar to Siamese cats; however, they originally came from Burma. The reason for this is that a cat from Burma was originally bred with a Siamese cat, which led to the Burmese. These kitties can be the color of a Siamese with the darker points or a solid brown with dark points.

The fur of a Burmese cat is short and very soft. This means they don’t require much grooming. However, it’s still best to brush them 2-3 times a week. This not only cuts down on shedding but it also helps to keep the fur from matting.

These cats are very active and will chase all kinds of toys! Even so, they’ll love nothing better than cuddling on the couch with you.

10). Burmilla Cats

Burmilla cats are very beautiful and unique. They have flat faces, with a more defined muzzle and chin. They also have a unique coat and piercing eyes. Burmillas are a cross between a Burmese and a Silver Persian. These cats generally have white coats with silver markings, combined with light green or yellow eyes. They can have short- or medium-length fur, which luckily doesn’t require much brushing.

These flat-faced cats love to play, especially with their pet parent. Because these cats are so unique, they do tend to be more expensive to buy.

So, there you have it! We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of flat-faced cat breeds and that you’ve found a cat that will be the perfect companion for you!

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