Seresto vs Frontline Plus: Which Flea Collar is Best?

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Nobody wants their dogs to get fleas. Unfortunately, this can happen when they are outdoors exploring, as well as around other furry friends. The only way you can avoid your beloved companion bringing fleas into your home is by taking preventative action sooner rather than later. We are talking about a flea collar.

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Of course, there are a lot of flea treatments out there for dogs. This can make your decision difficult. But the good news is we have taken two of the most popular flea treatments on the market, Seresto and Frontline Plus. We are going to compare the two to find the winner and the best one for your pooch.


Seresto and How it Works

Seresto is a global company launched by Bayer in 2012. Despite being a newcomer to the market, lots of dog owners have chosen their flea collar for their pups. Essentially, it is a dog collar that has been infused with active ingredients to kill any fleas that have jumped on to your pooch, as well as prevent them from coming back. It also works to keep ticks away.

The dog collar is made from a polymer matrix. Over time, this collar automatically releases insecticide to target fleas and ticks. One thing we love about this flea collar is that it works on its own for around eight months. You do not have to remember to apply the treatment monthly nor do you have to do anything at all. It just works on its own to protect your furry friend.

The good news about this collar compared to spot-on treatments is that there is no greasy oil or residue. The collar feels smooth to touch with a light powdery texture. But there is no odor. So, you do not have to worry about your carpets or home getting dirty. Even if your dog gets wet in the rain, this should not affect the flea collar. But it is recommended to avoid regular swimming in case this does effect efficiency over time.

When it comes to design, this flea collar is comfortable for your dog to wear. Some owners worry about safety if it gets caught on a branch, fence or another object. Bayer has thought this through already. There is a safety release mechanism on the collar so that your pup is not in any danger.

The Active Ingredients in Seresto

Of course, when you are spending money on a flea collar, you want to make sure it works effectively. A good way to check this is by looking at the active ingredients contained in the product.

There are two active ingredients contained in the Seresto flea collar. This includes imidacloprid, which is known to kill adult fleas and larvae. It can also prevent lice. Then there is flumethrin. This is an ingredient that is used to kill adult ticks, nymphs and larvae. It should also repel them from coming back. It normally takes 24 hours to kill fleas and ticks are killed within six hours.

Studies have shown that a combination of these ingredients in a flea collar is highly effective. In fact, they were 99.7 percent effective against tick and flea infestation. This shows that this flea treatment collar can be a good choice for your beloved companion.

How the Treatment is Delivered

The Seresto collar is simple. All you have to do is place the collar on your dog and it will do the rest. The active ingredients will begin to work from the point of contact. In other words, they will distribute through your dog’s skin and coat, eventually covering all of the body. This same distribution happens over eight months to make sure that your dog is continuously protected against fleas, lice and ticks.

The Side Effects

There is no doubt that Seresto is an effective treatment against fleas and ticks. But owners want to know; are there any side effects? A trial was carried out on this product and found that there were some side effects found. While they were only minor, it is important to be aware of them before using this collar.

The study found that some dogs may experience hair loss. This is not caused by the active ingredients but it can happen with rubbing from the collar. For example, if the collar is loose on your pup and they run and play a lot, this could mean that some hair could fall out from the rubbing movement of the collar around the neck.

To begin with, the skin may be irritated by the collar. This can happen if your dog has sensitive skin. But it is thought that this should only be an initial reaction; it should not last. It is recommended to contact your veterinarian if this side effect persists and does not go away.

Frontline Plus

Frontline Plus and How it Works

Another popular choice of flea treatment with dog owners is Frontline Plus. This is a well-known brand that is manufactured by Merial LLC. They are a company famous for animal products and this means they are one of the top choices for flea treatment.

Instead of your dog wearing a collar, this is a topical treatment for fleas. In other words, it will be your responsibility to administer this treatment every month. This product is designed to kill fleas at all stages of their life. This means it can kill eggs, as well as adult fleas for a complete preventative treatment.

There are some conditions with Frontline Plus. For example, you need to make sure your dog stays dry for 24 hours after applying the treatment. If they get wet from the rain or swimming, this can affect the effectiveness of the product. But this is only for the first 24 hours. After this time period, your furry friend is free to do whatever they want without it affecting the treatment.

