Top 10 Pet Nail Grinder For Dogs And Cats

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best dog nail grinder

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Trying to trim your pet’s nails is a situation that can often end in disaster. Using nail clippers means you have little control over how much nail you cut off, especially if your pet is squirming. Many pets (both cats and dogs) dislike having their nails trimmed and so it can be very difficult to actually get it done when needed. Cats and dogs all have very sensitive nails that are full of nerve endings. Their nails are much stronger than ours and will wear down through walking. However, if your pet ever catches a nail, or they don’t walk around as much, it does become necessary to trim their nails.

One of the best tools to buy is a nail grinder. Unlike regular nail clippers, which can leave jagged edges on your pet’s nails, nail grinders smooth the edges down. This makes it a much easier task when you have a pet that doesn’t enjoy being groomed. However, some nail grinders can be quite loud, so look for ones that have different speed settings.

Many nail grinders will be suitable for both dogs and cats, especially ones with variable speed settings. You can also purchase different grinder heads that would be suitable for using on different pets. To help you find the right one, here is a list of some of the best pet nail grinders available.

1. Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder

This pet nail trimmer from Hertzko has a diamond-coated grinder bit, meaning it will stay effective for a very long time. It also means the grinder will work quickly and efficiently on even quite thick nails. The grinder is mostly covered by a plastic shield, which makes it a much safer option if you have wriggly pets. This means there’s less chance of catching them with the grinder bit while trimming their nails. The opening also has several different sizes, meaning it would be suitable for use on a range of pets.

It’s been designed with a motor that makes as little noise as possible so it won’t be as scary for your pets. This is a great advantage, because pets can be put off by the sound grinders make. However, this does mean there’s less power in this nail grinder, and it doesn’t have variable speed settings. It’s charged via a USB cable, so it’s easy to take away with you. This is a great nail grinder for cats or small dogs, but might not be as effective on larger dogs.

2. Dremel 7300-PGK Pet Grooming Kit

There are few better companies to turn to than Dremel; they know plenty about making grinders. This pet nail grinder is great because it actually grinds at a 45-degree angle, which is much better for your pet’s nails. It also means you don’t have to spend ages grinding them to the right angle. The grinder bit has a special cap that catches the nail filings and guards your pet’s feet at the same time. This cap is very easy to clean once you’re done too.

Rather than a grinding bit, this pet groomer uses sanding discs. These are very easy to replace and cheaper than grinding bits. It also means this device would be suitable for using on cats and dogs of all sizes. The nail grinder’s motor has two different speeds, which is very useful. However, this nail grinder will make quite a lot of noise, so it might not be suitable for more nervous animals. The device features a rechargeable battery, and overall is a great pet nail grinder.

3. Boshel Pet Nail Grinder

Boshel have designed this nail grinder to be really easy to use. It’s ergonomic, and has a simple on/off switch. It’s also fitted with a special motor that makes very little noise, making it a great choice for more nervous pets. This does mean it hasn’t got variable speed settings, but the grinder is adjustable for different pets. The motor is quite powerful so it would still be suitable for using on bigger dogs.

The grinder bit is diamond-coated, so will be durable and long lasting. The motor is also low-vibration, meaning you can get precision grinding with ease. The nail grinder is rechargeable via a USB cable, and is easy to take with you anywhere. This makes it a great choice for taking on vacation, or if you find your dog sometimes breaks a claw while out walking. The multiple opening ports on the grinding bit make it suitable for cats and dogs of all sizes, so this is a great tool.

4. Oster Professional Pet Nail Grinder

Unlike some other models on this list, this nail grinder doesn’t have a cover over the bit. While this does make it suitable for pets of all sizes, it does mean there’s no safety cover to protect their paws. This won’t necessarily be a problem for everyone, but if your pet is known to squirm then it might be better to look at a different model. However, it does have an extremely quiet motor that has several speed settings, so it’s a very versatile nail grinder.

The device has an auto-stop setting, which makes up for the lack of other safety features. It’s corded, so isn’t as portable as some other models, but this won’t be a problem for many people. This kit comes with a variety of different attachments, including grinding bits, sanding discs, and more. It’s a great pet nail grinder for those needing a range of grooming tools for different pets. The attachment heads are also much easier to replace than on some other models.

5. Peteme Electric Pet Nail Grinder

This is a very versatile nail grinder that’s ideal for using on both cats and dogs. It has two different speed settings that are suitable for using on small and large breeds. This nail grinder can also be used on pets such as rabbits and birds so would be ideal if you have many different pets. The grinder bit has a safety cap with a small and large hole, but is also removable for much larger animals.

