Top 50 Dry Kibble For Cats

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When it comes to buying cat food, you want to buy the best possible kibbles for your fur buddy. Buying the best food your cat is a hard job—there are so many ingredients, types, brands, etc. to choose from. Where do you start? That’s where we come in—we’re here to help you find the best dry food options for your cat. We’ll take a look at different types of kibbles, ingredients to look for and avoid, and more. We’ve done the research to help you find the best kibble options for your cat.

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What is Kibble Cat Food?

You’ve probably head the term “kibbles,” but may not be familiar with what it means. Well, kibbles are just food (usually pet food) that’s been processed into small, dry pieces. Kibbles can come in any number of shapes. This type of food typically comes in a bag and is specifically made to meet your pet’s daily nutritional and vitamin requirements.

Which is Best—Kibbles or Canned Food?

It depends on your cat’s age/life stage and on any health problems she may have. Most cats do very well on a dry food diet. It may come down to your cat’s preference, as some cats can be quite finicky about their food. Dry cat food is not recommended for some cats, as it can cause them to develop urinary and kidney problems. However, when it comes to nutrition, both wet/canned and kibble cat foods can provide your cat with all the nutrients she needs every day.

The Right Kibble Diet for Your Cat

Kibble comes in a variety of “diets” for your cat—it can be confusing to know which formulation is best for your fur baby! It depends on these factors:

1). Indoor or outdoor cat: indoor cats tend to be less active and require cat food with a lower calorie count, while outdoor cats are more active may require food with a slightly higher calorie count and higher protein content (depending on her age and any health issues).

2). Overall health: if your cat is a mother, she will need a high-calorie food to keep herself and her kittens healthy. Or your cat may have other health issues—such as hairballs. In this case, you can find a kibble diet made especially for cats with this problem. If your kitty’s overweight and/or has diabetes, you’ll be able to find foods made especially for cats with these health issues.

3). Age: as a cat ages, her activity level and appetite may decrease, making it necessary to ensure her food is made for senior cats who require fewer calories. If you have a kitten, her requirements will be quite different. She’ll need kibble with more calories and nutrients that are meant to help her grow properly, while fulfilling her energy requirements.

Which Food to Choose?

Which food do you choose for your cat? If you have any questions about the best kibble cat food to feed your cat, then be sure to check with your veterinarian. They know your kitty inside and out, all of her health issues, etc. and will be able to give you the best advice on which food you should buy for your precious bundle of fur. Now we’ve covered nutrition and food labels, it’s time to take a look at the 50 best kibble cat foods for your fur baby!

Top 50 Kibble Cat Food Brands

Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo consistently ranks as one of the top pet food companies around. What makes this brand rank so high? First, Blue Buffalo dry cat foods start off with all-natural ingredients. You’ll find they use real meat, along with vegetables and fruit in all their recipes. You won’t find any by-products in their ingredient lists—this includes meat by products, soy, wheat, and corn. Blue Buffalo also avoids using artificial colors, flavors and preservatives in the cat food recipes.

All Blue Buffalo products are manufactured in the U.S., and they don’t use any form of invasive animal testing. They believe pets are like family members, and therefore should be provided with the best quality food possible.

Not only that, but you’ll find Blue Buffalo offers a wide variety of cat kibble, so you’ll be able to find just the right formula for your kitty. They offer everything from grain-free recipes to food for sensitive stomachs and formulas for older cats, and everything in between.

You’ll find these dry cat food options from Blue Buffalo:

1. Blue Healthy Living Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

Made with deboned chicken, whole grains and veggies and no chicken or poultry by-products. This dry cat food is made especially for adult cats in the prime of life.

2. Blue Sensitive Stomach for Adult Cats

This formula is made especially for kitties with sensitive stomachs. It helps to support digestive health, while giving your cat all the nutrition she needs every day.

3. Blue Freedom Grain-Free Indoor Chicken recipe

This is one of Blue Buffalo’s grain-free dry cat foods for adult cats, made only from protein-rich deboned chicken, whole carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, blueberries and cranberries. This product, as with other Blue Buffalo pet foods, contains no by-products, wheat, soy or anything artificial. This recipe is made to provide your indoor cat with all the nutrients she needs, but with lower calories to maintain a healthy body weight.

4. Blue Wilderness Duck for Adult Cats

The formula for this dry cat food from Blue Buffalo was inspired by the diet of the lynx, a close relative of your precious fur baby. Blue Wilderness offers your cat a diet of natural ingredients meant to mimic the lynx’s raw wild diet. This version contains duck, sweet potatoes, cranberries, blueberries, and carrots. You won’t find any grains or glutens, by-products, artificial preservatives, corn, wheat or soy in this recipe. Blue Buffalo offers other recipes in this line, including chicken and adult salmon for adult cats.

5. Blue Natural Veterinary Diet

You’ll also find Blue Buffalo offers a veterinary diet line of dry cat foods, meant to address specific health issues your cat may have. You’ll find a dry food specifically for kidney problems, gastrointestinal issues and a weight management formula. All made with Blue Buffalo’s finest, natural ingredients.

Hill’s Science Diet

Hill’s Science Diet is another top kibble cat food very popular with cat owners. Hill’s collaborates with over 220 veterinarians, scientists and pet nutritionists to develop their scientifically proven dry cat food. They have a strict quality standard and only use suppliers who are approved by Hill’s. The company conducts annual quality checks of their manufacturing facilities and Hill’s complies with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Not only that, but final quality and safety checks are conducted of every product, along with tests to ensure the food contains the right amount of nutrients. Hill’s Science Diet offers a wide variety of kibbles—you won’t have trouble finding a specific formula for your kitty’s age or health issues, including kibble for dental problem, hairball control, weight management and much more. You’ll find their food labels include only natural ingredients, plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids—all in just the right proportions to keep your kitty healthy.

Kibble from Hill’s contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and carries a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back if you’re not happy with the product. On the food label, you’ll find protein listed as the very first ingredient. Their proteins include real chicken, lamb or salmon. To top it all off, Hill’s sponsors a program to help shelter pets across the country. When you purchase any Science Diet product, Hill’s will donate a portion of the proceeds to help feed homeless pets. Hill’s offers these dry cat food options—there’s definitely a recipe your kitty will love:

6. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Optimal Care Original Cat Food

This is a balanced, easily digested dry cat food that offers complete nutrition for adult your cat.

7. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight Cat Food

This helps your cat maintain a healthy weight, while giving all the nutrition she needs every day.

8. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Cat Food

This is made specifically to help your cat’s sensitive digestive system, while improving her skin and coat health.


Natural Balance

Natural Balance is the next brand on our top 50 kitty kibble food list. Natural Balance specializes in cat foods with a limited number of ingredients. Each of their cat food formulations includes animal protein, pea protein and healthy fats that help keep your cat healthy, with a nice shiny coat. In addition, each recipe contains no grains, no artificial flavors or bleached ingredients. You’ll find just the right formula to fit your cat’s needs. Natural Balance offers weight manage formulas, grain-free recipes, high protein foods and more. They even offer limited ingredient food formulas for pets with sensitivities and/or allergies.

Natural Balance tests every batch of pet food and treats at a certified laboratory. They do nine tests so ensure you get the best product for your cat. They test for different toxins, melamine, salmonella and more to make sure all their pet food is safe for your pet to eat. In addition, when you contact the company, you’ll immediately be put in touch with a highly trained veterinary technician who will help you find the best food for your cat. To top it off, Natural Balance offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee—it’s part of their “Buy With Confidence” promise. Natural Balanced offers several formulas that may just be purrfect for your kitty:

9. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Cat Food

This formula is made with high-quality duck, is grain free and limits the number of ingredients your cat’s exposed to. This is especially good for cats with food allergies or sensitivities.

10. Natural Balanced Original Ultra Whole Body Health Dry Cat Food

You’ll find this recipe offers your cat whole-body nutrition, which includes chicken and salmon as rich sources of protein. This cat food is formulated for all cat breeds and is gluten free.

11. Natural Balance Indoor Ultra Dry Cat Food

This formula is also made for all cats, but specifically for those who are indoors most of the time. The recipe includes chicken and salmon as rich sources of protein for adult cats and provides all the nutrients your indoor cat needs every day. Especially formulated to help keep your indoor cat from gaining unhealthy weight.

Acana Dry Cat Foods

Acana Cat Foods are next on our top 50 list. This company uses ingredients produced regionally in Kentucky, with a focus on “Biologically Appropriate” food ingredients for your fur buddy. According to their site, Acana uses fresh, locally sourced ranch-raised meats, free-run poultry, nest-laid eggs and wild-caught fish. Their recipes are loaded with 75% meat proteins and 25% fruits and vegetables, which offer all the nutrients your cat requires. In addition, their food formulas are low in carbohydrates.

Acana produces their pet food in the U.S., with quality and food safety systems equal to food processing facilities for humans. Their cat food doesn’t contain any artificial colorings, preservatives, etc. Acana relies on whole foods to provide the key nutrients and vitamins your cat needs on a daily basis for balanced nutrition. Each recipe is also grain free, which is important since cats can’t readily digest grains. Not only that, but you’ll find just the right kibble formula for your cat with the wide variety of products Acana offers. Acana creates these healthy formulas for cats:

12. Acana Regionals Meadowland for Cats

Made for cats of all breeds and life stages, this formula is meat-based and created with a wildcat’s diet in mind. This recipe includes chicken, turkey, blue catfish and rainbow trout.

13. Acana Regionals Wild Atlantic Dry Cat Food

This uses sustainable wild-caught fish. You’ll find this recipe is made of 75% wild-caught fish, including mackerel, herring, redfish, silver hake, and yellowtail flounder. This recipe also uses many parts of the fish, including muscle meat, liver, kidney, tripe, along with bones and cartilage to supply all the nutrients your cat needs.

Rachel Ray’s Nutrish Natural Dry Cat Food

Rachael Ray’s Nutrish Natural Dry Cat Food is another healthy kibble cat food for your kitty! You’ve probably heard of Rachel Ray—but if not, she’s famous TV chef. You can bet she’s made sure this cat food is the best! Nutrish Natural Dry Cat Food is made with protein from beef, poultry, and fish. In addition, you’ll find a listing of each of their ingredients—they’re all natural and healthy for your special kitty. ou won’t find any artificial colors, supplements or preservatives in this cat kibble.

You’ll find a variety of kibble formulations, with one just right for your cat. They also offer a no-grain recipe for cats who have trouble digesting cat food containing grains.

14. Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Cat Food

Contains real salmon, brown rice and veggies, along with added vitamins and minerals. Contains no ground corn, wheat, soy, poultry by-products, artificial flavors or artificial preservatives.

15. Rachael Ray Nutrish Indoor Complete Chicken with Lentils & Salmon Recipe

You’ll only find real, nutritious ingredients here, including chicken, salmon, lentils, prebiotics from pumpkin & dandelion greens (helps digestion), berries (rich in antioxidants to help support the immune system.

16. Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain for Cats

Here, you have two recipes to choose from: chicken and potato or whitefish and potato. Both recipes offer real chicken or fish as the first ingredient on the label. You’ll find zero grains—this is the perfect choice for cats who have problems digesting grains such as wheat, corn or soy.


Organix Grain Free, by Castor & Pollux, is another popular option for kitties who need to be on a grain free diet. They offer three kibble recipes, including Organix Grain Free Organic Chicken & Sweet Potato, Organix Grain Free Organic Kitten, and Organix Organic Chicken & Brown Rice recipes. Organix’s recipes are not only grain free, but they’re also natural and organic.

According to their site, the potential benefits of an organic diet include a reduction of allergies and itchy skin, reduced digestion problems and better health overall. Their ingredients come from whole food sources—plant and animal—which are unprocessed or processed without synthetic chemicals. They offer three organic recipes just right for your cat:

17. Organix Grain Free Organic Chicken & Potato Recipe

This formula comes in three different versions: Healthy Adult, Healthy Senior and Healthy Start Kitten. Each recipe is grain free, and includes only the finest organic ingredients: chicken, peas, potatoes and lentils. You won’t find any corn, soy or wheat in this formulation. All ingredients are made in the USA—Organix doesn’t use ingredients from China.

