Best iPhone Apps for Dog Owners

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These days you’ll find apps for everything—including your dog! No matter your situation or pup’s breed, you’ll find apps that will be useful in managing your dog’s wellness and more—all available on your iPhone or iPad.

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Apps for Locating Lost Dogs

Finding Rover: Losing your fur baby is a nightmare—almost any dog can become lost. Accidents happen, so if your pup becomes lost, this app works to help you find him. The Finding Rover app uses facial recognition technology to help locate your dog. To use the app, just take a picture of your pup, then register on the app’s website, so your dog is entered into their database. It’s that easy and you’re prepared if your dog ever gets lost, stolen or runs away.

People using the app can also take a photo of stray dogs they see running around. The app allows the user to take a photo of the dog and upload it to the site, where others can see a list of lost dogs in their area—hopefully spotting their own lost fur baby. Not only that, but you can alert others if your dog’s been lost. And if you’re looking to adopt a dog, then you can find pictures of dogs awaiting adoption near you.

The app is free and is a great way to keep everyone on the look out for your fur baby. You can alert your vet, shelters in your area, social media, pet organizations and more. They’ll all be on the lookout for your pup.

Tractive GPS Pet Finder: here’s another app to help locate your canine companion if he happens to get lost or runs away. Tractive GPS Tracker allows you track your pet in real-time; you’ll be able to follow his exact path! You can also see a history of where he’s been—has he visited the neighbor’s trash cans or the neighborhood doggie beauty? You’ll find out with the help of this app. You’ll need to buy a GPS tracker that works with this app and then choose a subscription plan.

Once you’ve attached the tracker GPS to your dog’s collar, you’ll have peace of mind and the knowledge you’ll be able to find him fast when he’s on a walkabout!

Best App for Dog Sitting

If you’re a dog sitter, or even a dog walker, we’ve got an app for your and your clients! It’s called Rover. According to the iTunes app store, this is the #1 pet sitting and dog walking app available. You, as the pet sitter, can send quick photos to your pet’s parents, so they can see how he’s doing any time! You can also manage your business, as the app offers methods for booking and paying for your services, making it easy to you and clients to arrange doggie care.

Pet parents can easily use the app to find pet sitters near them. Rover actually screens and accepts only 20% of potential pet sitters. Every service booked on Rover is backed by premium insurance, 24/7 support and reservation guarantee.

The app helps pet sitters and pet parents stay in contact by sending messages and photos back and forth. Payments are secure and pet parents can even get a map of their fur baby’s walk, which can include potty notification, food/water alerts and even personalized notes directly from the pet sitter or walker.

Best App for Dog Photos

What’s the best app for doggie photos? Don’t you just love taking pictures of your fur baby? Are you the proud pet parent of a new puppy—then you’ll definitely want to take lots of pictures. We’ve got an app for you! BarkCam is an excellent choice and may be just what you’re looking for!

BarkCam offers you the standard camera features, along with 15 different sounds to include, such as jingling keys, a doorbell (what dog can resist a ringing doorbell?) and more. You use the sound to get your pup’s attention, so you can get just the right photo and/or pet portrait every time.

After you’ve captured that perfect photo (or selfie) with your pup, then you can use one of the 11 filters included in the app. You can also add thought bubbles, stickers or even create a meme—all within the app. Make the image as serious or silly as you and your dog would like. Then share your special image on social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and more.

Best Dog Training App

We said there was an app for everything to help with your dog—and we’re not kidding. You can even find apps to help you with dog training! You might want to check out the Puppr dog train app. With this app, you can train your dog to do any of the 50 tricks included in the app, including obedience lessons such as “sit” and “stay,” and more. You can also use the app to take photos of your pet, get live help directly from Sara Carson & the Super Collies (from America’s Got Talent), and more.

The app includes step-by-step training instructions, making it easy for your and your pup to learn these tricks. You’ll also find a built in “clicker” to help signal your dog during training sessions. Not only that, but you can track your dog’s progress with the training tracker included in the app. The app also helps you to remember it’s time for your fur baby’s daily training with a reminder you can set ahead of time.

