Best Pomeranian Haircut Styles

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best Pomeranian Haircut styles

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If you have a Pomeranian, you will know how soft and fluffy their coat will be. Due to their history and being descendants of larger pooches who roamed in winter conditions, they do have a lot of fur. In fact, they actually have a two-layer coat that is going to keep them warm in cold-weather through the seasons.

Long hair is not a problem for these dogs. However, matting can become a problem when the fur gets too long. This can lead to bald spots on the back and other areas of the body.

Of course, having such a big coat or long fur mean that Pomeranian owners can have some fun when it comes to haircut styles. You can give your Pomeranian a fresh trim and make them look irresistibly cute to everybody!

Adorable Pomeranian Haircuts

Since this dog breed have a lot of fur, this gives you a lot of options when it comes to hairstyles. You can play around and have some fun so that your furry friend is the cutest on the block. Let’s take a look at six adorable Pomeranian haircuts you can try.

The Pomeranian Traditional Cut

Everybody loves the way that Pomeranians look. They are instantly recognizable and so adorable and fluffy! Therefore, you may prefer your pooch to have the traditional cut. It is quick and easy, as well as cute. All they need is a quick trim and this is going to keep the shape of their coat. Once you learn, it is easy to trim your furry friend’s hair yourself. But just make sure that you brush regularly. The last thing you want is for your canine to have tangles and matted hair. Not only does this not look great but it can actually be uncomfortable for Pomeranians. Make sure you brush every day and cut when the coat starts to go out of shape.

The Pomeranian Show Cut

In contrast to the traditional cut, the show cut is a lot of work. This is maybe what you expect a Pomeranian to look like. Certainly, this is the hairstyle that they enjoy when they are showed in competitions and tournaments. In fact, this is maybe a cut that should be left to the professionals to ensure it is done right. Finding a groomer is recommended, especially if you are showing your pooch.

The show cut involves keeping you Pomeranian’s hair quite long. They need small trims over their body, while keeping it long. There is also a lot of brushing required and you will have to make sure that there are no tangles every day. Even wiping around the eyes and under the mouth after dinner time will be necessary. But the results will be fantastic and you can enjoy having an adorable ball of fluffy running around in your home!

The Pomeranian Teddy Bear Cut

We all love teddy bears, right? You may have seen the growing trend of making Pomeranians look like teddy bears. This is a relatively easy haircut to create. It is going to make your beloved companion adorable too. To start with, make sure that you cut their body fur to around two to three inches long. This might take a while but you want to make sure that there is an even and smooth cut. If you want to, you can keep it longer; this is going to be up to you. Then you have to cut the face. Always ensure you do this with smaller scissors and are very careful. You want to keep the hair longer but make sure that you cut the fur in a circular shape. Brushing your Pomeranian on a regular basis will keep the coat fluffy and just like a teddy bear!

The Pomeranian Lion Cut

The lion cut is a hairstyle that is enjoyed by many fluffy dogs! This means it is also perfect for the Pomeranian and it will make them look small and mighty; just to match their personality! Just as you would expect, the lion cut has the aim of making your furry friend look just like this fearless animal. In particular, they can have a cute mane. This hairstyle involves shaving most of the fur from the body and belly of your canine. This means a super smooth coat on the backs and legs too. Again, this about how a lion looks. Then you want to create a main, which will involve leaving a lot of fur around your Pomeranian’s face and chest. Make sure that you brush this fur regularly to make it stand out and look fluffy.

One thing to realize with this hairstyle is that it can be a lot of work to maintain. You may have to shave their fur and brush a lot. In addition, watch if your Pomeranian has skin sensitivity. For example, they will not be as protected from the sun and they might get cold during the winter.

The Pomeranian Fluffy Tail Cut

Do you want to have some fun with your Pomeranian’s hairstyle? Then you can try the fluffy tail cut! This is just as the name suggests, this style keeps the tail hair nice and long, as well as you brushing it to fluff it all out. Then you have to keep the rest of the fur short by trimming it regularly or shaving it. You can also shape the face fur in any way you like to make your pooch look irresistible. Everybody will find it cute how your Pomeranian looks with a fluffy tail behind them!

The Pomeranian Puppy Cut

If there is one thing that is irresistible it has got to be puppies. In fact, Pomeranian puppies are the best! If your furry friend is older now but you still want to create their adorable style when from they were younger, consider the puppy cut. This is going to be adorable and let you have some fun with your cute Pomeranian’s coat. In order to create the puppy cut, you need to shape the face hair to be round. It is similar to the teddy bear cut but the body fur is going to be longer. Still keep it short but just not as short. Think about what your canine looked like as a puppy for this.

In addition to these adorable haircuts, there are also other woth-mentioned ideas that you can follow when it comes to Pomeranian haircuts. For example, you can play around with the Pomeranian’s fur to create a fox cut (or foxy cut), kennel cut, or lamb cut. The classic Yorkie haircuts are also popular for Pomeranians. These are going to be a good idea for when you want to have some fun with your Pomeranian’s coat.