18. Organix Grain Free Salmon & Peas Recipe

Another grain free recipe, with salmon as the first ingredient on the label. Also includes the following organic ingredients: potatoes and lentils. As with their other recipes, all ingredients are made in the U.S., with no ingredients from China. This formula doesn’t include corn, wheat or soy.

19. Organix Grain Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

Uses organic, free-range chicken as the first label ingredient, and includes flaxseed, organic cranberries and organic coconut oil. You won’t find any artificial preservatives, added growth hormones or antibiotics in this recipe.

Tender and True

You’ll find 95% of this dry cat food’s ingredients are organically certified, with the 1st ingredient on the label being an animal protein. You won’t find corn, wheat, soy, artificial preservatives, colors or flavorings on Tender and True’s ingredient label. One of the most unique points about Tender and True is their partnership with the Global Animal Partnership (GAP).

According to GAP’s site, they’re a non-profit organization of farmers, scientists, retailers, manufacturers and animal advocates working together to improve farm animal welfare. This means all the meat used in Tender and True is grown on farms where they are treated humanely, as well as having outdoor access, and are raised without added antibiotics and hormones. In addition, all fish used in their recipes are caught using sustainable methods. With all of this, Tender and True provides all the nutritional value your kitty needs throughout her busy day.

20. Tender and True

Dry cat food is another great option when looking for healthy ingredients for your kitty.  The company was launched in 2014 but has been in the pet nutrition business for over 30 years. Tender and True uses organic ingredients in their cat food, making it a healthy option for your cat.

21. Tender & True Organic Turkey & Liver Kibble

This recipe contains U.S. farm-raised organic turkey that’s certified by GAP, meaning the turkeys were humanely raised. This is a grain-free recipe that provides 100% of your cat’s daily nutritional needs. You won’t find corn, wheat, soy, artificial preservatives, colors, flavors or added hormones in this formulation. This recipe is for your adult cats.

22. Tender & True Sustainable Seafood Ocean Whitefish & Potato Recipe

This is certified to contain fish caught using sustainable fishing methods and offers all of your cat’s nutritional needs every day. This recipe contains no artificial ingredients—preservatives, colors or flavors. You won’t find corn, wheat or soy in the ingredient label, either. Another healthy choice for your kitty.

Newman’s Own Dry Cat Food

Newman’s Own Dry Cat Food offers healthy options for your pet’s daily meals. She’ll be happy to come running to a food bowl filled with Newman’s Own. The company ensures their cat food is manufactured with high standards and quality control, and they test samples from each run for analysis to ensure their food is safe for your cat every time. No animal testing is used, aside from “taste tests,” where they have animals from the local humane society shelter try their pet foods.

Newman’s is known for their organic food products and this is true of their pet foods, too. They only use organic ingredients, without chemical additives, preservatives, pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. In addition, Newman’s gives 100% of their profits to charity. When you buy your cat a bag of Newman’s dry cat food, you’ll be helping shelter pets in need of good food and a home.

23. Newman’s Own Advanced Cat Formula

This is a blended recipe of organic chicken and brown rice—you’ll find that the chicken is the first item on the ingredient label. This food contains only healthy ingredients for your cat—it doesn’t contain wheat, corn, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. The Advanced Formula is high in protein and is ideal for active cats, senior cats and even kittens.

24. Newman’s Own Adult Cat Formula

This is a tasty blend of chicken and brown rice, specifically formulated for adult cats. This recipe will meet the daily nutritional requirements of your adult cat, with no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, wheat or corn. Also contains organic peas and carrots. You’ll have a happy, healthy fur baby with this recipe.

Solid Gold

Solid Gold’s brand has been in the pet nutrition business for over 40 years, and their focus is providing the best food recipes to keep your cat healthy and happy for years to come. They strive to provide a healthy, more natural diet. Solid Gold’s nutrition philosophy is “All that’s good, nothing that’s not.”

You’ll find a powerful, healthy mix of vitamin-rich super foods and balanced ingredients in Solid Gold’s dry cat food recipes.  Their formulas are developed with your pet’s health in mind—they believe in using the “earth’s nutritional wisdom is both an art and a science.” All ingredients are only the best-quality, with no ingredients coming from China. Solid Gold specifically uses sustainable ingredients including rich sources of protein, health produce, herbs and spices. Solid Gold provides a variety of dry cat food recipes, including grain and gluten free versions:

25. Solid Gold Weight Control Dry Cat Food; Fit as a Fiddle Grain-Free with Alaskan Pollock

This recipe is an excellent choice if your cat tends to be overweight. It uses holistic ingredients such as carrots, pumpkin, cranberries, blueberries, broccoli, almond oil, kelp and lentils. You’ll find fresh caught Alaskan Pollock as the first ingredient on the label. This formulation provides healthy monosaturated fats including olive oil, canola oil and salmon oil to help your cat maintain healthy skin and coat.

26. Solid Gold High Protein Dry Cat Food: Indigo Moon with Real Chicken & Eggs

This recipe is formulated for cats of all life stages (including kittens) and all sizes. This is another grain and gluten free option for your own kitty. Ingredients include high-protein chicken and chicken meal, egg, peas, potatoes and other healthy ingredients. You won’t find any meat by-products, corn, wheat, soy, sugar, artificial preservatives or flavors added.

27. Solid Gold Antioxidant Rich Dry Cat Food; Nature’s Harmony Grain Free, Real Chicken & Cranberry

Just reading the ingredients makes you hungry! This healthy formulation includes lean chicken, peas, potatoes, vitamins E & C, and cranberries. Again, this is a grain-free recipe without artificial ingredients (meat by-products, corn, wheat, soy, sugar, preservatives or flavors).

28. Solid Gold Sensitive Stomach Dry Cat Food; Winged Tiger Grain Free, Real Quail & Pumpkin

This recipe is especially for kitties that have sensitive stomachs. The recipe includes nutrient-rich ingredients: lean, protein-rich quail and fiber-rich pumpkin that helps with digestion. This recipe is grain- and gluten-free. Help your kitty feel more like a tiger, in spite of her sensitive stomach with this nutrient-packed dry cat food.


Eagle Pack Dry Cat Food

Eagle Pack has been in the business of pet nutrition for over 30 years, with an emphasis on providing natural nutrition to help your cat live a long, healthy life. They aim to create dry cat foods with the right balance of nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates so your fur baby has shiny coat, bright eyes, a healthy digestive system and more energy to keep up with you. The company offers a money back guarantee with your purchase, in case you or your cat aren’t completely satisfied with the cat food.