The app offers support for multiple dogs, which is great if the pet parent of more than one doggie fur baby.

Best Free Dog Apps

Now, we’ll take a look at some of the best free dog apps for your iPhone. While most of these apps are free, certain services within the apps may require an in-app purchase. Please be sure to carefully and fully read the information included with each app in the app store to check if you’ll need to make in-app purchases to access different functions.

1. PupTox: have you ever wondered if certain foods or plants are toxic for your pet? Then be sure to check out the PupTox app for iPhone. You’ll have access to information about substances that could be toxic for your fur baby. The information has been compiled from online knowledge sources; while the app’s author is not a vet, some of the information contained within the app does come from veterinarians. The app covers over 250 known toxins, giving you important information right at the tip of your finger. If you have any questions about substances or information covered within the app, please always be sure to contact your vet.

2. Dog Park: looking for a safe place to take your pup or a walk or exercise? Then be sure to check out this app! This app will help you find a fun dog park near your location. Just type in the local zip code and you’ll find the best places to take your fur baby. You can find a dog park even when you’re traveling! The app also offers social tools for chatting and meet up with other pet parents.

3. PetMD’s Dog First Aid: this app is great if you’re the proud pet parent of a special canine companion. You’ll find a symptom-checker, dog health articles and more. The app’s easy to use. If you need information about a specific medical condition, just type the words into the search bar and hit “search,” and then you’ll find a wealth of articles to learn more. While this is a handy app, be sure to consult your vet for any possible medical issues your fur baby’s having. The app in not meant to replace your vet and medical treatments only they can provide.

4. iKibble: this is a great app if you’ve ever wondered if certain foods are safe for your pup. You can scroll through a list of the most common foods to see if they’re safe for your dog to eat or not. You’ll find hundreds of food listings that include meat, dairy, fruit, veggies and grains. There’s a quick and easy search function to find specific foods and you can browse foods by category or even health rating. Each food includes a thorough description and details about the food, advice on how to prepare and feed foods to your dog, and it even lets you mark your fur baby’s favorites so they’re easy to find later!

5. BringFido: do you and fur baby like to travel together? Have you had a hard time finding pet-friendly hotels? Then this app will help you out! Not only will it help you find pet-friendly places to stay, but you can easily locate dog parks, pet-friendly trails and beaches nearby, too. You’ll also find information on pet-friendly attractions and restaurants you and your dog can enjoy together. The app also has a photo feature so you can take pictures of your dog at your favorite destinations.

Looking for a vet, pet sitter or dog walker on your trip? This app will help you find doggie services nearby!

Best Dog Apps for iPad

Don’t have an iPhone? That’s OK! We’ve found some dog apps that also work with the iPad! Let’s take a look!

1. Lonely Dog Toy: this free app offers fun interactive games you and your dog can play on the iPad (or iPhone). Choose a toy and then watch as your dog has fun chasing the toy around the screen. This fun app is sure to keep your pup entertained. If he becomes overly excited, you can also find a link to the app’s YouTube channel that offers music guaranteed to help your dog relax after the excitement offered by the games.

2. Dog Monitor: do you have to leave your precious pet alone while you go to work each day? Then check out the Dog Monitor app for iPads. This app helps you check on your dog while you’re away, talk to your pup remotely and even see live video of how he’s doing (or what he’s getting into) and more. The Dog Monitor app also allows you to record commands for your pal, such as “sit,” “stay,” “lay down,” and more. The app works across WiFi and cellular networks, so you can always stay connected with your fur baby.

3. ASPCA Pet Safety: this app helps you keep your pets safe during an emergency, and even allows you to store essential information about your pup (medical info and more). You’ll be able to use the app to find your dog if he happens wander away. The app offers preparedness information for your dog—even without an Internet connection (the information can be stored directly on your device). You can store your dog’s medical information (including vaccination history, medical conditions, prescribed medicines, your vet’s contact information and more). All of this information in one place—what could be better?

We hope this guide helps you find some useful apps for you and your fur baby. You can find everything apps for almost every aspect of your pup’s care—all contained in one handy place on your iPhone or iPad!

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