4health Original Puppy Formula Dog Food Review

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4health Original Puppy Formula Dog Food Review

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When you have a dog, you want the best for him, including dog food. It can be challenging to find high-quality, affordable dog food that’s right for your dog. However, article reviews can be a great help!

Have you wondered if 4health Original Puppy Formula was the right food for your puppy? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together information about this food and whether it’s healthy for puppies. Let’s get started!

About 4health Original Puppy Formula Dog Food

4health Original Puppy Formula dog food is available at Tractor Supply Co. The product is made in the US and manufactured by Diamond Pet Food; however, it depends on the formula and ingredients. This is a dog food brand not many have heard of before. That’s because the brand is sold exclusively at Tractor Supply Co. stores.

This puppy dog food formula is geared toward families who want the best food for their puppies but at an affordable price. The 4health brand seems to offer great value for the quality of its ingredients.

4Health Dog Food History

The Tractor Supply Co. first began operating in 1938, so the store’s been around for quite a while. In the beginning, the company sold tractor parts via mail; however, they eventually developed a nationwide chain of rural supply stores. The store sells other brands of dog food, too. They first introduced the 4Health brand in 2010.

The product has been extremely popular since it was introduced to the market. Tractor Supply owns the brand and manages to keep its products affordable. However, they outsource some of the manufacturing of its pet foods to other companies.

The company offers a brand of products that has expanded to include recipes for dogs on special diets.

Where Is 4Health Dog Food Made?

As noted earlier, the 4Health brand is made exclusively for Tractor Supply stores. The company runs over 1,500 stores across the continental US. The Tractor Supply Co. has its headquarters in Tennessee. However, the production of 4Health dog food takes place in manufacturing plants owned by Diamond Pet Foods.

While it appears that 4Health dog food is made in the US, it seems that some of the ingredients may be imported. Some companies do this to keep costs down for the consumer.

4Health Dog Food Brand Lines

Tractor Supply offers several product lines under the 4Health dog food name. Each one has been certified to meet the recommendations of the AAFCO.

Best 4Health Puppy Food Recipes

4Health Original Puppy Formula Grain-Free

This puppy food formula contains real meat and is made of crunchy kibbles that have great flavor and are just the right size for a puppy’s small mouth.

4Health Original Puppy Formula

Here’s another great-tasting puppy food recipe that offers all the nutrition puppies need. The first ingredient on the list is real lamb.

What Types of Dogs Eat 4Health Original Puppy Formula Dog Food?

4Health Puppy Dog Food is formulated specifically for puppies. The formula contains all the nutrients a growing puppy needs. The food doesn’t contain soy, wheat, or corn. Puppies seem to really like the flavors. However, we have to say that this is not the highest quality food available for puppies. Even so, if you live near a Tractor Supply Co. store, then this is a food that may be OK for your fur baby.

Do Some Puppies Do Better with Another Brand?

Yes, some puppies may do better with other brands of puppy food. For instance, puppies that have yeast infections or itchy skin may feel better with another brand. The reason is that 4Health formulas contain protein from several different sources. This can lead to itchy, dry skin and even cause food allergies.

For this reason, experts recommend these puppies go with a brand of puppy food that contains one animal protein source. This is a great way to limit allergy problems. If your puppy still has itchy skin or other symptoms, then be sure to call the vet for assistance.

Recall History

4Health was voluntarily once:

A Review of the Main Ingredients in 4Health Puppy Dog Food


4Health’s two puppy formulas list whole chicken as the first ingredient. It’s essential that the meat is listed as the first ingredient on the list. However, keep in mind that all ingredients are listed by weight. That means the heavier the ingredient is, the higher on the list it is.

But consider this. All meats are cooked before they’re cooked and processed. Because meats are made up of 70% to 80% water, the liquid evaporates during processing. The key here is that the whole meat ingredient may not be the true main source of protein in the recipes.

Chicken Meal

4Health puppy foods contain chicken meal. While that doesn’t sound so good, chicken meal is a protein-rich ingredient. Chicken meal is made from the flesh, skin, and sometimes bone is also included.


4Health puppy food formulas also contain potatoes or sweet potatoes. These can be safe and healthy ingredients for puppies and adult dogs. The main problem is that both of these foods contain large amounts of carbs.

In addition, these foods can cause an allergic reaction and yeast infections in some dogs and puppies. This is due to the body turning the carbs into sugar, which can lead to yeast infection and other unpleasant symptoms.

The Best 4Health Original Puppy Food Recipe

Our pick for the best puppy dry kibble is 4Health Original Puppy Formula. The recipe is affordable, and it contains real meat and vegetables, along with other natural ingredients. This puppy food formula will provide your puppy with all the nutrition he needs as he grows.

In addition, the kibble is a size that’s comfortable for a puppy to eat. And puppies seem to like this flavor more than others.

Summing It Up

We believe that 4Health Original Puppy Formula is a good food for puppies, considering the price and quality of the ingredients.

If you have questions about the right puppy food for your puppy, be sure to check the vet. They have the knowledge and expertise to provide the guidance you need for your fur baby’s health.

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