You can count on Eagle Pack’s ingredient selection—you’ll find only all-natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals. You won’t find artificial anything: preservatives, colors or flavorings. The company has strict ingredient specifications and stringent food safety program to ensure your cat’s food is healthy and safe for her to eat every day. According to their site, “Our quality assurance processes are based on human food manufacturing practices and go far beyond what is considered ‘standard’ in pet food.”

29. Eagle Pack Natural Dry Cat Food for Indoor Cats

This recipe is specifically formulated for indoor cats, who may not be quite as energetic as outdoor cats. Indoor cats need to watch their weight—and this recipe from Eagle Pack does the trick. The ingredients include real chicken and is formulated with a moderate amount of fat and calories to help your precious fur ball feel satisfied between meals. This recipe is all natural and contains no corn, wheat, meat or poultry by-products, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

30. Eagle Pack Natural Pet Food, Original Adult Formula for Adult Cats

This yummy recipe is made with healthy flaxseed, eggs, cranberries and chicken. This nutrient-packed recipe will meet your adult cat’s daily nutritional requirements, while providing healthy antioxidants for health immune system function. This recipe contains no wheat, corn, meat or poultry by-products, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.


Holistic Effect

Holistic Effect’s cat food philosophy is creating natural, healthy pet foods for your cat. They’re committed to natural nutrition when it comes to creating their specific recipes. According to their site, Holistic Effect “strongly believes in our philosophy that total body health begins with digestive healthy for everyone in the family, including our pets.” Their cat food contains Holistic Effect’s Unique Digestive Health Support System, which includes pre- and probiotics, natural fiber, digestive botanicals and digestive enzymes, along with natural ingredients like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, omega fatty acids and healthy proteins. All of Holistic Effect’s products are produced in the U.S.

The company offers a money back guarantee if you or your kitty are not satisfied with their products. You can even return the unused portion, with the original packaging and receipt back to the place of purchase and receive a full refund or exchange. Not may companies go to that length to make sure their customers are happy. Holistic Select offers a wide variety of dry cat foods, including:

31. Holistic Select Natural Dry Cat Food—Anchovy & Sardine

This recipe is made with real sardines, anchovies and salmon. The additional ingredients are all natural—you won’t find corn, meat by-products, artificial colors, flavors, fillers or preservatives. Your cat will be a happy kitty after eating this dry cat food! Not only that, but this recipe will meet all her daily nutritional requirements.

32. Holistic Select Natural Dry Cat Food—Adult & Kitten Health

This formulation is made for both kittens and adult cats. It contains active probiotics, healthy fiber and digestive enzymes for a healthy digestive system. Only lean muscle is used as the main protein—which is chicken. This recipe is grain-free, and offers complete nutrition for adults and kittens. You won’t find corn, meat by-products, or anything artificial on the ingredient list—only natural, healthy ingredients to help your kitten or cat look and feel her best.

Wellness Complete

Wellness Complete dry cat foods are made with your cat’s health in mind. They strive to provide your pet with natural, wholesome food that is tasty and healthy. Wellness Complete maintains stringent processing standards and takes as many precautions with your cat’s food as is taken with human foods.

When it comes to their pet food ingredients, Wellness Complete takes a holistic approach, focusing on real ingredients that offer your pet real health benefits. Each recipe is formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition for your kitty every day. All ingredients are natural. All of Wellness Complete’s products are made entirely in the U.S. You’ll find a wide variety of recipes available—it won’t be hard to find the right one for your cat!

33. Wellness Complete Indoor Dry Cat Food

Made with deboned chicken and chicken meal will entice your picky feline to eat every time! This recipe is created for indoor cats and helps your cat maintain healthy joints and hips with the addition of glucosamine and chondroitin. It also contains omega fatty acids to maintain healthy skin and coat for indoor kitties. You’ll also find the fiber level’s increased—this is to help control and manage hairballs. Ingredients include premium chicken and natural ingredients. This recipe does not include wheat, corn, soy, meat by-products, artificial flavorings, colors or preservatives.

34. Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Indoor Chicken

This recipe is especially for indoor cats and offers shedding support, with omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. Not only that, but L-carnitine and fiber aid in weight management for your indoor kitty, who may be a little less active than her outdoor companions. She’ll stay at her optimal weight with this indoor formula. This is a grain free recipe, which is made from chicken combined with essential vitamins and minerals—your cat will be healthy and happy with all her daily nutrition needs met. This product contains only natural ingredients—you won’t find meat by-products, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

35. Wellness Hairball Control Dry Cat Food—Chicken and Rice

Does your cat have a problem with hairballs? Then this formula may be a great help. This recipe is vet-formulated and is scientifically proven to manage hairballs. The recipe contains special natural fibers that help move swallowed hair and already-formed hairballs through your cat’s digestive system. Hairball Control dry cat food provides your cat with the proper daily nutrients she needs. The recipe combines the natural fibers with chicken, vitamins, minerals—all geared to help your cat stay healthy. This product doesn’t contain wheat, soy, corn, meat by-products, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

36. Wellness CORE Grain Free Original

This is a grain-free recipe, which offers a high protein content that includes turkey, chicken, whitefish and herring—combined with real vegetables and essential vitamins and minerals. You’ll find this formula promotes optimal health and digestion with support for lean muscle mass, a healthy immune system, skin and coat support and digestive support with probiotics. This product is 100% grain free.



IAMS has been around since the 1940s. According to their site, IAMS was established with “the belief that innovation will lead to superior quality, thus enhancing the health of dogs and cats.” The company first developed natural pet foods back in the 90s and included omega fatty acids to support healthy skin and coats. These days, IAMs remains dedicated to innovation and continuous improvement of their products, with the goal of improving your pet’s health.

When it comes to ingredients, IAMS is dedicated to only using premium foods in its recipes. IAMs’ Healthy Naturals offer cat food based on a wild cat’s natural diet.

