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You’re the lucky pet parent of a Boxer! Congratulations! By now, you’ve realized that your baby is an extraordinary dog and one who is filled to overflowing with energy! And they’re highly intelligent. This means that you have a fur baby who needs plenty of exercise and mental stimulation!

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If you’re not sure how much exercise your Boxer needs or what activities are best for him, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take a look at Boxers and help you develop an exercise routine that will keep him fit, healthy, mentally stimulated, and tired out!

What is the Boxer Dog Breed?

Most people are very familiar with this dog breed. Have you seen those dogs that are very muscular, square-jawed, and handsome? That would be the Boxer!

Boxers are known for loving and dedicated to their families, super-intelligent, extremely active, and more. When it comes to intelligence, Boxers are ranked 90th out of 138 dog breeds. This means Boxers may be challenging to train due to their independent spirit.

They’re also a bit on the stubborn side. Yet, these dogs are considered to be very trainable. However, it takes perseverance and patience when it comes to training a Boxer.

How Much Exercise Does a Boxer Need?

Because Boxers are extremely active, they require a large amount of exercise. We’re not exaggerating. These are also dogs that don’t deal well with being alone. This is because they are loyal and want to be a part of the family.

When left to their own devices, Boxers can experience separation anxiety. If this happens, the dog may become destructive and develop some other unwanted behaviors. With plenty of attention, socialization, and exercise, you can avoid these issues.

On average, Boxers need at least one hour of exercise a day. However, we warn you this won’t be enough. A Boxer really needs at least two hours of exercise each day. This will wear off all the energy they have.

Other Considerations for Exercise

It’s essential to exercise your Boxer; however, do keep the weather in mind before heading out. Boxers have short snouts and flat faces, which means they’re a brachycephalic dog breed. Dogs with these types of qualities have a very difficult time breathing when the weather is either hot and humid or cold. So, it’s best to exercise your dog when the temperature is comfortable for him.

In addition, these dogs have short hair, which makes them prone to issues with overheating in the sun or becoming too cold in the snow and rain.

So, when exercising your fur baby when it’s warm out, be sure to take him out during the coolest part of the day. This will either be in the early morning or late in the evening. It’s also a good idea to take water with for your Boxer to keep him hydrated.

Because your fur baby’s skin may be sensitive, you may need to consider applying sunscreen to his lighter-colored spots and stomach if spending more than an hour in the bright sun.

Fun Exercise Activities for Boxers

Now we’re ready to take a look at some fun exercise activities for Boxers!

1). Frisbee Fetch

Throwing the frisbee around for your Boxer will give you both a great workout! Not only that, but you’ll have some quality time together, which is excellent for deepening the bonding relationship between you, too.

Choose an “indestructible” flying disc for your Boxer, and then take him outside or to the park. Throw the frisbee and watch your dog chase it down! In the beginning, you may need to train him on how this game of fetch works. When your fur baby catches the disc and brings it back, be sure to offer lots of praise and even a treat. Pretty soon, he’ll get the idea that he’s supposed to chase the disc and bring it back to start the game all over again!

This is a wonderful exercise for your dog! Remember to only play this when the weather and temperature are not too hot or cold. And take water to keep your Boxer hydrated. This will also help him avoid developing heat stroke, which can be deadly.

2). Walking/Jogging

Boxers are great as walking and jogging companions, as long as the temperatures are appropriate for them. A daily walk is essential to help your fur baby wear off the amount of energy he has each day.

Aim to walk about 1-2 hours a day with your Boxer. You can split this time up between two walks a day—one in the morning and one in the evening. What’s more, your canine companion will do very well with a schedule. In fact, they prefer to have a schedule, so they know what to expect each day.

If you’d like a running companion, build up slowly to jogging. Start with walking first. Then, as your dog gains strength and the ability to walk longer, you can start him jogging on a short part of the walk. Slowly help your dog to gain strength as he begins to jog. You might at first run about five to ten minutes during your daily walk. As your dog gains strength, then you can increase these by another five to ten minutes. This should be done over weeks, not days.

And always be mindful that these dogs can have trouble breathing, especially when it’s hot and/or humid outside. Keep an eye on how your dog is doing. If he should start to have trouble, then stop and rest. Give him some water, too.

3). Other Activities

Boxers love all types of activities! You can also play fetch with a ball or any other toy your dog loves! Throw it and watch him run after the toy! These are dogs that also enjoy a fun game of tug-of-war. You might also consider hiking, agility training, swimming, and more with your Boxer fur baby!

Remember to always keep an eye on the weather and avoid exercising your Boxer when the weather’s too hot, humid, or cold. With the right amount of exercise, you’ll have a happy, well-adjusted Boxer. He’ll be your loving companion for years to come!

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