The Best Brushes For Shedding Dogs

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It wasn’t long ago when we had three dogs. Two were long-haired and one was short-haired. All three of them would shed. It was sometimes quite funny to find clumps of dog hair floating across the hallway floor after a particularly vigorous rubdown or just from brushing up against a wall or chair leg. Sometimes we spent more time chasing after dog hair than we did with anything else. Vacuuming the house was always interesting because enough dog hair would get sucked up into the vacuum that it would plug up the hose or the filter.

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We’d find ourselves using pulled apart coat hangers in order to try to snag or hook one of the ends of a dog hair plug in the vacuum hose to free it up. Then the short-haired dog was even worse. His coat would shed short little, needle sharp hairs that would attach to absolutely anything. We’d take him for a short car ride to town and back and after he hopped out of the front seat it would be covered in his mini quills. He’d stand in the hallway and shake as if to dry himself off and a cloud of his hair would be created. It was like a horror movie at times.

Dog hair everywhere! That was until we got a shedding brush to help us keep up

Why buying a special brush for shedding dogs?

These are not your ordinary hair brushes. A shedding brush can have various designs but generally features cutting edges in a comb-like style that not only snag and remove loose dog hair but can also provide a thinning out trim to lighten the coat. Others just have the comb feature that will snag and remove any and all loose hair. Others may include features that reach deep within the dog coat to help untangle mats and clumps of hair.

Your best friend can’t do this themselves. While cats are agile enough to groom themselves and in the process remove loose hair from their coats, dogs can’t do this. So, it’s pretty much up to you and I to take care of this very special task. By brushing and removing loose hair, you eliminate – or at least reduce – the amount of shedding. Plus, when your dog’s coat gets brushed regularly it is good for your dog and the coat. You can remove all kinds of things that get collected in the fur including dirt and grime that can sometimes lead to skin conditions if left unchecked.

The 6 Best Brushes For Shedding Dogs Reviewed

1. HappyDogz Pet Grooming Tool

This product is promoted as being able to reduce shedding by 95-percent within minutes. That is primarily due to the design of this product. It has a comfortable handle that allows for easy brushing from head to toe. The product also carries the seal of approval from vets, professional groomers and pet owners which makes this a very popular grooming tool. The deshedder does exactly as the name implies, it captures and trims loose and long hair with each and every stroke. The manufacturer has attached a 10 year guarantee to this product which gives you a sense of the integrity that exists within this product line.

2. Pet Grooming Glove

Featuring a slightly arched comb design, and a self-cleaning option – just push a button and the collected hair comes free – this is a great shedding dog brush. The blade is sharp and the teeth are narrow which makes this a great tool for combing not just the loose hair but for grooming your dog’s under coat as well. The teeth tips are made from stainless steel which gives them durability and strength. The sides of the handle feature a soft rubber material to provide easy gripping and comfortable hold.

3. CosyFam Dog Brush

Made from a combination of eco-friendly products and stainless steel that has undergone six processes, this is an amazing grooming tool. The processes the stainless steel went through provide better sharpness, strength, solidity, smoothness and stain resistance. The comb can be detached easily for quick and simple cleaning and is designed to fit comfortably in your hand. There’s even an eyelet to offer easy storage when you are not using this shedding comb. The US-based company that manufactures this product provides a lifetime warranty which means you can exchange it for a replacement if you find something wrong with yours. There’s also a refund policy that is in place to provide customer satisfaction on all levels.

4. SleekEZ Grooming Tool

The patented wave pattern blade is what makes this an interesting and effective shedding tool. The sharp blade gently brushes away dirt, dander and loose fur without a snag and it won’t damage your dog’s coat in any way. Plus, as an added bonus, you can use this tool to collect loose dog hair from furniture, carpeting, bedding, vehicles and much more. This product also has a lifetime replacement warranty attached to it.

5. Safari Shedding Blade

A two-sided stainless steel blade with coarse and fine edges that can be used straight or looped is what makes this product stand out. It gently pulls loose hair from your dog’s coat and will not cut or scrap your pet in any way. This product is designed for deshedding but works best with medium to large breed dogs. It is still one of the better choices based on the versatility of the double-edged blade and that it can be used in more than one way to remove loose hair.

6. MIU COLOR Pet Grooming Brush

When you see a pet product that is recommended by vets, groomers, pet professionals and more, you know you have a pretty special item on your hands. This is one of those types of products. The 4-inch stainless steel edge has evenly distributed teeth that will remove loose dog hair fast and easy. The detachable comb head is easy to remove and replace making for simple and trouble free cleaning. There’s also a blade cover to keep it safe when stored away between uses. The grooming brush is also made from non-toxic, non-polluting material and has a non-slip, ergonomically design handle for comfort.

What To Consider When Buying a brush for your dog

Shape: A slightly curved brush head ensures better contact with the surface of your dog’s coat and reduces how many times you much brush in order to reach full coverage. Plus, the brushing action is pleasing to your best friend.

Teeth: The teeth of the shedding brush must be narrow in order to capture dirt, ticks and anything else you are trying to remove from your dog’s coat. There should also be a sharp cutting blade incorporated into the brush head to help trim away long hair and provide a thinning out to lighten the coat.

Easy Clean: After using a shedding brush on your dog, it should be easy to clean. This means that there should be a quick way to release the hair collected and that you can also wash the brush after each use. Detachable comb heads are also featured in some designs to make cleaning a breeze.

Quality Materials: The teeth and cutting blade should be made from stainless steel and the brush head and handle must be made from a durable material. Also, the design has to be comfortable for you to hold and use for long periods of time.

Durability: This is an extension of the note on quality materials. Any product that comes in contact with your dog has to have enough strength in it to last a long time. When products are designed to be durable you know that the manufacturer has put thought into how much the average pet owner will use the brush. It needs to be made to last and not fall apart with the first use.

Cost: As is the case with every product you purchase for your pet, you want to make sure you are spending money on something that will last. As it turns out, the most expensive grooming brush may not be suitable for what you need it for. You really have to closely examine what the needs of your dog are first. If your dog does not have a serious shedding problem, then you may not need a shedding brush with all the extras to remove loose hair. If your dog is a large breed with a thick coat, then you will need a different kind of shedding tool. Mid-range options tend to be good selections but your dog will tell you whether or not you made the right choice after the first few times of use. Pay attention to that.


With the exception of just a few breeds, most dogs shed their coat. It’s not a bad thing as it is a normal thing that they do. The problem comes from the volume that may be shed at any given time. You can help your dog speed up the process and stay comfortable by using a shedding brush on a regular basis. It not only cleans up their coat by removing loose hair, dirt and dander, it can help remove tangles and mats which can become uncomfortable for your dog. When you use a brush of any kind, it is stimulating for the skin of your dog which keeps their coat healthy and shiny so you are actually doing something good for your pet by using a grooming tool. It also helps to keep your home and vehicle clean as a result.

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