My Kitten Ate Litter What Should I Do?

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Have you recently adopted a kitten? Then congratulations to you both! This is an exciting time when you’re just getting used to one another. When you have a kitten, it’s like seeing the world in a new, beautiful way!

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While kittens can be a ton of fun, they can also get into trouble quite easily, including things they choose to eat. Have you noticed your kitten eating cat litter? That can be very concerning! You’re probably worried the cat litter can make your kitten sick. We understand!

In this article, we’ll take a look at cat litter and whether or not it can make your kitten sick. Let’s get started!

Why Would a Kitten Eat Cat Litter?

Kittens are just learning about their new world. When you bring them home, everything is new for them! This may even include the litter in her cat box. Some curious kittens may eat the litter just to see what it is, especially if it’s different than what she had in her very first home, with her mother and siblings.

Some kittens may eat cat litter if they are anemic. This may happen to kittens when they’re older than three months. Another issue is that some cats have pica, which is a behavioral issue that causes cats (and other animals, even humans!) to eat non-food items. Kittens with pica may eat almost anything from paper to cat litter.

Kittens who have a vitamin or mineral deficiency may also eat cat litter. Instinct may drive the kitten to eat litter for nutrients.

Kidney disease can also cause a kitten to eat cat litter. One more issue that may cause a kitten to eat cat litter is feline leukemia.

Can cat litter make a kitten sick?

Cat Litter & Kittens

Cat litter can make a kitten sick. That’s because the litter could cause an intestinal blockage in the kitten. The clumping type of cat litter is the worst for this reason.

Another problem is that the litter may contain microorganisms from the kitten’s feces. Eating these could make her very sick, too.

If your cat is eating cat litter, then be sure to change over to a litter that’s non-clumping. This is the first step.

If you’ve seen her eat a very small piece of litter, chances are she will be OK. However, if your kitten has eaten more litter or has a habit of eating cat litter, then it’s best to have her checked by the vet. Make an appointment for her as soon as possible.

The vet will check your kitten for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, anemia and see if she’s developed a blockage in her intestines. When they make the right diagnosis, the vet should provide some advice on how to keep your fur baby from eating cat litter in the future.

The good news is that kittens who receive prompt medical care for eating cat litter will make a full recovery.

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Connect with a verified veterinarian in minutes. Licensed vets are available 24/7 to answer your questions. No need to worry about your furry family member.


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