37. IAMS Healthy Naturals Adult Dry Cat Food—Chicken

This recipe is based on healthy chicken protein, with chicken listed first on the ingredient label. The formula includes vitamin E and an antioxidant blend to support your cat’s immune system, while providing your cat with needed energy through wholesome rice and barley. This formula is based on a wild cat’s diet, which gives your cat all the daily nutrients she needs. She’ll come running when she hears you pouring these kibbles!

38. IAMS Grain Free Naturals Grain Free Adult Dry Cat Food

This is a no-grain recipe based on healthy protein from chicken and turkey. You’ll find the formula also includes cranberries, peas, carrots and spinach, and is enhanced with vitamins and antioxidants—all to keep your cat healthy. This product contains no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors and provides your cat with all the nutrients she needs every day.


Natural Planet Organics

Tuffy’s Pet foods, the manufacturer of Natural Planet Organics, has been in the pet food business for 50 years. From the beginning, they’ve been dedicated to strict quality control of their products, so you know their food is safe for your fur baby. Their focus is on providing premium pet foods and providing the most nutritious diet for your precious companion. Along with their stringent quality control, Natural Planet provides several products that use non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) in their ingredients. You can rest assured that all organic ingredients in their food is non-GMO.

Natural Planet Organics’ stands by the philosophy that health starts in the gut. As a result, all of their products contain nutrients and supplements that support a healthy digestive system. Not only that, but their ingredients also work to support a healthy immune system. Specially sourced probiotics are used in their products. Their recipes are safe for puppies and adult dogs at every life stage. In addition, the company uses exotic protein sources, including kangaroo, venison, duck and rabbit. They also offer grain free options, which contain fruits, veggies and pro- and pre-biotics.

39. Natural Planet Organics Cat Food

Made for your fur baby—is organic and packed with nutrients to ensure your kitty will have overall good health. This product contains no fillers or preservatives and is made with organic ingredients including organic chicken, peas, flaxseed, brown rice, eggs and more. Your kitty’s nutrition will be met every day all day after she eats this nutrient-packed food.

40. Natural Planet All Life Stages Dry Cat Food, Chicken and Peas Formula

Another organic recipe from Planet Natural Organics. This formula is for all the life stages of your cat—from kitten to adult and into the senior years. It’s made with organic chicken, omega 3 & omega 6 fatty acids, and will keep your kitty satisfied all day with it’s nutrient-packed recipe.


Open Farm

Open Farm was started in 2013 and is a family-run business focusing on helping pets and farm animals live better lives. They also work to save the environment with sustainable farming practices. They started Open Farm to create pet food formulas made with quality, nutritious ingredients that work to keep your pet happy and healthy. Their products are created in such a way that farm animal welfare is respected and supported. Their products are grain free, based on a limited number of high-quality proteins, along with fruits and veggies. All the ingredients in their pet foods are raised “naturally, responsibly and humanely,” according to their website.

All sourced meat ingredients come from farm animals raised with kindness and respect. The farm animals’ diet is also important, so all feed is quality, vegetarian diets free of animal products. Their diets are also free of antibiotics and growth hormones. Easy access to both food and fresh water is ensured for all farm animals, and they’re raised in a stress-free environment. Farm animals are allowed to live as naturally as possible, with humane care for their entire life. Open Farm is a partner of Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC), which works to promote humane treatment of farm animals.

41. Open Farm Homestead Turkey and Chicken Recipe Organic Sustainable Cat Food

This recipe is grain-free, and the protein sources are certified humanely handled and is Ocean Wise certified. The recipe contains rich protein sources, including turkey, chicken, ocean-caught whitefish, and herring, along with chickpeas, lentils, and additional fruits and veggies. All veggies and fruits are non-GMO, and the recipe contains no artificial flavorings or preservatives. This recipe is appropriate for all the life stages of your cat—from kitten to adult and senior stages.

42. Open Farm Pasture-Raised Lamb Cat Food

Your kitty will receive all her daily nutrients with this healthy dry cat food. This recipe contains 100% grass-fed and grass-finished pastured lamb, along with non-GMO fruits, veggies and legumes. You won’t find any artificial flavorings, preservatives or colors in this recipe, but you will find a balanced blend of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. This lamb formula also contains prebiotic fibers to support healthy digestion. This recipe is for all the life stages of your cat—from kitten, to adult and into the senior years.

Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild is another family-owned business dedicated to creating pet foods that offer your cat the best in nutrition. They aim to produce not only nutritious foods for your cat, but also foods that taste good. Ingredients for their recipes are chosen only from carefully selected sources, with each recipe designed by veterinarians and nutritionist to make sure their pet foods meet your pet’s nutritional requirements. Not only that, but the company also has strict quality and safety measures in place, so you don’t have to worry if your precious fur baby’s food is safe or not. All Taste of Wild’s recipes are made completely in the U.S.

The recipes produced by Taste of Wild include probiotics to help keep your kitty’s digestive system healthy and running smoothly. Each recipe is free from artificial preservatives, colors and flavorings, so you know your cat’s meal is safe and healthy. Taste of Wild does conduct animal testing—but only taste tests (feeding trials), which are observational and non-invasive. According to their site, “The nutritional staff observes which food the dog or cat chooses to eat first when two different foods are offered to them.”

43. Taste of Wild Grain Free High Protein Natural Dry Cat Food—Rocky Mountain-Venison & Salmon Recipe

This yummy recipe is made with roasted venison and smoked salmon, along with fruits and vegetables for natural antioxidants from trusted and sustainable sources. The forumula is grain free and contains no corn, wheat, filler, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. You’ll find this to be a wholesome, healthy food for your cat. She’ll have her daily nutritional needs met with this tasty recipe. In addition, this formula contains probiotics to help your kitty maintain a healthy digestive system. Taste of Wild is proud to be made in the U.S.

Nature’s Variety Instinct

Nature’s Variety Instinct is a pet food company that offers a different type of kibble or dry cat food. Their pet foods are actually raw, rather than cooked. They want to provide pet food that matches your cat’s natural diet, which would include raw sources of protein. The company believes the food we serve our pets should be natural and as close to its original form as possible.

How does Instinct provide raw food in kibble form? Instinct takes natural ingredients: protein sources, veggies, fruits, etc. and combines them without cooking. Their pet food is never cooked. Instead, Instinct uses a freeze-dried process to remove moisture from the kibbles, making it safe to store on your kitchen or pantry shelf. The recipes remain natural and are not cooked, thawed or refrigerated. In this way, your cat’s food is full of nutrition that comes directly from the natural foods used to create the kibble. And the food’s completely safe for your kitty.