The Active Ingredients in Frontline Plus

The active ingredients contained in Frontline Plus are different to those contained within the Seresto flea collar. In particular, there are two active ingredients that are effective in killing fleas. This includes fipronil. This is used to kill adult fleas, as well as ticks for all year-round treatment. In addition, methoprene is included as it kills eggs and flea larvae, as well as ticks. Working together, these active ingredients can be effective at protect your pooch from nasty bugs.

But the difference is that these active ingredients are designed to work together for 30 days. This is a lot shorter than the Seresto collar that can work for up to eight months. But Frontline Plus can kill any fleas in around 12 hours and ticks within 48 hours, which is a quick treatment. You just have to remember to apply this product every 30 days to keep up the protection for your dog.

How the Treatment is Delivered

Frontline Plus requires you to apply the treatment to your beloved companion every 30 days. It is referred to as a spot-on treatment. This means that it is a liquid contained in a pipette capsule. You have to apply it to your dog’s skin. This is normally around the neck and between the shoulder blades. This is a good way to access the skin and so that your furry friend cannot lick off their treatment. When the liquid is allowed to absorb, it is stored in the oil glands so that it can work. It will kill any pests for up to one month.

The one thing that a lot of owners do not like about spot-on treatments is that they can be messy. This is particularly true if your dog has long fur. The liquid is oily and it can become sticky. It can make your pet’s coat greasy, as well as getting on carpets or furniture if your dog comes into contact with them. It may be best to encourage your pet to lie down for a few hours to let the product absorb and dry in.

It is important to realize that Frontline Plus is available in different doses. This is specific to the size of your dog.

When you are purchasing this product, make sure that you choose the right one for your furry friend. This is going to make sure the dose is right to protect them from fleas and ticks.

The Side Effects

There can be some side effects to Frontline Plus. These are detailed in the instruction’s booklet with the treatment. It is important to realize that the chances of these side effects happening is low but still possible.

For example, skin irritation can occur with Frontline Plus. As it is a topical treatment applied to your dog’s skin, it may become itchy and irritating for them. It is likely that this side effect should go away within a day of applying the treatment and once it has been absorbed. However, if it continues, it is best to talk to your veterinarian.

It is possible that fipronil can damage the nervous system. If this does happen, you will notice that your dog has lost their appetite, as well as being wobbly and shaky on their feet. Of course, this is a rare side effect possible with Frontline Plus.

Seresto vs Frontline Plus: Who is the Winner?

Now that we have reviewed both of these flea treatments, it is time to break it down and decide our winner. Let’s take it category by category to find out the treatment we would choose for our furry friend.


Both products are going to kill fleas if they are present in your dog’s coat. The active ingredients are effective at killing them throughout their life cycle. In addition, Seresto and Frontline Plus have the ability to kill ticks. But what we like about Seresto is that it can repel ticks too. This means that they should not come back anytime soon.


There is a clear winner in this category; Seresto. This flea collar works consistently for eight months without you having to do anything. All your dog has to do is wear the collar and they are protected from fleas and ticks. With Frontline Plus, it is your responsibility to apply the treatment every 30 days. If you forget, the effectiveness of the product will be affected. They may get fleas or ticks until you apply the next treatment.


Seresto and Frontline Plus are waterproof treatments. Of course, swimming every day is not recommended. But if your dog enjoys an occasional swim, as well as being caught in the rain, this should not have an effect on the product. But you should remember that you need to keep your dog dry for 24 hours when you first apply Frontline Plus.


There is no doubt that Seresto is the easiest product to use. It is simply a collar that your dog wears. On the other hand, Frontline Plus is a liquid contained in a pipette capsule. It is up to you as the owner to apply this treatment between the shoulder blades and by parting the fur. This can get messy. It is an oily and greasy treatment and this can get on furniture in your home.

Side Effects

When it comes to side effects, there are milder ones associated with Seresto. Frontline Plus seems to have more listed due to the active ingredients. While the chances of your dog suffering from any side effects are low, this may worry you as a dog owner.

The Winner is Seresto

After our in-depth review, our winner is the Seresto flea collar. It is effective at killing fleas and ticks and you do not have to do any of the hard work. Your dog wears the collar like normal and this protects them for up to eight months. It is waterproof and has minimal side effects. Plus, it is also waterproof for all of your adventures with your furry friend. It is easy to use and does not create any mess and the simplicity of this product makes it our winner.

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