The Best Dog Umbrellas To Survive The Rain

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The idea of buying an umbrella might seem strange, but there is actually a very good logic behind it. If you’re taking a dog out for a walk in bad weather, the worst part is having to dry them when you get home. Even if you put a coat on them you’d still have to dry their head and legs. And unlike humans, dogs can’t just get changed out of their wet clothes.

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Obviously it might take your dog a bit of time to get used to the umbrella, but as with any other new thing it just needs to be introduced slowly. Ideally a dog umbrella should be transparent so that you can still see your dog, but there are some for sale that have patterns if you’re looking for that. It’s also important to make sure you get the right size, so check size charts whenever possible. There’s not much point in buying an umbrella that’s too small. Here is a list of some of the best dog umbrellas currently available online.

1. K&L Pets Dog Umbrella

This dog umbrella is ideal for keeping your dog try while out on walks, although it’s designed specifically for smaller breeds. It consists of an inverted umbrella that connects to a harness using a leash, meaning you can still control your dog. It’s both waterproof and windproof because the metal frame is solid, unlike a normal umbrella. The umbrella is made from durable polyester that’s also transparent, meaning you can see your dog at all times.

It has a diameter of 28.3” when opened, and is easily folded away for easy storage. The handle is around 21” long, which is fine for most people, and it’s suitable for dos around 19” long. It comes in both the standard version and a C-handle version that’s more similar in shape to a normal leash. Although this is a great dog umbrella you’d have to look elsewhere if you have a big dog.

2. LESYPET Dog Umbrella

The handle on this umbrella is particularly sturdy, which is always helpful in windy weather. The frame is made from stainless steel covered in heavyweight polyester material, which is completely waterproof. The material is slightly thicker than on some other models, so this would be a good choice if you regularly find yourself working on windy days.

The handle has a leash attached that can be fastened onto your dog’s existing leash or harness. This makes it a better choice than some others because it means you don’t have to also start using a new built-in harness. The umbrella opens to a diameter of 28”, making it suitable for dogs around 19” inches long. Unfortunately you’d have to again look elsewhere if you have a bigger dog.

3. Seymour Dog Umbrella and Saddle Coat

This umbrella is a completely different design and is actually worn by your dog! It consists of a harness with a detachable umbrella on top. The coat is worn by your dog just like any other coat, and fastens in place with several straps around their chest and stomach. It has more straps than a conventional coat so that it doesn’t come off in windy weather.

Although this design might seem like fun it’s not actually as good as it looks. The collapsible umbrella is a bit flimsy compared to some others on this list, and the fact that it can be so easily detached means it might come off if it’s very windy. That said, if you don’t think your dog is going to get blown away while wearing it then it can make quite a cute accessory. Also, it’s available in both small and medium, so will fit some larger dogs.

4. Morjava Dog Umbrella

Morjava have designed this dog umbrella for easy storage because it has a detachable handle. This makes it ideal if you’re not going to use it regularly and you don’t have much space. The domed shape of the umbrella not only protects your dog from snow and rain, but the wind and airborne grit and dirt too. The handle is made of heavy-duty stainless steel, and the frame has 8 rigid prongs that mean it’s got great wind resistance.

Like many other models on this list, this umbrella is made from durable polyester material that’s transparent. This means you can keep your beloved dog in your sight at all times. It has a 12” leash at the end of the handle, and this easily clips on to your dog’s existing collar or harness. This model would be suitable for some larger breeds, but make sure you check the size guide first.

5. OMEM Dog Umbrella

When opened, this dog umbrella has a diameter of over 30”, making it a good choice for those with larger dogs. This also means the handle is longer, measuring 19”, so bear this in mind if you’re under 65” in height. However, the leash is slightly shorter than some other models to compensate for this extra handle length.

The leash easily attaches to your dog’s existing collar or harness, making this umbrella really easy to use. The handle is made from aluminum tubing, and so isn’t as durable as some other designs. The umbrella itself is made from heavyweight polyester material, but the slightly flimsy frame means it wouldn’t do a brilliant job in very windy weather. However, if you just need some cover for taking your dog to the toilet then this would be ideal.

6. Pet Life Pour-Protection Dog Umbrella

If you’re looking for a more fancy dog umbrella, then look no further. Unlike many other models on this list, this umbrella is opaque, and comes in a range of different colors. Although this does mean you won’t be able to see your dog while the umbrella is open, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem because they’ll be attached to the leash.