44. Instinct Original Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Cat Food–Chicken

This recipe is made with cage-free chicken meat, listed as the first ingredient on the label. It’s also made without grains—it contains no grain, potatoes, corn, wheat, soy, by-product meal, artificial colors or preservatives. Probiotics are another important ingredient in this formula, to keep your cat’s skin, coat, digestion and immune system all running smoothly—helping your cat to stay healthy in all ways. This recipe also includes turkey meal, Menhaden fish meal, peas, pumpkin seeds and more—all combined in a healthy freeze-dried kibble.

45. Instinct Ultimate Protein Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Cat Food—Chicken Recipe

This tasty formula is high protein—with three times more real chicken than other brands. The protein comes from pure animal sources and does not contain animal meals (like chicken meal or duck meals). The kibble is made without grains, corn, wheat, soy or any other artificial ingredients. This recipe is created with digestibility in mind, for optimal absorption of nutrients. In addition, you’ll find the recipe contains healthy and natural Omega fatty acids and antioxidants to maintain your cat’s overall health.

46. Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Cat Food–Turkey

Do you have a cat with food sensitivities? Then this recipe may work for your kitty. It’s especially created for cats who have food sensitivities but could also work for cats with allergies. Keeping ingredients only to a few ensures you know what’s in your cat’s food and limits the chances of her having a reaction to something in her food. This recipe contains protein from only one source—turkey. And you’ll also find only one vegetable source listed, rather than several on the ingredient list. This formula is simple and contains no grain, dairy, eggs, potato, corn, wheat, soy or artificial ingredients.

Earthborn Holistic

Earthborn Holistic is another option when it comes to providing natural, healthy food for your cat. This company is dedicated to creating cat food recipes that are rich in fiber, provide natural antioxidants, offer premium quality sources of protein, which also include other healthy ingredients to maintain your cat’s health.

Not only does Earthborn Holistic work to provide your kitty with the best cat food, but they also strive to care for the environment and our planet. They have several programs in place to help the environment, including:

You’ll help the environment every time you buy Earthborn products, and your fur buddy will have a delicious meal.

47. Earthborn Holistic Primitive Feline Natural Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Earthborn’s primitive recipe is made to provide balanced nutrition for all stages of your kitty’s life—from kitten to senior. This recipe contains high-quality protein including chicken, herring, salmon and whitefish. You’ll also find a mix of healthy vegetables and fruits in this recipe that provide antioxidants to maintain your cat’s health at optimal levels. Not only that, but this food has the taste your cat will love. This formula is grain- and gluten-free.

48. Earthborn Holistic Feline Vantage Natural Dry Cat Food

This formula is also made to see your cat through all life stages, including kitten to adult and senior cat. It contains rich sources of protein including chicken, herring, salmon and whitefish—all of which are great for building and maintaining your cat’s muscles. It also contains brown rice, oats, barley and flaxseed which provide just the right amount of healthy fiber to maintain a healthy digestive system. In addition, Feline Vantage contains the right amount of minerals (calcium and phosphorous) to make sure your kitten gets the right amount of minerals to build strong, healthy bones. Earthborn’s also added Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids to support your kitty’s immune system and provide a healthy coat and skin. You cat’s ensured of getting her daily nutrition met by this healthy, natural dry cat food.


We’ve covered many brands of cat food from a wide variety of producers—both large and small. We can’t overlook Purina and the natural cat kibbles they produce. Purina’s been around for over 90 years, making it one of the oldest pet food producers included in this article. They’ve been dedicated to providing the best possible pet food for your pets and have continued to stay on top of current scientific developments when it comes to making healthy cat food recipes for your special meow baby.

Purina offers some a few natural products, all geared to better improving your cat’s overall health.

49. Muse by Purina Grain-Free Natural Recipe Adult Dry Cat Food—Salmon Recipe

Muse dry cat foods are completely grain- and gluten-free, so they’re safe for most cats who are sensitive to these ingredients. This recipe contains real salmon—it’s the first ingredient on the list. You’ll be happy to know this formula contains no fillers, chicken by-product meal, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. You kitty will be happy and healthy with this recipe—it provides all her daily nutrient essentials, including antioxidants to make her immune system strong.

50. Purina Cat Chow Naturals Indoor with Real Chicken & Turkey Dry Cat Food

This is another natural recipe for your cat; it’s based on a cat’s natural diet and is full of proteins sure to please your kitty’s tastes. This recipe is healthy and supports adult cats. It’s made with only real sources of protein—turkey and chicken and contains omega 6 for healthy skin and a shiny coat. This product contains no artificial flavors or preservatives.


Reading Kibble Cat Food Labels

Just like you need to read the labels for your human food, you’ll need to learn how to read the labels on your cat’s kibble foods, too. The information on the cat food label is required by the U.S. government to be there—all cat foods must include the following information:

Be sure to look for all of this information on any type of cat food you buy for your precious fur baby—on bags of kibble or canned foods.

Daily Nutritional and Vitamin Requirements for Cats

Before you read cat food ingredient lists, be sure to know what nutrients and vitamins your cat needs every day. Just like us, cats must meet their daily nutritional and vitamin requirements in order to stay healthy.

