Blonde Dog Breeds

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Blonde Dog Breeds

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You’ve heard the saying, “Blondes have more fun.” But is that really true? And does it apply to dogs? Wait, there are blonde dogs? Yes! There are dog breeds that have blonde hair, and we’re sure you’ll find them very beautiful. We’re also sure if you ask one of these dogs if they have more fun, they’ll answer yes!

If you’re interested in blonde dog breeds, then read on! We’ve put together a list of blonde dog breeds, with details about each type of dog. Let’s get started!

1. Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world! And why? It’s more than just their blonde hair that makes these dogs a favorite. It’s their playful, loving, loyal personalities that everyone loves!

Goldens are also super intelligent. The breed was developed in Scotland by Sir Dudley Marjoribanks, who was later known as Lord Tweedmouth. The dogs were bred to be hunting dogs and retrievers of waterbirds for their hunter pet parents.

These beautiful dogs are extremely active and slow to mature. We once had a Golden Retriever Chow Chow who our vet said would never grow up! Our fur baby lived to be 17 years old, and in all those years, he was like a big silly puppy! So, it’s true these dogs keep their puppy ways their entire lives.

Goldens need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. They also need and want to spend as much time with their family as possible. For this reason, they may develop separation anxiety if left alone for long periods. And if you’re looking for a watchdog, then the Golden isn’t the best choice. They bark a lot at strangers; however, he may also lick an intruder to death if they enter the house!

2. Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is a distinctive blonde dog breed. Many people say these dogs look more like a lion! These beautiful dogs were originally bred in China and are believed to be one of the oldest dog breeds on the planet. They originally came from Mongolia and Northern China. The dogs were bred to be hunting dogs and to protect their pet parents’ belongings.

Along with their deep-set brown eyes and blond fur, Chow Chows have another distinctive characteristic—they have black spots on their tongues. Some say the spots are more a bluish color, but you get the idea!

These dogs are highly independent and have a proud bearing. They’re extremely loyal and really don’t like being hugged or made a fuss over. You might say the Chow Chow is somewhat more like a cat than a dog. No matter what, these dogs make wonderful, quiet companions.

All of the dog’s blonde hair is beautiful but does take a lot of care. It’s necessary to brush a Chow Chow about 2-3 times a week to keep tangles and mats from forming.

3. Great Pyrenees

Our next blonde dog is the Great Pyrenees! These are large dogs that originally came from the Pyrenees Mountains, on the border between Spain and France. They were bred to guard and protect sheep in the mountains. For this job, the dogs needed heavy fur. Some Great Pyrenees look white, while others have a more blonde color. No matter what, these are big, beautiful dogs!

Today, the Great Pyrenees is a companion dog, but they also continue to work with humans. They are used in rescue and therapy work, and more. The dogs are highly intelligent and are used to working on their own. They have to rely on their own intelligence when out herding sheep! However, this can also make the breed a bit more challenging. They just have their own way of being and doing!

As a result, the training and socialization of Great Pyrenees should start when they’re puppies. Training must be consistent, and they respond best to the positive reinforcement training method. The puppies also need to start socialization at a young age along with training. This way, the dogs are more accustomed to other humans and pets. They are also more confident and know how to behave in different situations. This is the goal of training and socializing a dog.

Great Pyrenees have plenty of thick, dense for. They require brushing at least 2-3 times a week. Thankfully, they don’t shed a lot. In addition, these dogs are best suited for cooler climates. They don’t do well in hot, humid areas.

Do these blonde dogs have more fun? You bet!

4. Afghan Hound

The next blonde dog breed on our list is the Afghan Hound! These beautiful dogs come from Afghanistan, where they were bred to hunt. They’re one of the oldest dog breeds around, going back all the way to pre-Christian times.

If you’re looking for a blonde dog that has elegant, flowing hair, then you’ve found him! These dogs have a noble bearing. You could even say they have the look of a super model, with their sleek, athletic bodies. This is another independent dog that may be more like a cat. They don’t really like to be hugged or petted too much. Instead, they are independent and may come around when they’re ready for some attention.

These regal blonde dogs can sometimes be a bit of a clown! They can be mischievous and have a funny sense of humor, too!

Afghan Hounds require a lot of grooming. Their hair is fine and very similar to human hair. So, they require daily brushing. Their fine coat easily tangles and snarls. The dogs also require regular bathing, so some pet parents choose to take their dog to the groomer for tending.

5. Basenji

The Basenji doesn’t have the flowing blonde hair of the Afghan Hound, but they still have a regal bearing. The Basenji originally comes from Africa and is thought to be one of the oldest domesticated dogs in the world. The dogs were found in the Congo region of West Africa in the 1800s. They were used to flush game into nets, carry things, and protect against dangerous animals on the trail.

