5-Month-Old Yorkie – Find yours!

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5-Month-Old Yorkie

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Are you thinking about buying a Yorkie puppy? If so, then you’re in for quite a treat! You may be wondering where to adopt a Yorkie. If you’re not sure, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve put together some information on the best places to find a Yorkie puppy and what to expect from a Yorkie puppy! Let’s get started!

What is a Yorkie?

A Yorkie, officially known as a Yorkshire Terrier, is a beautiful small dog with a silky coat and a perky personality. These little dogs are beautiful and are quite popular. In fact, most people recognize a Yorkshire Terrier when they see one!

Yorkies have a brownish, blue, tan coat with long silky hair. Their fur is very soft to the touch. While he’s small, a Yorkie thinks he’s really a big dog! For this reason, these dogs can get into trouble with larger dogs.

Yorkshire Terriers are very affectionate with their family and make wonderful companion dogs. However, they do tend to be wary of strangers and bark at strange sounds. They will also bark at strangers who seem threatening! These little dogs can also be aggressive toward other dogs, and they have a strong prey drive.

Yorkies require lots of attention from their family and don’t do well when left alone for long periods. They also are great with older children, who have been taught to respect the dogs. However, with younger children, the dogs may become snappy.

These small dogs were originally bred in Scotland, and their primary job was to catch mice and rats. Yorkies were first registered with the British Kennel Club in 1874.

Yorkies tend to weigh between 4 to 6 lbs and stand about 8 to 9 inches tall. They have a life expectancy of about 12 to 15 years.

Where to Find a Yorkie Puppy?

There are generally two recommended ways to adopt a Yorkie puppy. The first way is to adopt your puppy from a reputable breeder, while the second method is to adopt from a shelter or rescue.

One of the best places to find a reputable breeder is with the AKC breeder referral. Here, you’ll find a list of breeders who have passed strict requirements to be included on the list.

Another way to find a reputable breeder is to ask your vet. They may know of a Yorkie breeder who currently has puppies ready for adoption. It can also be helpful to ask family, friends, and colleagues for their recommendations.

Once you’ve created a list of reputable breeders, the next step is to visit each facility. Ask them for references and to see the parents. When you can see the parents, you’ll have a good idea of how your puppy will grow up! What’s more, you can ask about the parents’ health and see if the breeder can provide clearances showing the parents carry no genetic health issues.

As you visit the facility, be sure to take a look at how the place is kept. Are the pens and cages clean? Are the puppies and dogs overcrowded, or do they have plenty of space? What do the dogs and puppies look like? Are they clean and well-kept? Do the puppies seem energetic and happy?

Be sure to take your time when searching for the right puppy. Never adopt a puppy from a pushy breeder. They don’t have their puppy’s best interests at heart, or yours, either.

Another place to find your Yorkie puppy is through a rescue! You might want to focus on rescues and shelters that only deal with Yorkshire Terriers. When visiting the facilities, take note of the same factors mentioned above for breeders. Look for cleanliness, happy dogs, no overcrowding, and more.

The downside of getting your puppy from a rescue is that you won’t have any idea about the personality and temperament of the parents. In addition, it’s almost impossible to know whether or not your puppy has inherited genetic issues that could become apparent later. However, these puppies deserve a loving fur-ever home and family, just as any other puppies! They can also make wonderful, loving companion dogs.

What to Expect from a Five-Month-Old Yorkie?

Your Yorkie puppy will be playful and energetic. He will also have a large personality in that small body! Between the age of five to six months, your puppy will be considered a teenager. During this time, she will become more independent and may try to become dominant.

This is a good time to check with the vet to see if it’s time to spay or neuter your puppy. They are dealing with hormones that cause them to act in these ways. Neutering or spaying can help cut back these tendencies to dominate and be stubborn.

Also, during this time, your puppy may also be teething. Teething means you should expect your Yorkie puppy to chew on just about anything and everything! The good news these dogs are small, which means the damage they do is smaller.

However, even a determined Yorkie can chew up furniture and woodwork! So, it’s a good idea to train your fur baby not to chew on certain things. Instead, encourage him to chew on puppy teething toys. These are more durable and can withstand even a determined chewer! Make sure to buy chew toys that are the right size for your fur baby.

Your fur baby also requires regular brushing to keep his fur clean and free of tangles.

When it comes to exercise, your Yorkie puppy will need to walk about 15 to 20 minutes a day, twice a day. This is plenty of exercise for a puppy of this age.

What to Feed a Yorkie Puppy?

Yorkie puppies need a balanced diet, which provides all the nutrients their bodies need. While small, these puppies are still growing! Yorkies at the age of five months also need to eat about three times a day.

You can even leave his food out all day long, so he can eat when he’s hungry. Yorkies usually don’t overeat.

Summing It Up

There you have it! The best place to find a Yorkie puppy is with a reputable breeder, or from a shelter that specializes in the Yorkie breed.

With the proper care, food, and love, you and your Yorkie will have years of fun and adventures together!

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