So, what are your cat’s daily nutritional and vitamin requirements? It will depend on her age and lifestyle. However, according to, most healthy adult cats need to meet the following nutritional and vitamin requirements each day to maintain optimal health:

Daily protein requirements 10 g/kg bodyweight
Daily fat requirements 2 g/kg bodyweight
Daily carbohydrate 1 g/kg bodyweight
Daily energy 45 kcal/kg bodyweight
Daily fiber requirements  1 g/kg bodyweight
Total protein (grams) 4.96
Amino Acids
Arginine (g) 0.19
Histidine (g) 0.064
Isoleucine (g) 0.11
Lysine (g) 0.084
Leucine (g) 0.25
Methionine (g) 0.042
Phenylalanine (g) 0.099
Phenylalanine-tyrosine (g) 0.38
Taurine (g) 0.0099
Threonine (g) 0.13
Tryptophan (g) 0.032
Valine (g) 0.13
Total Fat (g) 2.2
Linoleic Acid—Omega 3 (g) 0.14
Arachidonic Acid—Omega 6 (g) 0.0005
Eicosapentaenoic & Docosahexaenoic Acid (g) 0.0025
Vitamin A (μg) 24.7
Vitamin D3 (μg) 0.17
Vitamin E (mg) 0.94
Vitamin K (mg) 0.025
Thiamin (mg) 0.14
Riboflavin (mg) 0.099
Pyridoxine (B6) (mg) 0.06
Niacin (B3) (mg) 0.99
Pantothenic Acid (B5) mg 0.14
Folic Acid (B9) (μg) 19
Biotin (B7) (μg) 1.9
Vitamin B12 (μg) 0.56
Choline (mg) 63
Vitamin C (mg) 0
Calcium (g) 0.071
Phosphorus (g) 0.063
Potassium (g) 0.13
Chloride (mg) 23.7
Magnesium (mg) 9.5
Iron (mg) 1.98
Copper (mg) 0.119
Iodine (μg) 35
Zinc (mg) 1.9
Manganese (mg) 0.119
Selenium (μg) 6.95

Tips for Reading Ingredients on Cat Kibble Labels

This part can be a little tricky, but we’ve researched some tips on what to look for and what to avoid when it comes to ingredients listed on your pet’s food. So, what things should you look for in the ingredients list?

1). Ingredient weight: ingredients should be listed in order of weight. What does this mean? In other words, if “chicken” is the first thing listed in the ingredients, it means the kibble contains a higher amount of chicken than vegetables or fruits (usually listed later on the label).

2). Ingredients: the foods used to create the kibble. The most common cat food ingredients include:

3). Daily nutritional and vitamin requirements: you’ll want to check the cat food label to ensure your cat will receive all the nutrients and vitamins she needs on a daily basis. Be sure to compare the label with the chart of nutrients and vitamins listed above.

4). Low carbohydrate content: be sure your cat’s food is low-carb. Cat’s can’t digest carbs very well.

Ingredients to Avoid in Your Cat’s Food

Next, you’ll need to check your cat’s kibble food label for things to avoid:

1). Non-nutritive fillers: these can be grains, such as wheat or barley, or could even include vegetables such as potato starch (used as a binder), etc. Cats are carnivores and can’t readily digest plant material. Additional fillers to watch for include corn and soy.

2). By products: avoid pet food that contains by-products. Meat by-products may not only be meat, but can include beaks, feet, and many other body parts that are ground and added to the food.

3). Artificial colors/flavors/sweeteners/preservatives: some of these ingredients are known carcinogens (meaning they can cause cancer). Preservatives to watch out for include BHT, BHA, ethoxyquin, propyl gallate and others. Even though sugar’s a natural sweetener, cats don’t need it. Just like we humans, cats can eat too much sugar and end up obese, which can then lead to diabetes and other health problems.

4). Organic/Natural/Holistic foods: if your cat’s food comes in a bag, it’s been processed. It can’t be entirely natural/organic, etc. if it comes in a can or a bag. Just be aware of this labeling practice. It’s more important to read the nutrient and vitamin list, along with the ingredient list. These foods can still be a healthier choice—just be sure to focus on the ingredients list to make sure it’s all safe and healthy for your fur baby.

Other Issues to Consider

Now you’ve learned how to read the label on your cat’s kibble, you’ll need to keep a couple more things in mind regarding what your fur baby eats:

a).  Food allergies and/or sensitivities: some cats do have food allergies or food sensitivities, including fish allergies. Other cats may have a wheat or gluten allergy, etc. If you know your cat’s got allergies or sensitivities to certain foods, be sure to read all kibble labels closely to avoid buying food that could cause a reaction in your kitty.

b). “Natural” or “Organic”: don’t confuse these two terms. “Natural” means the ingredients contain no artificial colors of flavors, while “organic” refers to how a food ingredient is grown and processed.

c). Breed-specific kibble: there are also specific kibble cat foods available for different cat breeds. If you’re unsure which food to buy for your specific breed of cat, check with the breeder or your veterinarian for their recommendations. However, most cats do just fine when eating regular dry cat food.

d). AAFCO Certification: look for dry or kibble cat food that’s been certified by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). This organization works to develop and promote standards for animal feed and pet foods, but the organization doesn’t have regulatory authority. However, it works to establish the baseline nutritional standards for animal feed and pet foods—ensuring these foods provide complete and balanced nutrition for pets and animals. When you see this certification on a dry cat food or kibble bag, you’ll know this pet food will provide your fur baby with all the necessary nutrition she needs throughout her busy, active day.

Next, let’s take a look at kibble for kittens and their specific nutritional requirements.

Dry Cat Food for Kittens

Who can ignore a cute, cuddly little ball of fluff like a kitten? They’re so cute and cuddly, but also full of energy and mischief as they explore the world. When it comes to feeding your new kitten, it can be challenging to find the right kibble to meet her nutritional requirements. This is where reading labels is important—you want to be sure to buy the healthiest dry cat food for your little ball of fluff.

When looking for the right kitten food, be sure to look for the AAFCO certification, which ensures the kitten food provides complete and balanced nutrition. This means your kitten will get the nourishment she needs, without too many vitamins, supplements and other ingredients that could actually be bad for her health.

Kittens are able to eat kibble; however, if your kitten is very young, she may need supplemental canned cat food until she’s a little older. The reason for this is that her teeth are very small and don’t allow her to easily chew dry food.

It’s recommended that if you’re feeding your kitten both canned and dry foods, then you can feed her twice a day. However, if she’s only eating canned food, then she’ll need to be fed about four times a day, to ensure she gets all the calories and nutrients her growing body needs. 

Senior Cats and Kibble Cat Food

What about senior cats and kibble cat food? Are they able to eat it? Is there anything to consider when it comes to a senior cat eating dry cat food?

Just as we humans go through many changes as we age, our kitty companions also go through changes as they get older

If you notice she’s not eating well, and is even losing weight, then it’s time to make an appointment with your veterinarian to have your cat’s health checked. Your vet will check her overall health, along with her teeth. Older cats can develop tooth and gum problems, which make it difficult or even painful for them to eat.

