Top 10 Best Puppy Training Pads

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Toilet training is probably everyone’s least favorite part of getting a new puppy. It’s incredibly likely that there’ll be plenty of accidents, which unfortunately someone has to clean up. One way to try and avoid accidents of this nature is to use puppy training pads, and to teach your new dog to use them whenever they need the toilet.

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Puppy training pads are essentially diapers, but in a flat sheet. They use exactly the same absorbent technology, seeing as they are effectively doing the same job. You needn’t pay much for a pack of puppy training pads, however, much as with any other product, the more money you’re willing to spend, the better quality pads you’ll get. And let’s face it; this probably isn’t the best time to be thinking about pinching pennies.

Although the basic design and function will remain reasonably consistent across brands, some have extra features, such as activated carbon for odor control, or a scent to mask bad smells. This sort of thing will be quite useful if you have to put the pads down in a busy spot, but shouldn’t be an excuse to not change them regularly. To help you find the right training pads for your needs, here is a list of some of the best currently available.

1. AKC Training Pads

AKC have designed puppy training pads that are super absorbent, featuring 6 layers of gel and tissue, and a plastic backing, in order to minimize leakage. These extra layers also help to prevent liquid sitting on the surface, and so will help to reduce chances of tracking too. The middle gel layer is fast drying, meaning there’s less chance of smell or leaks.

The pads have both odor eliminating and antibacterial layers too, so the pads are both pleasant to have in the house, and reduce the risk of anything bad being spread. The brand has several different scent options available, including fresh, lemon, and lavender. They also come in several different sizes, and in packs of either 100 or 150, so you should be able to find the right ones for your puppy.

2. Petmaker Indoor Restroom for Pets

This system from Petmaker is less about training your dog to use the toilet, and more about giving already trained dogs somewhere recognizable and acceptable to go toilet indoors. If you work long hours and don’t have chance to let your dog out during the day, this system will be perfect for you. It features a fake grass layer that hopefully makes dogs think it’s okay to use, and this sits on a plastic layer above a collection tray. The whole thing is incredibly easy to use, both by your dog and by you when it comes time to clean it.

All plastic components are antibacterial and antimicrobial, and because they’re plastic everything is really easy to clean. The fact that it’s plastic also means it’s really durable, and should last a long time before needing to be replaced. The system comes in two sizes, with the biggest one measuring 20” x 25” x 1.25”, meaning it’s suitable for larger dogs too. This is a great indoor toilet for dogs, and well worth the money if you have concerns about being around to let your dog out.

3. GOBUDDY Super Absorbent Pet Training Pads

These pads have a unique 5-layer design that traps and absorbs moisture to help reduce the chance of leaking and tracking. The top layer is made of durable fabric that’s resistant to scratches or digging (or anything else your puppy tries to throw at it), and the bottom layer is made of polyethylene to reduce the chances of anything leaking out the bottom. This means you can be confident your floors will stay dry and protected, which is particularly helpful if you’ve got carpets.

The absorbent gel layer is quick drying and has odor eliminating technology to help cover up any bad smells. The top tissue layer also has a scent designed to attract interest from your puppy, which will hopefully help to speed up the toilet training process, and reduce the chance of accidents elsewhere. The pads measure 22” x 22”, meaning they will be suitable for most puppies, and come in packs of 100. There are several different scent options available, and overall these are a great choice.

4. Top Dog Deluxe Puppy Training Pads

Top Dog have designed puppy training pads that are apparently twice as absorbent as other brands, and this is thanks to their black carbon technology. Using black carbon not only helps with absorbency, it obviously helps with smell issues too, because this is one of the primary uses of activated carbon. So at the very least you know these pads will do a great job of odor control. The fact that these pads are black gives another level of cover too, as it means unsightly wee stains will be hidden, which is always an added bonus.

These pads have a unique polymer system that immediately turns liquid into gel, meaning there’s very little chance of any accidental spills. Like other brands they also have a plastic backing to reduce the chance of anything happening to your floor. The pads have a built in pheromone to help your dog feel more at ease when using them, and the fact that they use carbon means they’ll stay smelling fresh all day. This is a particularly useful feature if you’re out at work all day because it means that you at least won’t come home to a smelly house.

5. Wee-Wee Puppy Pee Pads

One of the best features of these puppy training pads is that they come in such a wide variety of scents. While this isn’t necessarily the most important feature of puppy training pads, it’s at least nice to have a choice of scent. There are also options for eco-friendly pads, and ones with different designs, or built-in Febreze technology. The pads measure 22” x 23”, and come in packs of 50, 100, or 150.