How to Get Your Pomeranian Used to Haircuts

If you have a Pom, you know that they can be feisty for a little dog. They have big personalities and this can mean that if they do not want to do something, you will know about it! In particular, they may not like getting their coat trimmed.

We all know that Pomeranian dogs need their coat cut on a regular basis. Otherwise, it will grow out of control. If you are wanting to do this job yourself, there are going to be a few things you need to know before you begin. Make sure you read out tips before attempting to cut your canine’s coat.

First of all, know that if your Pomeranian is not used to getting their hair cut on a regular basis, they are going to take some time to understand the situation. In particular, puppies will not know what is going on. Often, this means that they can be nervous about what is going to happy and all of the tools you have in front of you. To avoid nervousness and fear, let your dog see all of the tools before you begin. Do not dive in and expect your furry friend to be fine with everything. It can soon become a scary ordeal when all of these loud and shiny tools are coming towards them with no idea with what they are about to do. Therefore, let them sniff around the different scissors and brushes and explore them. This way, they can see that they are not so bad and nothing to be scared about.

Make the room as relaxing as possible for your furry friend before you start cutting their fur. Avoid loud music or anything that adds nervous energy to the room. You are also going to need some tasty treats on hand for your canine. It is best to start the pet grooming process near the end of the day to begin with. This can avoid your dog being full of energy. In the evening, they are going to be getting tired and may be less likely to act up.

Take the cutting process slowly. If your dog starts to move around and act out, make sure that you stop. The last thing you want to do is make a mistake and hurt your pooch. Start again when they are relaxed. Reassure and praise your furry friend through the cutting. You want them to know that they are doing good and that there is nothing to worry about. Of course, tasty treats are also going to encourage them to stay still!

Each time that you cut your canine’s hair, it will get easier. They will learn that there is nothing to worry about and that they might even get some treats in the process. This can allow you to gain your confidence and try out some of the Pomeranian haircut styles we have mentioned.

Consider a Professional Groomer

Do you have a favorite dog haircut and grooming style from our list that you would like to try out on your Pomeranian? Sometimes, it can be best to bring in the professional groomer to get the job done properly. This is especially true if you simply cannot get your canine to stand still. Let’s take a look at reasons why dog lovers should consider a professional groomer for their pooch.

They Know What They are Doing

Let’s be honest; grooming your dog is not as easy as it looks! Sometimes, this should be a job left to the professionals. Indeed, a dog groomer has the training and experience to cut your dog’s coat. You can choose the style and they should be able to recreate it for you. In addition, some dogs can be restless when they are being groomed. Having to hold your furry friend at the same time as cutting can be difficult. But a groomer knows just what to do in order to trim their coat the right way. They have the right table and equipment to make sure your furry friend is ready for their cut.

They Have the Tools

There are actually a lot of tools that you need for dog grooming. This can be pretty expensive to purchase yourself and you may not think it is worth it. Instead, you can choose a professional dog groomer when it suits you. They already have all the tools ready to get the job done. Plus, they often have the professional ones and the best on the market. This is going to ensure that your canine gets the best treatment and is pampered during their trip to the groomers.

They Keep the Coat Healthy

The importance of regularly grooming should not be underestimated. Indeed, this is going to what keeps your canine’s fur and skin healthy. A professional groomer has the right products to use on your dog and that will ensure their coat and skin are not irritated by chemicals. Therefore, they can help your canine maintain a healthy coat that also smells and looks good too. In addition, a groomer can also look after the nails and use flea treatments.

The undercoat is often the most difficult to groom. Therefore, a professional can remove any mats and have a clean coat ready for you to take your pet out in. They can also trim the fur around the eyes and ears. They will also check if your pet has any problems with their ears and trims accordingly. Double coat dogs are the most difficult to groom. A professional will ensure they are clean and groomed correctly so that they do not get irritated.

High maintenance is the key to keeping your Pomeranian healthy. Therefore, you should consider a professional groomer for a weekly wash and haircut. You can also opt for low maintenance grooming, but then you need to ensure your Pomeranian’s coat is regularly combed.

They Save You Time and Effort

The whole process of grooming your dog can be time-consuming and require a lot of energy. From bathing them to holding them still and trimming the coat. This can take a lot of time that you may not have. It can be a lot more convenient to take your furry friend to a groomer. They can get the job done for you and it will all be over with. They will do a fantastic job and your pooch will come home smelling great and looking shiny. This leaves you with more time to go out on adventures with your furry friend and explore together.

A paw cut will also be perfect for a new puppy or any dog that has had a cut and needs a tidy look. Clippers will be used to ensure that the claws and the fur is cut in a neat and even manner. The Pomeranian’s front legs and hind legs will be groomed as well as the paws.

When you decide to go to a professional, you will be amazed at how much time and effort they will take. Their attention to detail will ensure that your pooch comes home looking and smelling fantastic.

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