My Dog Ate Dum Dums What Should I Do? (Reviewed by Vet)

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My Dog Ate Dum Dums

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Do you and your kids enjoy Dum Dums? Don’t feel shy! Many people love these treats! What’s not to love? But if you have a dog, he may also be intrigued when you’re eating Dum Dums. When you’re not looking, your fur baby may decide to help himself! But what happens if a dog eats Dum Dums?

Has your dog eaten Dum Dums? Are you worried the Dum Dums will make your dog sick? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We understand it can be scary when your dog eats something like this.

We’ve put together some information about Dum Dums and whether or not they can make a dog sick. Let’s get started!

It is strongly recommended to contact a Pet Poison Helpline or your veterinarian.

What are Dum Dums?

Dum Dums are a candy made by the Akron Candy Company; the candy is a lollipop on a stick. The treats were first developed in 1924. So, they’ve been around for quite a while! Later, the candy company was bought by Spangler Candy Company.

Dum Dums were first made in a few flavors, including lemon, lime, orange, coconut pineapple, grape, and butterscotch. The lollipops were once put on plastic sticks; however, after a huge outcry that the sticks were too dangerous, the company then put the lollipops on paper sticks.

Dum Dums are made with the following ingredients:

While humans can safely enjoy Dum Dums, what about dogs? Can Dum Dums make a dog sick?

Dum Dums & Dogs

The good news is that Dum Dums are not toxic for a dog, unless he ate the entire bag of these candies! If your dog has one lick of a Dum Dum, chances are he will be OK. If a dog eats one Dum Dum  (without the stick) it’s possible he could develop vomiting and diarrhea; however, this should pass in about 24 hours or less.

If your dog has eaten Dum Dums with the wrappers and sticks, then it’s a good idea to call the vet. The wrappers and sticks could potentially cause an intestinal blockage, which can cause death if not treated. Another problem is all the sugar your dog has eaten. Sugar in large amounts can be toxic to dogs.

So, if your dog has eaten one Dum Dum, without the stick or wrapper, he should be OK. If he has diarrhea and vomiting that lasts longer than 24 hours, then it’s time to call the vet. Continuous diarrhea and vomiting can lead to dehydration.

If your dog has eaten the candy with wrappers and sticks, then do call the vet right away. This could be an emergency. Don’t wait to see if your dog passes the items or not. And if your fur baby’s having symptoms, don’t wait to see if they improve or worsen. Now is the best time to call the vet, before your dog develops symptoms.

The good news is that in most cases a dog that receives prompt medical care will make a full recovery! And if your dog has a penchant for Dum Dums, be sure to keep these yummy candies out of his reach!

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