How a Student Can Take Care of a Puppy if He Spends A Lot of Time Studying?

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Owning a puppy while in college can be exciting, especially when you know you have a furry friend next to you during your study. You must also remember that your furry friend will have needs that you must meet and the puppy will soon become a fully grown dog. You will have to abide by college rules concerning dogs and you must create time to train your puppy on a few things like using the bathroom.

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Create a schedule 

Your puppy needs a lot of care, just like the way a toddler needs sensitive care. The greatest cost you will pay is being a parent to your puppy, meaning you must create time for it. Check your class schedules and rework them.

You might decide to take double lessons in college each day so that you will have free time to be with your puppy. You must decide whether it’s best to cut down your study time and find research paper writers online or reschedule to late-night after your puppy takes a nap or early in the morning.

Plan exercise time 

Naturally, puppies are playful but they will quickly get bored if they are playing alone. Exercise will help your puppy grow strong and avoid stress. You must balance your free time and spend time playing with your puppy indoors or outdoors.

That means you will have to choose between partying with your friends, going to eat out or just having a good time with them, or being alone with your puppy and help him exercise. Over the weekends, you can have great company with your furry friend in the park and play all day.

As much as you want to create the best time to be with your puppy, you must learn to balance and set aside time for writing your essay. Being a college student means you must give your study time a priority and practice writing for the best performance in your coursework. If time is limited and you want to write an essay, get awesome essay writer from EduBirdie and you will be sure to get the best quality. You can also visit their site and get inspired by their quality essay writing tips.

Set aside a budget 

One thing you must be aware of is that taking care of a puppy will cost you a substantial amount of money and you must set aside a budget for the needs of your puppy. Adopting a puppy will cost you a fortune and then each month, you must schedule a vet visit for a puppy shot just in case it catches some viruses.

You must have a budget for food, buying a collar, a place to sleep, and so on. Being a student, budgeting for your puppy can be one of the hardest things unless you are working or your parents shall be willing to support you with the budget.

Training your puppy

Your puppy is the closest friend you might have because you are a parent to the puppy and the only person the dog knows is you. Create time to train your puppy, starting with using the bathroom because you don’t want it to mess your entire room. Train the puppy to obey simple commands like sit, stand, eat, come, no, and so on.

Use soft tones when training him and do not yell at your dog. When you use harsh tones during training, you will create fear in your puppy and he will not become your friend due to fear.

Support your dog emotionally 

Every time to rush to class for your lesson, your puppy will be alone in your room, patiently waiting for your return. Since puppies demand a lot of attention and time from their owners, your puppy might get stressed when you are away.

After you return, the first attention should go to your puppy and you should take it into your hands and cuddle it just to ensure it’s no longer stressed. Have some dog snacks ready and let your puppy have a good time.


Your puppy is the closest faithful friend you can ever have and you must get ready to reciprocate by creating time to spend time with it. Each day, your puppy will be growing and becoming a big dog and you need to be prepared to supply the needs of the dog, including food and healthcare. The most challenging experience you can ever have is budgeting for your puppy because you will have to adjust and do without many necessities as a student.

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Online Veterinary 24/7
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Connect with a verified veterinarian in minutes. Licensed vets are available 24/7 to answer your questions. No need to worry about your furry family member.


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