Custom Pet Urns: Designing a Memorial for Your Pet

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Custom Pet Urns

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Pets are family members. They’re loyal and loving and they make a house feel like a home. When they pass away, the loss can be devastating. However, you’ll want to remember them in a positive light. Many pet owners choose to honor their pet’s life with custom pet urns. This is an excellent way to store your pet’s remains and commemorate them in a tasteful manner. In this post, we’ll share some tips for choosing the perfect pet memorial.

Why Cremate a Beloved Pet

Before we discuss how you can go about customizing a pet memorial, let’s take a look at why you may want to cremate your pet. When you lose a pet, it can be difficult to decide between cremation and burial. There’s no right or wrong decision but your family may prefer one option over the other. There are several benefits to cremation.

Lower Cost

Burying a pet can be expensive. While some states allow backyard interments, others mandate that pet owners use official pet cemeteries. These come at a cost. Pet cremation, in contrast, is often more economical. It provides you with a meaningful way to pay tribute to your furry pal without spending too much.

Fewer Complications

Cremation may seem like it’s more complicated than burial. However, that’s not true especially if you don’t have the option of using your backyard. There are many pet crematoriums in the country and your vet will no doubt have a list of options. You simply need to call one of the facilities and make the arrangements. The crematorium will take care of everything according to your wishes.

You’ll Have A Lasting Memorial

Many people assume that if they cremate their pet, they won’t be able to have a memorial service, erect a headstone, or visit a burial spot from time to time. However, you can still organize a service and have your pet’s remains stored in a custom pet urn. Custom pet urns can be designed to reflect your pet’s personality and your personal preferences, making them ideal for placement in the home. For some families, an urn at home is less depressing than a headstone far away.

Types of Pet Cremation

If you’re thinking about cremating your pet, you need to know that crematoriums usually offer both private and communal cremations. If you want to store your animal’s remains in an urn, you’ll want to opt for a private or individual cremation. This is when a pet is cremated separately from other animals. It ensures that the remains you receive are those of your furry pal. Some crematoriums allow pet parents to be present during the cremation. If this is something you would like, be sure to ask the staff.

After the cremation, you will receive the remains and some people choose to scatter them in an area their pet loved. Others chose to put them in an urn and place them in a columbarium at a pet cemetery. Some take their urns home to place on the mantel or in another prominent location.

In contrast, communal cremations involve multiple pets being cremated in the same chamber. This is an option for pet owners who don’t have the finances for a private cremation or don’t feel the need to have one. If you choose a communal cremation, you won’t get back your pet’s ashes since there’s no way for the remains to be separated by pet. The crematorium will typically bury or scatter all the remains in a designated area. This is not an option for people who have a strong desire for custom pet urns.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Custom-Made Pet Urns

Your pet’s final resting place should reflect just how special they were to you. Here are some of the factors to consider when trying to find the perfect memorial.

Custom Pet Urns: Giving Your Pet the Resting Place They Deserve

Animals deserve exceptional care even after they pass. Not only do they fill our days with joy but some of them even save the lives of the people they love. While pet loss is never easy, creating the perfect memorial can give you some comfort. If possible, plan for your pet’s after-life care ahead of time. It can be difficult to make the tough decisions in the moments immediately after your pet passes. Also, it can take some time to decide on exactly what you want and have it made. If your pet is aging or dealing with serious health issues, it’s a good idea to start thinking about what will happen if they pass. This may seem morbid but it can make things easier when that time comes. Customize a memorial and the memories will live on forever.

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Connect with a verified veterinarian in minutes. Licensed vets are available 24/7 to answer your questions. No need to worry about your furry family member.


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