Yorkie Weight Chart

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Yorkie Weight Chart

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Have you just adopted a Yorkie puppy? Congratulations on adopting one of the cutest puppies around! Yorkie puppies are small and adorable. As a pet parent, you’re concerned about ensuring your fur baby grows at a healthy rate.

First-time or inexperienced pet parents may not know what their puppy’s normal growth rate should be. We understand it can be challenging to make sure your fur baby grows at the right rate. So, we’ve put together information about Yorkie puppies and what they should weigh at different months during their first year. We’ve also included a growth chart, so you can have an overview of a Yorkie’s healthy rate of growth for the first 12 months. Let’s get started!

Yorkie Growth & Weight Chart

We’ve put together a growth & weight chart you can use as a general guide to your Yorkie puppy’s growth at different growth stages. It’s also important to understand that each puppy grows at his own rate. Some puppies may be a little larger or smaller than average and yet be happy, healthy fur babies!

So, don’t be overly worried if your puppy doesn’t match the growth & weight chart in this article. Use the chart to track your puppy’s growth over time, and be sure to contact the vet if your Yorkie puppy seems to be falling behind or becoming too large at any point.

We always recommend contacting the vet if you have questions about your puppy’s health or growth. The vet is the best source of advice and guidance on whether your puppy’s growth and development are on target or not.

Yorkie Puppy Growth & Weight Chart Male & Female

Weight Range Height Range
8 weeks 21.5 oz 2-4 in
9 weeks 23 oz 2-4 in
10 weeks 25 oz 2-5 in
11 weeks 28 9z 3-5 in
3 months 32 oz 3-6 in
4 months 40 oz 4-7 in
5 months 46 oz 4-8 in
6 months 51 oz 5-9 in
7 months 55 oz 6-9 in
8 months 58 oz 7-9 in
1 year 64 oz 7-9 in

Yorkie Growth Stages

Like other small dog breeds, Yorkies mature faster than larger dog breeds. So, you can’t compare them to Standard Poodles or Great Pyrenees!

In the following sections, we’ve put together information about what to expect at each milestone of a Yorkie puppy’s development and growth through the first 12 months.

8 Weeks Old

By the time your Yorkie puppy is eight weeks old, he’s adorable! He’s also about to be weaned or has already been weaned from his mother’s milk. At this age, your fur baby should be eating puppy kibble. Experts recommend free-feeding your puppy at this stage. That means leaving puppy food available all day long, so the puppy can eat when he’s hungry. You can refill the puppy’s bowl if he eats everything.

Puppies at this stage are growing fast and need plenty of calories to grow at the correct rate. It’s also at this age that your Yorkie puppy needs to get his first shots. So, it’s time to call the vet and make an appointment for the required puppy boosters and other vaccinations.

12 Weeks Old

When your Yorkie puppy is 12 weeks old (3 months), it’s time to stop free-feeding him. Now it’s time to control the amount of food your puppy eats each day. In most cases, a Yorkie puppy needs between ¼ cup and ½ cup of food a day.

It’s also time for your fur baby to get the next round of his puppy shots. And he should have a good checkup to ensure your canine companion is growing as he should.

Your puppy has now become part of the family and is used to living with you. So, you can start to potty train your tiny fur baby and start teaching him to walk on a leash.

6 Months Old

By six months of age, your Yorkie puppy has finally grown into his adult colors. Also, at this stage, your fur baby will almost be his adult size, though some puppies continue to grow until they’re a year old.

Yorkies of this age should be eating two meals a day. The amount of food should stay the same; however, the vet may suggest going down on the amount of puppy food if your fur baby is growing pretty fast.

Puppies should also have their rabies shot at this age. It’s also a great time to start more advanced obedience training. Yorkies also reach sexual maturity at this age. So, you may want to ask your vet if now is the right time to have your Yorkie spayed or neutered if you don’t plan on breeding him.

12 Months of Age

By the time your Yorkie is 12 months old, he’s now an adult! Your fur baby has reached his adult size and it’s now time to switch from puppy food to adult dog food. Your canine companion can keep eating ¼ cup to ½ cup of food a day, divided into two meals. However, be sure to follow your vet’s recommendations. Some dogs may need to eat a little more or less, depending on their weight and health.

By one year of age, your Yorkie should also receive more booster shots, and he will also need flea & tick medications, along with heartworm treatment.

Yorkies at this age can do everything, including more advanced training and grooming sessions. Adult Yorkies are considered senior canines when they reach about 8 years of age.

So, congratulations! Your Yorkie puppy has grown into an adult dog who is ready for all kinds of adventures!

When Do Yorkies Stop Growing?

In the beginning, Yorkie puppies grow pretty fast. However, they may stop growing and reach maturity by the time they’re 6 or 8 months old. Some Yorkies won’t reach maturity until they’re 12 months old.

Along with reaching sexual maturity faster than larger dogs, Yorkies also reach mental maturity earlier. They’re able to handle more advanced training at 6 months of age, while larger dogs are not ready at this point.

Summing It Up

Yorkies are adorable small dogs, and it’s fun to raise them from puppies to adults. As your puppy grows, you can use the growth & weight chart to see if he falls above or below the average. And if you’re concerned about your Yorkie puppy’s growth, be sure to call the vet.

The vet is the best source of advice and guidance when it comes to your puppy’s health. If the vet says your puppy is the right weight and size, you don’t have to worry. Your fur baby is happy and healthy at the size he is.

Enjoy raising your little Yorkie puppy to adulthood—this is a wonderful adventure and soon you’ll have an adult dog to love and enjoy!

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