This beautiful blonde dog breed is also known as the “barkless” dog. That’s because they don’t bark too much. They have short coats with small muscular bodies. The dogs are very alert and have a tail that curls over one hip.

These dogs are highly intelligent and stubborn. For this reason, they’re not recommended for inexperienced pet parents. This is one dog breed that’s not eager to please humans! When you give a Basenji a cue, it’s not certain if he will choose to perform the cue or not. He may obey or put his own spin on the cue. But there’s also a good chance he’ll simply ignore the cue.

Another unique trait of this dog breed is that they will train you! A Basenji will do this by picking up anything within their reach and chew it up. So, these dogs train you to keep your house cleaned up!

Do these blonde dogs have fun? You bet!

6. Brussels Griffon

Our next blonde dog breed is the Brussels Griffon! This dog breed originally came from Belgium, where they were bred to hunt and kill rats and other vermin in stables. The dogs are small and great at hunting rats. It’s said these dogs have “monkey faces,” while others say their faces are almost human. No matter what, these brave little dogs have beautiful blonde hair.

Over time, the Brussels Griffon became a wonderful family companion. They’re famous for their flat face, prominent chin, and large, wide-set eyes. You could almost say they resemble the Ewoks from Star Wars. The dogs are adorable!

These dogs are very athletic and do well at agility, obedience, and other dog competitions. They do get along well with other dogs and pets. And this is a dog that loves to show affection to his family. They even like to snuggle!

7. Collie

Most people think of Collies are tri-colored—black, white, and tan. However, there are also blonde Collies! These are beautiful dogs with long, flowing blond hair! The Collie originally came from Scotland, in the highland regions. There, the dogs were used to herd cattle.

These intelligent medium-sized dogs may be wonderful family companions. These are sensitive dogs who have the ability to know when something’s wrong. There are many true stories about Collies who rescue people and animals.

The dogs are easy to rain and are very protective of their family. They’re gentle, loving, and playful dogs that want to spend time with their family. Collies also love children.

While Collies do excel at herding, they also perform other work, including as assistance and therapy dogs. They also excel at dog sports such as herding trials, agility, and more.

8. Otterhound

Next on our list of blonde dog breeds is the Otterhound. Otterhounds originally came from England, where they were used for hunting and killing otters. The dogs were usually owned by the nobility and were sometimes used in packs as scent hounds. This is a rare dog breed now; however, you can still find these lovely blonde dogs on occasion.

While fierce hunters, these dogs are also known for their clownish ways. The breed has a sweet, affectionate nature and loves to have fun. They’re also quite independent and don’t demand complete attention like some other dog breeds.

These are large dogs that weigh between 65 to 125 lbs. They’re great with kids, too; however, they may be too rowdy for young or small kids.

Otterhounds have a rough, shaggy coat that was developed to keep him warm in cold water. These dogs even have webbed feet; however, we know for sure they’re not related to ducks!

9. Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

The Portuguese Podengo Pequeno is a small dog that originally comes from Portugal. There, the dogs were bred to hunt rabbits. This is another ancient dog breed that dates all the way back to 600 BC when they were bred and used by the ancient Romans and Phoenicians.

Today, these purebred blonde dogs make wonderful family companions. They’re playful, very alert, and charming! They have light, medium, or dark yellow or fawn (blonde) coats. However, some of these dogs may also be black or brown.

Portuguese Podengos are highly active dogs that need at least one hour of walking a day, though more is recommended! They love to play, so you can work in a couple of walks and playtime to help get rid of their excess energy.

The dogs are highly intelligent and eager to please. So, they’re usually easy to train. This is a dog that can be yappy, however. They will alert you if anyone comes by!

10. Saluki

The Saluki is next up on our list of blonde dog breeds! The Saluki looks something like a Greyhound, with a sleek, thin athletic body. They are another ancient dog breed and come from Persia. The dogs have a regal air and are beautiful. The dogs were originally bred for hunting and were prized by pharaohs and other noble people in ancient times.

These dogs are extremely fast runners, with the strength and endurance to run long distances. They can be p spirited and independent dogs who are highly intelligent. However, they do have a strong prey drive and may go after squirrels, cats, and other small animals. This is a dog that must be kept on the leash. Once off, they will run at the first site of something that catches their attention. And you’ll have a very challenging time getting them to come back.

Salukis are otherwise calm and gentle. They can be shy, too, with people they don’t know. They’re a good watchdog but won’t keep an intrude out. These are not aggressive dogs unless they’re hunting.

Summing It Up

So, there you have it! We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of blonde dogs. And we’re pretty sure the dogs on this list usually have a great time!

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