If your kitty checks out OK and has no underlying health or dental problems, check with your vet if she can still eat kibble. If so, then you can try a couple of things to get her interested in her food again.

1). Warm it up: put your cat’s food in a microwavable container and microwave the kibble for about 5-15 seconds—just enough to warm it up. You may also need to add just a little bit of water to the dry cat food before microwaving. Why warm it up? This works to soften the food a little bit (especially if you add water) and makes the kibble smell stronger. Some older cats lose their sense of smell and warming their food helps increase the food’s aroma, enticing her to eat.

2). Add water: another option, if you don’t have a microwave or would rather not microwave your cat’s kibble, is to add water to your kitty’s dry cat food, according to Purina’s website. This has the same effect as microwaving—it helps to soften the food and increase the food’s aroma.

These methods can help to get your kitty’s appetite back again. She may still be finicky about what she eats, but she may eat a little more food if it’s softer and has a stronger aroma.

Pros and Cons of Feeding Your Cat Kibble Food

Why do people choose to feed their cats kibble rather than canned/wet cat food? Which one is healthier for your cat? You may have a lot of questions when it comes to choosing the right food for your cat. Here’s some information on the pros and cons of feeding your sweet furry companion kibble/dry cat food.

Pros of Kibble Cat Food

1). Dry, kibble cat food is often cheaper than canned food, or even food you make at home for your cat.

2). Dry cat food can help control plaque on your kitty’s teeth, while also preventing tartar deposits.

3). Your cat may feel more satisfied and full after eating kibble, making her less hungry throughout the day.

4). Dry, kibble cat food is usually easier to store and it lasts longer before going bad. Kibble food can even stay in your cat’s food bowl longer—you don’t have to worry it will spoil. Canned foods can lose their freshness after 2 hours or less once it’s been opened.

Cons of Kibble Cat Food

1). Dry cat foods may contain less protein than canned foods; your cat requires high amounts of protein, as she’s a carnivore—her diet’s based on meat. She needs the right amount of protein in her diet to stay healthy and active.

2). Cats can sometimes become dehydrated when eating only dry, or kibble cat foods most of the time. In fact, some cats are not able to eat kibble, or dry, cat foods due to specific health issues including urinary tract infections, kidney disease and diabetes.

3). Kibble foods may contain higher levels of carbohydrates than canned/wet cat food. Too many carbs can cause your precious kitty to gain weight—she may even become obese, which leads to other serious health problems.

4). Dry foods may contain too much salt and sugar, which can cause serious health problems in cats.

5). Kibble cat foods are also sometimes made with too many fillers, especially in cheaper dry cat food brands.

Now you’ve taken a look at some of the pros and cons, you can see why it’s important to learn to read your cat’s pet food labels. Learn about the ingredients that are healthy for her, and which ones to avoid. By taking the time to do the extra work, you’ll not only help your cat to have a healthier life, but you could also help her to enjoy a longer life. You’ll be able to keep your healthy fur baby by your side for years to come if you choose the right foods for her.

What about Mixing Dry and Wet Cat Food?

Some people mix dry and wet cat food together—is this a good idea? Yes, actually it can help improve your cat’s appetite and even her overall health if you mix her kibble with wet cat food.

One of the problems with dry cat food, for some cats, is dehydration. Kibble can leave your kitty parched and dry. Consider what her natural diet would be like in the wild. She would eat many things—small animals, birds, bugs, maybe even some plants. Your cat’s wild diet would be more hydrating than her dry kibble. Dry cat food can lead some cats to develop urinary tract infections or even kidney disease all due to dehydration. Mixing your cat’s kibble with wet food can protect her from these issues.

Not only that but adding wet food to your fur baby’s dry cat food also gives her a little more variety, rather than eating the same old dry kibble every day. How would you like to eat the same, dry food every day all year long? Adding wet or canned cat food to your cat’s kibble can give her more variety, and provide nutrients she may be missing in her dry cat food.

How Much & How Often to Feed Your Cat Each Day

When it comes to how much and how often to feed your cat, the amount of advice and information feels overwhelming. How much and how often to feed your cat depends on these variables:

These are only a few of the variables you run into when considering when and how much to feed your cat. Then when it comes to different brands of cat food, you may find one brand recommends feeding your furry companion ½ c twice a day, while another brand says ½ c per day, divided between meals over the course of the day. It’s all very confusing. So, how do you figure out how much and when to feed your cat?

The first thing you can do is ask for your veterinarian’s recommendations on how often and how much to feed your kitty. They will be the best authority when it comes to your cat’s health.

Once you have your vet’s recommendations, you can start tracking your cat’s eating habits. To do this, you’ll need to buy a kitchen scale (one used to measure food), some measuring cups and a notebook. With these tools, you can measure the amount of food your cat eats for each meal.

Before you start this regimen, be sure to have your kitty weighed. Write her weight down in the notebook, then start tracking what she eats and when. Use the scale and the same measuring cup every time you feed her. Also, when you feed her, be sure to record how much you fed her, and the time of day. Do this for every meal she receives in a 24-hour period.

Over the course of a week or so you’ll see a pattern. If your kitty seems to be gaining weight at her current amount of food, try cutting back slightly. You don’t want her to be hungry in between feedings. You might end up with a cranky tiger at the end of the day! Do this for several days and weigh her again. If her weight remains stable, all’s well. If she loses a little weight, but doesn’t need to, then add a little more food back into each serving she receives. Soon you’ll find the optimum amount of food she needs to maintain a healthy weight, without becoming hungry and cranky.

Generally, adult cats are fed once or twice a day. Many people can’t stand the thought of their cat companions only eating once a day, so twice a day is OK. But be sure you’re not feeing her too much.

Obesity is as bad for her as it is for you

Summing It Up

We’ve covered a lot of ground in this article—taking a look at the 50 best kibble dry cat foods. So, what’s the take away from this guide? There are several important things you’ve learned in this article:

Your fur baby is completely dependent on you for her food, especially if she’s an indoor cat. Your responsibility is to provide her with the most nutritious food possible, spending time with her on a daily basis and loving her as your little furry companion. In return, she’ll offer you long years of love and friendship—you’ll be happy you chose the healthiest and best food for her!

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