This collapsible umbrella is really easy to use and folds away to a very small size. The leash attaches to any collar or harness, and is around 12” long, meaning it’s suitable for medium-large dogs. The edges of the umbrella are lined with a reflective strip, which makes your dog more visible in low-light conditions. The durable frame is made from stainless steel, and the solid metal handle also comes in a variety of colors. Overall, this is a great dog umbrella if you’re looking for a slightly more fashionable model.

7. MHS-Pet Dog Umbrella with Extra-Long Handle

The handle on this dog umbrella is extra-long, making it a good choice for taller people. The whole umbrella can be collapsed and disassembled quickly for much easier storage, making it ideal for keeping in the back of the car. The umbrella has a 12” leash that can be attached to your dog’s collar or harness using the metal clip. However, the metal clip is a little flimsy, so more boisterous dogs may very well break it.

The polyester material is completely transparent and is very heavy duty. It has 8 sturdy metal prongs that are easy to fold up, and the domed design makes it windproof as well as waterproof. The umbrella has a diameter of 28.3” when opened, which makes it suitable for dogs around 20” long, or 12lbs in weight. This is a good model for taller people, and its sturdy construction means it’s great even in very windy weather.

8. Abzon Transparent Dog Umbrella with Leash

Abzon have recently updated the design of their dog umbrella, making it even sturdier than it was before. It’ll protect your dog from rain, snow, sleet, wind, and airborne grit, all thanks to its extra-large domed design. The umbrella is made from transparent polyester material that’s quite thick and very durable, making this a goo choice for very windy conditions. It has a diameter of around 3ft when open, so should cover most small and medium sized dogs.

The handle is around 20” long with a 12” leash at the bottom. One of the best features about this dog umbrella is the fact that it has a pivot in the handle. This means you don’t have to hold it at a funny angle to cover your dog, and makes it more adjustable for people of different heights. The leash has a sturdy metal slip to attach the umbrella to your dog’s collar, and there’s little chance of them being able to break this one. The handle and frame are both made from stainless steel, and are very durable. This dog umbrella is a great choice, and good value for money.

9. Coerni UFO Dog Raincoat

While this one isn’t technically an umbrella, it’s close enough to one that it earns itself a place on this list. It’s essentially a doggy raincoat with an extra fin to keep your dog’s legs dry. It also has a hood to keep their head dry, but this can be folded away so it doesn’t interfere with their vision. It’s made from a high quality waterproof fabric that’s non-toxic, and so is better for your dog and the environment. This poncho offers all-round body protection from rain and snow, and will definitely be a talking point at the dog park.

This dog poncho is machine-washable and doesn’t even really need drying (seeing as it’s waterproof). All you need to do is shake it out and leave it for 10-15 minutes and it’ll be ready to wear. It secures in place with a Velcro belly strap and four leg loops, so there’s very little chance of it moving around while your dog is walking. It’s still really easy to attach your dog’s leash to their collar, but you unfortunately won’t be able to use this poncho with a harness. This poncho comes in two sizes, with the largest fitting dogs 16” long.

10. Paercute Folding Dog Umbrella

One of the best features of this dog umbrella is the fact that it can be folded away while the leash is still attached to your dog. This is a great feature because it means you don’t need to worry about switching leads if the weather changes. The umbrella is made from PVE that’s completely transparent, and is very heavy duty. The sturdy design means it still works fine, even when it’s particularly windy. The fact that it’s transparent is great because it means you’ll always be able to see your do while out walking.

The umbrella opens out to a diameter of nearly 30”, making it bigger than a lot of other models on this list. This means it would be suitable for medium sized dogs up to approximately 22”. The built-in leash is 12.5” long and has a clip so it can be attached to your dog’s collar. However, this clip is a bit flimsy, so look elsewhere if you have a particularly energetic dog. The handle and frame are made from durable stainless steel, so the only thing that lets this one down is the less-than-perfect leash.


Many dog umbrellas, just like human umbrellas, follow a very similar design. However, some of them do have slight variations, so look out for them if you have certain needs for your dog umbrella. The most important thing is to find one that’s durable enough to withstand both the weather and your dog, seeing as these are both as likely to damage it. The biggest area of weakness is the built-in leash on some models, so keep an eye out for this when choosing the right one for you.

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