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Are you the new pet parent of a Staff? Do you have questions about how much exercise your Stafford Terrier needs? Then you’ve come to the right place!

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We’ve put some information together about this dog breed, as well as how much exercise they really require. And we’ve included a list of activity ideas, just in case you’re needing something new to do with your Staff.

What is an American Stafford Terrier?

These dogs are known for being loving, loyal, and playful. Staffs are also known for their muscular bodies, broad heads, and strong jaws. Staffies are also known for their strength. Many pet parents are surprised at the amount of power packed into the dog! While they are stocky, this dog breed is still agile and graceful. And they’re filled with confidence.

This dog breed originally comes from England, where Bulldogs were mixed with different Terrier breeds. Staffies were used as entertainment when pitted against a bull or another large animal. However, later butchers used Staffs to hunt for wild boars, keep cattle in order, and more. They even used to work on the farm! They were excellent ratters and did other work, as well.

Staffies from England eventually came to the US around 1850 or so. These days, American Stafford Terriers are used as watchdogs, they also work with the police, and love to compete in agility and weight pulling competitions. Most of all, they just want to be your canine companion.

These Terriers love to spend time with their human families. It almost doesn’t matter what activity you’re doing; your fur baby will be by your side. Your Staffy may even want to be a lap puppy! It’s possible he may even try to help with the plumbing when you’re under the sink.

Staffies are very intelligent dogs that need plenty of mental stimulation. When don’t they get it? Watch out! American Stafford Terriers will put their strong jaws to work on your couch, shoes, or whatever else may grab his fancy. In other words, if they become bored, they will find something to do on their own.

American Stafford Terriers are very intelligent and have a mind of their own. So, these dogs need obedience training and socializing from a young age. They also require a pet parent who uses positive reinforcement, rather than being harsh to the dog. You need to let them know you’re the pack leader.

As such, you will need to be sure to set boundaries and be assertive when necessary. Staffies tend to pull on the leash; with the strength they have, it’s possible one of these dogs could pull their pet parent down the street!

Staffs are also very friendly with people; however, they still need to be socialized from a young age. Some Staffies may also challenge other dogs.

Because they enjoy having a job with a purpose, American Stafford Terriers thrive at agility and other dog competitions. Plus, they love nothing more than spending time with you.

When it comes to size, American Staffordshire Terriers stand between 16-19 inches high and tend to weigh between 40-60 lbs. You’ll be surprised at how much strength and energy come packed into your dog!

Staffies have a smooth, short coat that comes in a wide variety of colors. Be warned that they do shed bunches twice a year, so if this bothers you, it will be necessary to vacuum your home more often. And because their hair is short, you won’t need to groom your fur baby every day. Brush him at least once a week and he’ll be happy. When it comes to baths, your Staff will only need a bath when he gets dirty.

OK— now we’re ready to get with how much exercise an American Staffordshire Terrier requires!

How Much Exercise Does My Staffy Need?

Staffies are high-energy dogs, which means they need plenty of exercise. Remember, that your dog will want to spend time with you and the family, so leaving them in the yard alone isn’t a good idea. He wants to be with you!

However, you can make sure that your fur baby gets plenty of exercise by doing things together. These dogs enjoy long play periods—we’ve warned you! Plus, as noted earlier Staffies will have fun with agility, obedience training, and more.

American Stafford Terriers require at least one hour of exercise each day. You could split this into two walks a day. In addition, these dogs thrive when you play with them. And they will be happy, no matter which activity you choose. They love puzzle toys, strong unchewable toys, and more.

Activity & Exercise Ideas for American Stafford Terriers

Here are some ideas for adding new activities and exercises to your routine!


Your Staffy will love nothing more than walking with you every day. However, you’ll need to keep him on the leash, always. This because they tend to become overly excited then start pulling on the leash. Remember, these are strong dogs!

To walk your dog, you may want to consider this leash the Heavy Duty Dog Leash for Large Dogs. This is a dog leash that can hold dogs up to 150lbs. It’s a bungee-style leash, which also has a seat belt buckle. The leash is 4-6ft long and is made of wear-resistant nylon. It’s a sturdy, strong leash for dogs who are strong.

Another thing to help you have more control is a dog harness, rather than a collar. With a harness, your fur baby won’t be choked if he does become excited. Instead, the harness provides support to manage the dog’s upper body.

Here’s one highly-rated dog harness we found, the Truelove Soft Front Dog Harness. The dog harness comes in various sizes, so you’re sure to find the right size for your dog. It also comes in a wide variety of colors! You and your fur baby can be matching when out for a walk. The harness is light-weight, durable, and scratch-resistant. And it has a comfortable, ergonomic design.

With a strong leash and a great harness, you two will enjoy a walk every day!


Your canine companion will love to jog! In fact, this is a great way to help your dog use up quite a bit of energy. Keep in mind that you’ll need to keep him on the leash when out for a jog.

Food Treasure Hunt

This is a fun game, sure to keep your dog’s mind stimulated! For this activity, just take some of your dog’s normal food or his favorite treats and cover each one with peanut butter or cheese. Then hide these treats all around the house or in the yard. Watch your dog have some great fun!

This gives your Staffy’s mind a good workout, as well as exercising his body. Staffies love puzzles, so this is sure to be a favorite game!

And when the game’s over, be sure to pick up any treat treasures your fur baby may have missed. It would be kind of gross to find them a week or a month later!


Here’s another great activity for your Staffy’s mental stimulation and exercise! Your canine companion will love to join you on hikes. This is a wonderful experience because your dog will be able to see and smell new things, as well as having a great workout on rougher terrain than his normal walks.

Remember to keep your dog on the leash at all times. And do be sure to carry enough water for your Staffy. They will get thirsty with this kind of workout.


Staffies love nothing better than a great, long game of fetch! Not only is this great exercise, but it’s also a time for bonding between the two of you.

You can try this in the backyard, as the dog park is not the best option since Staffs can sometimes become confrontational with other dogs.

In your backyard, use a tennis ball, a frisbee, or another toy your dog loves. Then throw it as far as you can!

Here’s one frisbee that’s great for dogs with strong jaws – the Kong Flyer. All Kong toys are great for dogs who love to chew! And you don’t need to worry this frisbee will hurt your dog’s teeth. That’s because it’s a soft catch flyer, made of natural rubber. This is a durable, flexible toy your dog’s sure to love!

We also found this fetch ball that looks like a lot of fun – the Chuckit! Ultra Tag. This ball comes in different sizes, so you can find one that’s the best fit for your dog. But wait! Not only is this a ball, but it’s also a tug toy! You can play fetch with a tug twist! It’s also built for dogs with strong jaws.

Take Your American Staffordshire Terrier Swimming!

Your Staff may love the water! However, if he doesn’t take to it naturally, then start out slow. You may have help your dog learn to swim by lifting him in your arms in the water. This will get him to start paddling.

And don’t forget a swim vest for your Staff. A swim vest will make it easier to get a hold of your dog if he ends up in trouble. Try the Outward Hound Life Jacket. This is the perfect swim vest for dogs that are beginners, intermediate, or expert swimmers. This vest comes in several sizes and colors; it will keep your dog fashionable and safe at the same time! The vest is made of ripstop material, which ensures your dog will stay buoyant in the water, without restricting movement. And there are dual grab handles, so you can make sure to grab your dog.

So, there you have it! We hope you’ve found some inspiration here on other types of activities you and your Staffy can enjoy together!

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