The puppy training pads have a unique moisture locking system that uses 5 different layers. The top layer is scratch-resistant tissue, and the middle layers feature an absorbent gel and odor control, and then the bottom layer is polyethylene to stop any moisture leaking out onto your floor. The pads have a scent built into them to make them more appealing to your dog. These training pads make a good choice because the brand has an eco-friendly option, and much like baby’s diapers, pads can become quite wasteful when you’re changing them several times a day.

6. Best Pet Supplies Puppy Training Pads

These puppy training pads are ideal if you’ve got a large puppy, as they measure 36” x 28”. Although smaller pads will usually also be fine for large dogs, these pads make a good choice if you don’t want to risk your dog missing the pad when they go to the toilet. They have 5 layers of absorbent technology, including a plastic bottom to reduce slip and leakage, and a middle gel layer that quickly and efficiently absorbs any liquid.

The top layer of the pads has a special diamond pattern that helps to evenly distribute liquid and make it absorb into the pad faster. All of these features work together to ensure there’s very little chance of leakage. The pads don’t come with any obvious odor eliminating technology, however they will help to reduce the smell because of how quickly they absorb liquid. The pads come in several colors, and packs ranging from 50 to 400, so there’s even less chance of you being caught short without any pads.

7. Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads

What makes these training pads stand out from the rest is the fact that they can hold up to 6 cups of liquid without leaking! This makes them ideal if you have a big dog, or if you’re out of the house all day and won’t get chance to change them. They also have a wetness indicator built in, so when the pad changes color you know it’s time to change them. This is a very helpful feature because it saves you having to work it out in other ways!

The pads have a special 6-layer technology to absorb liquid and neutralize odors, and the top tissue layer is quilted for even distribution, and scratch resistant. There’s also a built in attractant to help entice your dog into using the pads, which makes toilet training much easier. The pads come in packs of either 50 or 100, and considering how efficient they are, these pads are great value for money.

8. Arm & Hammer XL Pet Training Pads

You know that buying puppy training pads from such an established brand will mean they do the job well. These pads are extra large, and so will be suitable for dogs of all sizes, and this even means that small dogs would be able to make multiple visits before the pad needs changing. They have a unique absorbent gel technology that instantly locks in moisture, and reduces the risk of tracking or leaks. To make this even better, they have a plastic backing with wings that give an extra barrier at the edge of the pad, meaning there’s even less chance of leakage.

Obviously Arm & Hammer uses baking soda as an odor neutralizer, and this is a product that’s well known for its odor eliminating properties. These pads do an amazing job at keeping smells to a minimum, so you don’t have to worry about coming home to a stinky house. The top sheet is tear-resistant, and can withstand digging and biting too. This is extra peace of mind if you’ve got a particularly energetic dog, particularly if they’re left alone for a while. Overall these pads are a great choice, but you couldn’t expect any less from a brand like this.

9. Glad for Pets Activated Carbon Training Pads

Glad for Pets have designed these puppy training pads with one of the best odor eliminating products available – activated carbon. They do a great job of neutralizing odors, and the pads absorb all liquid within 30 seconds of your puppy doing the deed. To make it even better, by using activated carbon, there are no more unsightly yellow stains for you to look at when you get home. The pads are black and so don’t show up mess anywhere near as much as standard pads.

The pads have a plastic bottom to minimize the risk of leaks onto the floor, and the middle polymer layer turns liquid into gel really quickly. Odor is eliminated by the activated carbon, and the pads include an attractant to make your dog want to use them. These pads are tear resistant, suitable for dogs of all ages, and come in several different sizes. You can also buy t hem in packs of 14 to 100, meaning you’ll hopefully never have a shortage again.

10. Kooltail Washable Toilet Pads for Pets

If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly option for puppy training pads, then these might be the ones for you. Unlike other brands, which are disposable, these pads are reusable, and simply require a quick wash to be good as new. The pads are made from a combination of synthetic materials that ensure absorbency and minimize the risk of leakage, and are good to leave down all day without needing to be changed.

The pads are unscented, but do a good job of eliminating odors after they’ve been used. The top layer is made of polyester, and there’s a plastic non-slip pad on the base. These pads are quite big, measuring 36” x 41”, and so will be suitable even for big dogs. You get two reusable pads in a pack, meaning you can always have one handy while the other is in the wash. These pads are a great choice if you’re looking for a green alternative to disposable ones.

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