My Dog Ate Raw Pork What Should I Do?

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My Dog Ate Raw Pork

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When you’re cooking meat, such as raw pork, it’s possible your inquisitive dog may come into the kitchen. He’s curious about what you’re doing and knows you’re making something yummy! Dogs are smart and know what happens in the kitchen! But what if your dog decides to run off and eat the raw pork? Can it make him sick?

Has your dog eaten raw pork? Are you worried the raw pork will make your dog sick? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together some information about raw pork and whether it can make a dog sick. Let’s get started!

What is Raw Pork?

Pork is one of the most popular meats around the world. Pork comes from pigs and the meat is used to make a wide variety of products. For instance, pork can be smoked (hams, bacon, and more), made into sausages, pork chops, roasts, and even ground!

It is strongly recommended to contact a Pet Poison Helpline or your veterinarian.

Meat from pigs is high in protein and contains many valuable vitamins and minerals. And lean pork can be included in a healthy diet.

While pork is safe for humans, what about dogs? Can dogs safely eat raw pork?

Raw Pork & Dogs

The good news is that dogs can eat cooked pork. The meat can be healthy for dogs. However, dogs should not eat raw pork. Raw or undercooked pork can carry trichinosis, a disease caused by a parasitic worm that can live in the dog’s intestines.

Trichinosis is caused by the roundworm. The larvae can grow in mammals that eat raw meat, including dogs. And it’s commonly found in pigs. The parasite lives in the intestines and muscles of its host. Eventually, the larvae mature, mate, and lay eggs, from which new roundworms develop. Yuck! These worms can cause a host of health problems if they’re not treated.

It’s important to understand that your dog may eat raw pork and not get sick. However, he should not be allowed to eat raw pork on a regular basis. The chance of being infected with roundworms goes up the more raw pork he eats. Moreover, some dog owners choose to feed their pets raw beef-based dog food as a part of their dietary regimen. Raw beef dog food, like Nutra Complete, is specifically formulated to meet a dog’s nutritional needs when fed raw.

One small piece of raw pork may not make your dog sick with roundworms; however, your fur baby could develop vomiting and diarrhea. In most cases, the dog should be OK.

Symptoms of Trichinosis in Dogs

You may notice these symptoms if your dog has developed trichinosis:

If you notice any of these symptoms in your dog, call the vet immediately. This can be an emergency.

Treatment of Trichinosis in Dogs

The vet will run tests to see if your dog is infected with roundworms. If so, they have antiparasitic drugs that will kill the roundworms in your fur baby.

Prevention is always best, so never allow your canine companion to eat raw pork. You’ll be both be happier for it!

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