The pet nail grinder is rechargeable, and is very light and easy to use. It has a quiet motor but does vibrate quite a bit, and some pets might find this unpleasant. The grinder bit is very durable, although this kit does come with a replacement. This means you should get plenty of use out of this nail grinder before needing to buy any new parts.

6. Zerhunt Pet Nail Clippers

Zerhunt have made this pet nail grinder ergonomic and simple to use, which makes you life much easier. It has comfort-grip panels and an on/off switch that is conveniently located so you can have ultimate control when trimming your pet’s nails. However, this device doesn’t have variable speed settings, and so might not be suitable for using on bigger pets. The single speed setting is fine for smaller dogs and all cats. The grinder bit has a safety cap that protects your pet’s paw while their nails are being trimmed. This is a great feature if you’ve every accidentally caught their paw while trimming.

The motor is very quiet and doesn’t vibrate very much, meaning this is suitable for nervous pets that might not like the noise. The grinder uses a diamond bit so will last for a very long time. However, it’s not as easy to replace as on some other models, so bear this in mind if you think you’ll be getting lots of use out of your nail grinder. This one is rechargeable via a USB cable, and the kit also comes with nail clippers and a nail file, meaning you can do a very thorough job on your pet’s claws.

7. Wahl Ultimate Nail Grinder

This is a great grooming tool from Wahl, and is ideal for trimming nails on all different animals. The handle is an ergonomic design that’s easy to hold while grinding nails, even when your pet is wriggling around. It has several speed settings, and is mostly very quiet, although it does begin to vibrate quite strongly at higher speeds. Overall though, this is a very quiet model, and so would be suitable for use with nervous pets that might not like having their nails trimmed.

The nail grinder uses replaceable grinder bits, and these are very easy to buy online. It is a corded grinder, but this isn’t a problem and means you’ll never have any issues with low power. The only real downside is that it doesn’t have anything to collect the nail filings, although there isn’t usually much to clean up if you’re only doing a quick trim. One alternative is to do it over a towel and then shake it outside.

8. Mugenter Low Noise Pet Nail Grinder

Mugenter have created a great design that includes an additional attachment for clipping your pet’s fur. Hair clippers and nail grinders rely on very similar technology, so this is a great idea. It also means you’ve got a handy fur trimmer around if you ever need one. The attachments are very easy to swap over, and simply twist off the main body. Both are very easy to clean, and the kit even comes with a brush to help with this.

The nail grinder is cordless and rechargeable, making it a great choice if you need to carry a nail grinder around with you. It only has one speed however, and the motor isn’t particularly powerful. This means it might not be the best choice if you have a larger breed of dog. The grinder bit has a safety cap with various sized openings, and so this device is suitable for use with a range of smaller breeds of dog, and for cats and smaller pets.

9. Inslife Light Up Pet Nail Grinder

This pet nail grinder is quite small but is still powerful. Its size makes it easy to hold, and its ergonomic shape means you’ll be able to hold it for a long time. It has two speed settings, and three size ports on the safety cap. The safety cap is also removable, and so this nail grinder would be ideal for use on all different pets. It also has an LED light pointing at the grinder bit, which will make the job much more convenient. The device comes with two grinding heads: diamond and ceramic. The ceramic is for finer grinding, and so would be used to finish off the job and smooth down edges.

The motor is very quiet and the device doesn’t vibrate very much, so this would be suitable for pets that don’t enjoy having their nails trimmed. The nail grinder can be used for up to 8 hours before needing to be recharged, and this is great considering how quick it is at grinding nails.

10. WOWGO Pet Nail Grinder

WOWGO have designed this nail grinder to be suitable for all sizes of pets, but it isn’t suitable for bigger dogs because it lacks the power needed to grind their claws. It does have two speed settings, but still isn’t fast enough to get through thick nails. This nail grinder would be fine for use on smaller dogs, and on cats, rabbits, and birds. The motor is very quiet and doesn’t vibrate too much, making it fine for use on more nervous pets.

The grinder bit is diamond-coated so will last for a long time, and the kit comes with a replacement. The grinder bit has a safety cover with several size ports, meaning it offers protection for your pet’s paws while trimming their nails. The cap and grinder bit are both very easy to remove and clean, and the device is rechargeable. If you have a smaller pet, this model would be ideal. However, if you have a large dog it would be better to consider a different model.

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